Bella Bates & Nicole Cheshire
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  • Starring - Bella Bates & Nicole Cheshire
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  • Producer - Omar Wax
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  • Added - July 8, 2024
  • Two hotties, Bella Bates and Nicole Cheshire, meet in this week's TGirls.Porn exclusive produced by Omar Wax! Both horny as hell and eager to have some fun together, Bella and Nicole can't wait for the action to start so they can be all over each other! Watch them making love and enjoying every moment of it in our latest girl on girl hardcore!

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    Aerie Rei & Nicole Cheshire

    When we heard our favorite Singaporean models was going to be back in Vegas - we knew after the great ratings on her scene with Sabina Steele, we needed to get her back in for this site. Nicole Cheshire seemed a good choice - and as you can see when you watch this scene, the right choice! Bags of chemistry between these two hot Grooby Girls with some killer oral - before some frottage cock-fighting as Nicole measures her circumcised pink penis up against Aerie darker uncut member. Nicole goes bottoms up and asks Aerie to take her hard. Great content of these two cuties.

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    25th Anniversary: Nicole Cheshire!

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    Not just any cock, she needs it big, hard and attached to a hot guy or girl. But she does love cock. You can see it in her eyes every time she goes down on Chris's large member, licking and sucking the head like a lollipop before sliding her lips down his thick shaft and seeing how much she can take. You can see it in her smile, as Chris enters her, her asshole stretching and giving her the pleasure as he slowly pushes further in. And you can hear it in her moans, as she rides up and down his cock, feeling every push, every stretch and every sensation bringing him to orgasm.

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    Nicole Cheshire Gapes For You

    Nicole loves being penetrated by a long and fat toy and she brought quite the dildo to this set. Starting the scene looking super sexy in a white shirt, and plaid skirt she soon gives us a look up the skirt, to see that superb ass and big, smooth cock and balls already bursting past her panties. Taking the dildo she pushes it into her hungry hole, loving every inch it as it stretches her sweet ass. She takes it out and shows her stunning gape, as her asshole pulses looking for more cock.

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    Girl Cock Is So Much Fun!

    Everyone knows that girls with cocks are the best girls! Bella and Kelly are looking like sexy sluts in their matching black lingerie, they were supposed to shoot with some guys, but then decided to call up Joy Collision instead. Her cock is way better anyways! Joy wastes no time and puts Kelly and Bella in their place...on their knees! Bella and Kelly take turns sucking Joy's huge girlcock and eating her perfect asshole. Joy and Kelly take turns using Bella's mouth before Joy fucks the both of them. Joy made sure to teach these good girls how to properly suck a cock straight from their bestie's asshole. You can tell these girls are all friends by the way they all suck and fuck each other! When joy can't take anymore of both these hot slut's perfect assholes, she cums a gigantic white creamy load all over Kelly and Bella's faces. Kelly is a well trained slut and makes sure to snowball the cum back and forth with Bella!
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    Tgirl Flip Fuck Creampie Bella Bates and Aelin Blue

    Bella Bates can’t seem to get enough cock so she’s back on the app looking for her next cock fix. This dick hungry needy slut is looking hotter than ever, (probably because of all the girlcum she swallows! That stuff is full of estrogen!) Her body is soft and her tits have grown fuller and more gropeable. Her ass is round and her waist is as slutty as can be. She really knows how to look her prettiest when she’s looking to get fucked and filled.

    Aelin Blue is a switchy top, with a gorgeous body! Her cock is huge and her ass is nice and big it barely fits in her shorts. When she sees Bella on the app she knows what she wants. She’s going to dom Bella into topping her! Bella and Aelin make a deal, Bella will fuck Aelin as long as she fucks her even harder when she’s done!
    Bella starts off showing Aelin how to suck cock like a proper bottom before fucking her brains out in two really hot positions. Aelin takes Bella’s cock so well, and Bella gives it to her as hard as she can give it. But when the tables turn it’s time for Bella to get her holes destroyed. Aelin throat fucks Bella repeatedly until she sticks her huge cock in Bella’s ass, pounding her hard and rough. Bella’s hole gapes effortlessly from Aelin’s gigantic girlhog. But it’s just not gaped enough for her so Aelin stuffs her whole fist into Bella to loosen her up even more! When she sticks her cock back into Bella it’s like she’s throwing a hotdog down a hallway 😂
    After Bella’s pathetic whore hole starts to tighten back up and grip Aelin’s cock it brings her closer to orgasm rapidly until she busts a fat load in Bella’s wrecked ass for her to go home with as a prize for a job well done.

