Butt-Tastic Amiyah Love
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  • Starring - Amiyah Love
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  • Producer - Omar Wax
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  • Added - November 15, 2023
  • There is little better than a gorgeous trans girl with a perfect butt, being totally naked, bending over and thrusting that ass high in the air. Her cheeks naturally parting so we can see that smooth, tight, dark hole beckoning with her long legs and hips ready to be grabbed. When she looks back, over her ass, the eyes wide, the tongue out it's as if she's begging for you to come and get it. Clean and smooth balls and sack hang down and her cock dangles below that, you know once the slamming... [Read More When Purchased]

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    Love to Love Amiyah

    Another fabulous set by this returning starlet whom we hope we don't have to wait too long to see again. Great looks, a super sexy body, that awesome smile, sweet ass high in the air, nice looking cock, and that big smile. She's stripping, she's playing with herself, tweaking those pierced nipples is like a hardwire straight to her cock and to her brain. This is one sexy girl - and we're really excited to see more of her.

    19th Jul 2023


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    2023 - The Year of Amiyah Love

    Amiyah has had quite the year, and we've been lucky enough to come along for the rides. She's been a popular model since her debut back in 2019 but it's this year that I feel she's became one of our top models with Omar shooting some fantastic solos and partnered content across the sites, and this is her latest in this super scene with Country Boi. There is some hot content here, and Amiyah knows how great her ass is, and the affect it's going to have on Country Boi as she thrusts it high in the air, looks back through those long lashes and big eyes and gives him the look of lust. Whether she's sucking on his cock, or taking his thick dick in her asshole, she's loving it and loves to be seen. Another hot scene.

    27th Sep 2023


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    Amiyah Love Nivea

    Amiyah Love sent us an email asking if she could do a girl/girl scene as that's what she's really into. And in steps Nivea Nixxx... horny, and looking for some fun. This is a sweet scene, in which both girls get to know each other, and find out what turns the other on. Starting with some mutual teasing and cock sucking, as Nivea loves taking Amiyah's big cock into her mouth and feeling the heat and hardness filling her, before Amiyah can't wait any longer and plunges her cock deep into Nivea's phat ass, with plenty of cushioning she goes to work on pleasing them both, as Nivea lies back and enjoys the ride.

    7th Sep 2023


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    Loving Some Amiyah!

    Amiyah Love is one hot chick! What a body on her - lean and flat stomach, long legs with nice thighs, big boobs with dark perky nipples and a nice ass that she loves to spread to get fucked. Caramel God is really into her - and as soon as he saw her pretty face, with that 'Come Fuck Me' expression his cock was hard and his mind focused - on only one thing. Some awesome mutual oral here, as they enjoy sucking on each others big cocks, and then Amiyah spreads her legs to allow Caramel to slowly enter her, as she kisses him deeply and they stare into each others eyes. This is a hot scene with plenty of passion and authenticity.

    15th Jun 2023


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    Color Me Badd

    She's back and she's Badd. One of our most popular models and we love to show her here. Amazing body on Mya, with great boobs, smooth beautiful skin, a lovely face with a most seductive look and aura about her. She's baby smooth all over, and if you can take your eyes from her face you'll get to admire those dark erect nipples pointing straight out, that big round ass, and her uncut thick cock which hardens as the shoot progresses. We've always time for some Mya Badd.

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    TEA'22 Winner Nubian Barbie - She Delivers Again!

    Nubian Barbie is one of the more popular models on this site, and she always delivers a hot scene whether it's solo or hardcore. I love a girl with a great figure in a pair of well-fitting jeans, and seeing Nubian in them just looks fantastic. The jeans tight against her ass and legs, and when she does unzip we're given the surprise of the the lingerie she's wearing under. Pulling the tight denim over her perfectly, round ass we're drawn in to want to see more, and once the jeans are off, Nubian rolls onto her back showing that smooth dark hole, and her long hard cock - both vying for attention as she plays with herself, and once again delivers. Congratulations to Nubian Barbie for winning TEA'22 Black TGirls Model of the Year!

    15th May 2023


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    The Feeling of Beauty

    I don't know what it is about Beauty that excites me so much. She's clearly super cute, and that body is tight, tiny and made for sex with those big boobs, perfect nipples, pretty fucking huge cock, and everything else that makes up this little sex machine. Her almost aloofness, and not posting just for the camera but how she thinks she should pose for you! It's a tease, it's a turn on and it's electric. Another great set of my favourite debut model on this site, for 2023 so far.

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    Beauty's Beast

    June's Model of the Month was a righteous hit with many, so while waiting for her second shoots we decided to get quick one-set special in! I think Beauty delivers it all. She's petite and lovely looking, her dark skin is stunning especially with the highlights of those bright nails, silver nipple piercings and red hair. She's dynamic and sexy, and really knows how to play to the camera. I love everything about this shoot - the energy and playfulness of the model, the style of the cameraman (KilaKali) and just the overall sexiness that's portrayed... or to put into other words, prime wank material!

    1st Sep 2023


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    The Bodacious Nivea Nixxx

    It's three years since we've seen Nivea and she's refined her look a lot. Some amazing big boobies, and a big, big ass are just the icing on the cake of this hot girl. Those wide eyes, that welcoming mouth and those plump pink lips, ready to be kissed and nibbled before they get themselves around a cock and give it the suction pump blowjob you just know she can give. Lots to enjoy on Nivea and it's awesome to see her returning. Watch for a hardcore on BlackTGirlsHardcore.com.

    1st May 2023


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    Climax Thursday: Horny Tiyara!

    Tiyara is back in the latest "Climax Thursday" episode and she's about to have some fun! Always happy to welcome her back, we can't wait to see sexy Tiyara in action again! See her showing off her amazing curves and stroking her cock until she pops a creamy load in this week's orgasm special produced by Omar Wax!

    28th Oct 2022


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