I Just Fucked Fernanda Moraes!
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  • Starring - Fernanda Moraes
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  • Producer - Louis Damazo
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  • Added - June 27, 2024
  • So I arrived Brazil, and after dealing with immigration stepped out into the hot, sweaty and loud mess that is Sao Paolo. The taxi took 2 hours to get me 20 miles to my hotel, where I checked in, and showered and re-hydrated. I'd booked a meeting with the fabulous Fernanda Moraes before I left home, and she was coming around to see me soon. She just looked fantastic when she arrived, her small tight black dress covering not much ... and as we kissed and felt each others bodies, I saw her... [Read More When Purchased]

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    Here's a very sexy debut direct from Brazil of a girl I've not seen before. 23 year old Fernanda Moraes, doesn't have the typical Brazilian styling. She's got a chic little haircut which sets her face of beautifully, her striking features classy and beautiful. A tight little red dress is perfectly chosen to highlight her thick body - some killer thighs, and a lovely ass with nice boobs also. She's instantly hard when her clothes comes off, which surprises me, as I don't know where she was hiding that monster under her dress - but out it comes, and after she pleasures herself using a fleshlight, there is no holding her back as she tugs, and pulls at her big cock.

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    The Flip-Fuckers

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