Frequently Asked Questions

And the Answers...

1. Can I download my purchased scenes?

Yes, absolutely. You can download the videos in a number of formats, including regular standard defintion 480p, high-definition 720p and 1080p and ultra-HD 4K quality! If you lose your download, you can always log back in to download the video again.

2. Are there any limitations on the videos?

No, no limits whatsoever. They are yours to download and keep or stream as many times as you wish here on the website. Once you have purchased a scene, its yours to keep forever.

3. How do I cancel?

There is no need to cancel your account on this website as no recurring charges will occur. In the event that you wish to completely remove your account, please contact us and we can do this for you. Please be aware though that you will lose access to your purchased scenes on the website.

4. As a member of this site, do I get a discount on any other sites?

Each of our websites operates as a unique entity. We do have multiple purchase discounts available to you when you join a site, and special offers available at Transporn.Deals. You may also want to take a look at our Discount Ticket deals which allow you to pick and choose your websites at a discounted rate!

5. I cannot play the videos, what software do I need?

Our videos are in MP4 format and stream to all devices. They should play on your device without extra apps or software. If you are having problems streaming please make sure you only have one tab with streaming video open in your browser, if you are downloading anything in the background that can also cause slow playback. If you are on a mobile data plan please make sure you haven't used up your monthly allowance. You many also want to try selecting a lower resolution stream if you are on a slow connection.

6. What is Grooby Productions?

Grooby Productions is the longest running, and most successful transsexual website company. We started our first site, GroobyGirls (formerly known as Shemale Yum) in 1996 and from there have produced a number of highly successful transsexual websites. You can find out more about us at

7. Will I be recharged every month?

No, on Grooby on Demand you only pay for the videos you wish to purchase. No further billing will occur unless you choose to purchase more scenes.

8. Where do you find your models?

Everywhere. Clubs, internet, newspaper adverts, word of mouth, many come directly to us. We are always looking for new models all over the world, please visit Opportunities for more information.

9. How much do you pay your models?

If you're a model or photographer that's interested in possible work, please contact us with details and samples. Please visit Grooby Photographers Wanted.

10. I don't like the site, can I have refund/partial refund?

No. We have a massive tour area and do not offer trial memberships. We are more than happy to refund you though if you find you have been charged incorrectly or there is another billing issue.

11. My question hasn't been answered here. Where can I get answers?

If it's feedback or pertains to the models or the website, please put it in the Grooby Forum, or email at If you have a membership or account problem please visit Grooby Support