Anywhere Is Good For Sex
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  • Starring - Michelle Soul
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  • Producer - Teodor Grekov
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  • Added - February 10, 2024
  • Michelle Soul loves sex. Sex on the bed, sex in the bathroom, sex in a field, sex in public toilet... so sex in a kitchen, isn't really a big deal. There are after all plenty of things to hang onto, as a hot guy slides his cock in her. She can pull a leg up on a table, or stick her ass out from high on a kitchen chair... she can even be picked up and put on the stove top. As long as she's having great sex, she's good to have it anywhere and that sweet ass, that pink hole and that big cock are... [Read More When Purchased]

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    Home To Study

    With exams coming up next month, Margo is only going into college for 1/2 days, to check in with her professors and to find what she should be studying at home. But walking around campus, seeing all the hot guys (and hot professors) has got her hot, and that's no frame of mind to be in when you want to study. She lifts her skirt to show her black panties covering her big, white ass, before pulling them down so she can finger her smooth, warm asshole. Getting herself excited, her cock stiffens and soon becomes rock hard. She removes her shirt, allowing her to tweak and rub her nipples while playing with that awesome cock. She hits a relieving orgasm leaving her breathless, but clearing her mind... so she can once again think of study, until she needs to masturbate once more.

    13th Jan 2024


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    Vika's Ass Fun

    She loves posing in front of the camera. It gives her validation knowing how many men and women may be looking at her from all over the world, and getting turned on by her. It makes her feel sexually attractive, and gives her confidence that then translates into an even better shoot as she gets further turned on. Her cock gets harder, but she wants to show more so gets out her dildo, and looking at the camera, gently penetrates her tight teen asshole, and feels the intoxicating wave of adrenaline that only can come from being totally wanton in front of a camera, and knowing everyone is going to see what she loves to do to herself.

    9th Dec 2023


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    Blonde on Blonde

    It's a rainy day and these two women, the ever sexy Sonya and Ashly Baker are pledging their time to have some sexy time together. Their visions for today don't include Johanna but will include lot's of exploring each others bodies but one of them must know (sooner or later) that they're going to get a hard fucking and the other would love to be stuck inside a model with the Moscow blues again. Sonya looks deeply into Ashly's eyes which are saying, 'I want you!' and as Ashly opens her legs and take's Sonya's cock deep inside her, she feels just like a woman. Ashly says: 'You most likely go in me and then I'll get mine' as they move to the 4th time around. A really good scene.

    16th May 2023


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    A Real Life Couple!

    This is as authentic as it gets. Both Zori and Inez have worked with Teodor recently and they asked if they could appear together, and show how they love to please each other in their personal lives. They both love giving and receiving oral sex, and the intimacy that comes from sucking on a lover's cock, or tonguing her asshole deeply. They both love fucking and getting fucked, and their asses once wet and relaxed, are ready for fucking. If you want to see real trans girls, doing what they really love to do with each other, this scene gives it all.

    23rd Nov 2023


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    Olga Mayer Cums For You!

    Olga Mayer is back with a follow-up to her debut and she's ready to have more fun! Introduced to the world two weeks ago by Teodor Grekov, Olga is a Russian hottie with a nice body and a sexy ass! Watch her stroking her cock for you until she cums!

    3rd Aug 2023


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    Real Life Lovers

    It's always cool to get two real life partners in for a shoot. They're excited to be on camera, and we usually get some great content as a fly on the wall into their personal lives. Here is recent debutante Margo with her boyfriend Rol. Starting with some kissing, and petting which leads into foreplay and then Margo works up Rol's cock, sucking and licking the end, getting him excited and then opening her legs to let him penetrate her deeply, stretching her ass and loving every minute of it. A great scene from these two real life lovers.

    19th Apr 2023


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    Two to Play

    Ana Dubrova and Lillian return in this super hardcore. Both these girls knew each other already and are hot for each other, so it was easy for us to say yes to a shoot, when they asked Teodor. Both girls clearly are into each other, and the chemistry is there as they kiss and tongue each other before getting into some good cock sucking, Ana particularly enjoying having Lilian's thick cock in her mouth before Ana lubes up Lillian's pretty pink asshole, plugs and plays with her to open her up before giving her a good old fucking!

    19th Apr 2023


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    Mira Gets What She Needs

    Mira was so hot after her solo shoots, she was practically begging Teodor to find her some cock. A few phone calls later, and Alex came to the rescue and taking one look at this dark haired, red lipped beauty he was instantly hard and upon her, and eating at her sweet, smooth asshole before letting her turn attention to his cock. This is a hot scene, with two hot performers really into each other and having some good hard sex!

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    A Break From Her Studies

    What can we do to encourage our University student Barbara to forgo her afternoon classes and come for fun? We started sending her photos of Alex's cock to her phone all morning, and by lunchtime she was texting for the address. This is an awesome scene, with a lot of chemistry and tension. Beautiful young student Barbara, was so ready for some good sex and she was really into everything about Alex. Alex was enamoured by Barbara and couldn't wait to get his big cock deep into her tight, warm asshole.

    3rd Aug 2023


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    Katana Needs You!

    She's just slipped into some sexy lingerie and she's on that big white bed, and she's waiting. Her stockinged legs and long, plump inner thighs and a big ass - which she likes nothing more than showing, spreading her cheeks, and pushing out her pink hole that's ready for you. Her wide mouth, with shiny lips and big eyes looking up - are all telling you to come over. When you get on that bed with her, you can run your hands all over that hot body while staring at that doll-like perfection of a face, one hand rubbing her cock, while the other tweaks her pierced nipples, all the time both of you getting harder and ready to fuck.

    27th Oct 2023


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