Curvy Cutie Gets Coached
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  • Starring - Sasha Da Doll
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  • Producer - Omar Wax
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  • Added - July 3, 2024
  • Sasha Da Doll is ready for her coaching lesson from fitness instructor Adonis. She's got her best gym gear on and is ready for a hot and sweaty session where she'll get all worked up. But Adonis has other plans to get her fit. "How about we try something that burn calories, builds muscles and is fun? You won't even know it's a workout!" he asks. "I'm in for whatever it is!" responds Sasha. "Ok then we won't need this" says Adonis removing her top "Or this, this or this" as the bra,... [Read More When Purchased]

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    Sasha Da Doll - A Star

    What a really great scene. This has everything I look for. Two models who are into each other, and enjoying each others bodies. Both of them looking great. The sexual tension and chemistry comes through the screen as they play with each other, getting into some truly awesome oral and then anal sex in multiple positions as Sasha enjoys Adonis's big cock pounding between her big butt cheeks, getting deep penetration especially when she rides him. Really great work from all involved and I'm really digging Sasha Da Doll.

    21st Jun 2023


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    A Thicky For a Thicky

    Sasha Da Doll has some meat on her bones, and her ass is absolutely magnificent. It's big and plump, and when those cheeks part, her sweet hole is just an invitation to heaven. When she is in the mood for a man, she needs a real man and not a boy. And Country Boi, despite the name, is that man. He's assertive, he loves to fuck and he's got the big, thick cock that Sasha craves. He also knows that to get the most from a woman, he needs to make sure they are well pleased and satisfied. The lovers begin playing with each other, before Sasha sucks greedily on his cock, loving the thickness and the taste, she turns around and puts that big booty high in the air, and Country Boi dives in head first. A hot scene with two sexy people enjoying each others bodies, and one that shouldn't be missed.

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    Just For Fun

    We never know what we're going to get when we put two girls together. Some girls request to work with each other saying they're really hot for it, and then they don't really spark, other time we put two cuties together for the first time and they just turn into electricity and surprise themselves by how deeply they got into each other. This set, I've called it just for fun, because whatever the intention was, it doesn't look like they're really passionate for each other, but just there for a good time, to enjoy themselves and at the end of the day, to get an orgasm (along with the paycheck). Tiffany and Sasha are really great models on Black TGirls and done some excellent hardcores, but I don't think this will got down as one of their best, or as one of ours. I'm interested in your comments.

    11th Jan 2024


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    This Doll Got Nailed

    Another lovely second set from this hottie. I love the photo where that big butt is spread wide, her whole looks ready and willing, her soles are out and she's begging for those little piggies to be sucked on, her cock and balls are as smooth as a baby's ass and her bring pink long nails, contrast on everything. You can imagine them being raked down your back as you fuck her, drawn through your hair as you suck on her or teasing and gently scratching your balls as she sucks on you.

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    Those Curves!

    A girl with all the curves, in all the right places, that's Sasha Da Doll - this week's one-shot special. An awesome thick body, phat thighs, a big booty, great breasts and she looks soft, cuddly and bouncy everything. I love the effort Sasha has taken to make herself look so great in this set - perfect makeup, awesome (scary) nails, and matching lingerie. Enjoy!

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    Dlondonn Gets Fucked!

    One of our favorites, curvy beauty Dlondonn, returns on Black TGirls this week... In a brand new HC exclusive co-starring Caramel God! We are always excited to welcome her back, especially if we are going to see her getting that sweet ass of her fucked! Watch Caramel God fucking Dlondon until he cums all over her beautiful boobs!

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    Skylar White & Caramel God!

    A few weeks ago the one and only Skylar White made a hot comeback with a couple of smashing solo scene! Today, Skylar returns once more, but this time we're going to see her in some hot HC action and we just can't wait! It has been a while since we saw sexy Skylar getting her ass pounded! Watch as she enjoys every moment while Caramel God fucks her tight hole in this week's hardcore exclusive produced by Omar Wax!

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    Big bottomed tgirl Dlondonn is about as horny as she can be. She needs a good servicing, and she needs someone fit, energetic and with a good sized cock, to hit her in all the places she needs. Enter Soldier Boi. Soldier Boi dives straight between those two big cheeks, eating that sweet ass and sending waves of ecstasy through Dlondonn's body ... her shaking, making her pendulous beasts swing. She's soon on her knees, sucking that hard cock, and loving feeling it stiffen and swell in her mouth. Legs spread, ass open and he's penetrating her, thrusting in and out - and yeah, hitting those spots until he can hold no longer and spurts over her waiting face.

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    Vanity's Hardcore Premiere!

    Sultry newcomer Vanity shows why she's no rookie when it comes to performing. Her and King Konda put on quite a show together. Kitchen is the setting of choice. Watch as Vanity flexes her seductive skills in her first scene ever!

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    Entering Miss America

    Rico Suave loves a girl with a big ass and big thighs - they're the ones who have big sexual appetites and who love to take a pounding, and he's excited to get a hold of Miss America Meat's US prime grade, rump cut of meat with enough fat and muscle to be the tastiest ass around. He strips her off her denim shorts, all the while rubbing his palms over her ample cheeks, and then when totally naked dives in to eat that asshole, and get his head firmly between that meaty crack. Miss America gives him one of her trademark blowjobs, getting him edged and rock hard, and then goes back into doggy position, getting her ass high, so Rico can enter Miss America and they can go for glory.

    26th Jun 2024


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