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    Bella's Hard Cock Helps Stretch Her Best Friend's Hole!

    Normally this week's update would be a solo-scene release, but I noticed that most of you seem to join for the hardcore scenes, so here is an amazing new trans lesbian hardcore scene starring my two favorite slutty sissies - Bella Bates and Valorie Valentina!! Bella and Valorie are looking absolutely irresistible in their matching pink dresses, sexy lingerie, slutty high-heels, and gorgeous makeup. Their bodies and ultra-feminized and soft to the touch, ready for you to play with them and get them fully undressed – exposing their toned, perfect bodies. They are submissive sissies after all - they crave your cock and to please real men like you. Their round asses and perky tits are as perfect for groping and playing with, and their girl cocks leak every time they get attention. They really are the perfect pair, and they are best friends that go everywhere together...even into your bed with you. Valorie has been fairly tight lately, so she asks her friend Bella to help stretch her out. At first, they make out and kiss and suck on each other’s breasts, but then before they know it, they are sharing a double ended dildo like proper anal sluts. Bella's girlcock gets so rock hard from playing with her and Val's ass so she decides to give her friend the real thing. (It's a good thing Bella left her chastity cage at home today!). Valorie's cock stays locked up the entire time though, she's the most submissive as they come, and her asshole welcome's Bella's hard cock effortlessly. Bella gives Valorie her all, she's never topped before but she does a great job fucking her best friend's asshole like a good slut. When Bella loses her stamina, she fucks Valorie's face, letting her clean her own pussy juice off Bella's cock. Valorie's mouth and throat skills are out of this world (I can confirm, Val's cock sucking skills really are incredible!), and it doesn't take long before Bella busts a big Tgirl load in Valorie's slutty mouth. These besies play with the cum, eat...

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    Bella Bates Gets Her Ass Fucked!

    Sexy Kentucky hottie Bella Bates makes her TGirls.XXX debut in a smashing hardcore scene produced by Omar Wax! Pure bottom Bella gets into some intense pleasure with Soldier Boi. Watch her pouty lips and demeanor seduce her stud! Bella enjoyed every moment as Soldier Boi was pounding her tight ass!

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    Bella Bates Opens Wide

    Bella is a bottom girl. She's a petite 5ft 6, 26 year old from Kentucky and she loves to have her thighs spread wide, her legs akimbo, and her smooth hole penetrated by a toy, a tongue, a cock of a hand. She's quite impressive how much she can take for a smaller girl, but one look at her utterly sexy and gorgeous asshole, and you can see that she loves to have it used to its fullest. Another excellent set from Xena showing Bella Bates to be quite the sex symbol and with her new look, she comes across both classy and slutty, which really is the best combination. I'm super happy that Bella was ready to return to doing some modeling for us, and she's just never looked better.

    6th Apr 2024


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    A Perfect Match

    I must admit I had a little say in the casting for this when Omar was trying to find shoots for Tara and Dahlia. I just thought they'd be a nice match. Both really cute and pretty girls, whom are firm favourites across our sites and both have developed with us into the stunning women they are today. Tiny Tara is a bottom, who loves cock and Meddle (aka Dahlia) Bloom a striking blonde with a nice sized hard cock, who can top or bottom. This is a cracking scene, with both girls at their best and really seem to be enjoying every moment of being with each other. For those of us only lucky enough to be looking on, and not there in person, it's a visual feast with Omar getting up close and personal and you can feel the chemistry and tension between these two gorgeous girls.

    10th Oct 2023


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