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  • Starring - Nubian Barbie
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  • Producer - Omar Wax
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  • Added - May 17, 2024
  • Nubian Barbie back for her second set, and looking fabulous in a figure hugging black dress, which shows her curves off, and when she bends forward we get to glimpse at that awesome cleavage (or from behind, we get those thick thighs which promise to lead up to her magical ass). Some lovely pink lingerie compliments Nubian's skin tones, and matches her lipstick and nails to portray a very well put together young lady, with her body just so inviting and sexy. Her hard dark nipples poking... [Read More When Purchased]

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    28:09 HD Video

    Poking Nubian Barbie

    Piper Mysterio is one of our newer male performers and it would be an understatement to say that he's enjoying his first weeks working with Omar - but there are few girls who are as exciting to him as one of our site favourites, Nubian Barbie, and when they met there was an instant spark. That spark continued throughout the shoot as Nubian posed and teased Piper, making sure he got plenty of looks at her thick ass, before getting his hands on it, so by the time she unzipped his pants, that cock was throbbing and aching to be sucked. Getting her soft lips, flicking tongue and warm mouth around Piper's cock, Nubian was at her best and savouring every second of pleasing him while getting her own oral satisfaction. They were both ready for something deeper and more fulfilling when Nubian pulled her lips off his cock, and stuck that butt high in the hair, waiting to be filled.

    2nd May 2024


    17:34 HD Video

    The Unmissable Nubian Barbie

    It's her 20th set on this site (as well as appearing in sets on our other sites) so that puts her as one of our most recurring models, and we're hoping that pattern isn't going to end. Nubian Barbie is so well put together, she always looks great, makeup in on-point, hair is lovely, body is smooth, and her skin just has a glow to it, that makes me want to touch her and admire her. She's sexy, she's classy and she's fun... and looks like someone who you'd have a great time with at dinner, and then hope for a night in the sack with her! Another lovely set of Nubian by Omar.

    29th Sep 2023


    15:19 HD Video

    TEA'22 Winner Nubian Barbie - She Delivers Again!

    Nubian Barbie is one of the more popular models on this site, and she always delivers a hot scene whether it's solo or hardcore. I love a girl with a great figure in a pair of well-fitting jeans, and seeing Nubian in them just looks fantastic. The jeans tight against her ass and legs, and when she does unzip we're given the surprise of the the lingerie she's wearing under. Pulling the tight denim over her perfectly, round ass we're drawn in to want to see more, and once the jeans are off, Nubian rolls onto her back showing that smooth dark hole, and her long hard cock - both vying for attention as she plays with herself, and once again delivers. Congratulations to Nubian Barbie for winning TEA'22 Black TGirls Model of the Year!

    15th May 2023


    19:33 HD Video

    Valencia & Nubian Barbie

    Two hot girls make their TGirls.Porn debuts together today! Black TGirls star Nubian Barbie and Femout newbie Valencia meet in a Omar Wax produced scene and they were excited to work with each other. Nubian couldn't wait to feel Valencia's cock deep inside and Valencia was more than happy to give it to her! See them making love in our latest girl on girl HC!

    26th Oct 2022


    24:03 HD Video

    Bottoms Up With Nubian Barbie

    She's got on of the best asses on this site. It's large, two perfectly round cheeks coming together to showcase that sexy dark crack, and the welcoming smooth hole between them. It's like a juicy peach, to be savoured and tasted, and once bitten into, you can only want more. Nubian Barbie is consistently one of our better models with a great attitude, gorgeous looks, insatiable sexual appetite and bags of sex appeal, and she has all of this on display as her bottom goes up in the air for Elijah to dive deeply into whether it's his big head and long tongue, or his little head sliding deeply into that warm and willing hole, to be squeezed tightly and milked.

    21st Sep 2023


    25:37 HD Video

    The Queen & King of Texas

    Black Tgirls superstar Nubian Barbie was due in for a new shoot, and she told us she wanted to try King Konda. Who are we to say no? These two performers were hot and heady for each other prior to the shoot, so as soon as the cameras were on - it was game on. Queen Nubian Barbie loved sucking on King Konda's big, uncut cock and boy, does she spend some time on it - and when she's good and ready, she spreads wide and offers up her tight, smooth asshole to be penetrated for a good, hard fucking in multiple positions. A great scene by two great performers. Royalty!

    12th Nov 2022


    24:56 HD Video

    Nubian Barbie & Caramel God!

    It's time for some hardcore! Super sexy Nubian Barbie is back on Black TGirls in a brand new hardcore exclusive and she can't wait to feel Caramel God's big cock deep inside her! Right from the start Barbie is all over his cock! After she gives him a nice blowjob, she lets Caramel God pound her tight ass and she loves every moment of it! Enjoy this week's smashing HC update brought to you by Omar Wax!

    12th Nov 2022


    25:21 HD Video

    When Stars Collide

    It's always good news when we get two cute black models in for this site, as we've had some difficulties getting them in the past ... but it's really great week when those two models are two of BlackTgirls favorite stars, both huge hits in their own right and putting them together just made some magic. Tiffany Stackemz and Nubian Barbie are both Texan Tgirls who love all types of sex, and jumped at the chance to do a scene together. Watch as they start teasing each other slowly, with some nipple play but it's not long before they are savouring each others cock, before Nubian can't take it any longer and bends over putting her gorgeous ass high in the air, for Tiffany to slide in and enjoy the experience together.

    12th Nov 2022


    21:57 HD Video

    Nubian Barbie Gets Piped

    It's been a year since we've seen Nubian Barbie with a boy-toy and this site favourite wanted to come and get frisky with Ryan Pipes. Nubian takes charge of Ryan right away, letting him undress her and play with her perfect big breasts. She then sits him back and gives him a blow job that he won't forget, her big wet lips, her warm mouth and her probing tongue making sure she brings him to the peak - but not beyond. Now it is her turn, and she wants that tongue deep in her asshole, wetting and lubricating her tight ass before feeling Ryan sliding in his long, hard straight-as-an-arrow cock and fucking Nubian from behind, from up above and on her side before she sits on him and rides him.

    30th Apr 2023


    22:00 HD Video

    Up The LaBouche

    Kerri LaBouche is quite the dildo fan. She likes realistic looking, long or fat rubber cocks that she can play with while getting herself worked up, suck them while fingering her hole, tweaking her pierced nipples or stroking her long, swollen cock and then select the one she wants to start with. She teases her hole, which starts to relax and gives her the ability to slide that dildo slowly in, stretching her and giving her all sorts of great sensations. Her own cock swells and gets rock hard the more she fucks herself. She switches to a thicker dildo, almost the size of a beer can, and stretches herself to the maximum to accommodate it, loving the sensations and driving herself to one of the bigger orgasms we've seen on this site.

    14th May 2024


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