Sweet and Petite
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  • Starring - Cutie Cream
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  • Producer - KilaKali
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  • Added - September 20, 2023
  • 5ft 2 is such a perfect size for this Cutie! She's totally in proportion with her slim legs leading up to a sweet round butt, and arch of a back and her long hair hanging down her back, she looks back over her shoulder with those big eyes, her lips glistening as her tongue slowly glides over them. Cutie reaches back and spreads those ass cheeks, one in each hand to show the delights awaiting between them, that dark smooth hole - tight but ready to give (and take) pleasure. She turns around... [Read More When Purchased]

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    The Gemini Experience

    She's on the bed, she's bending over - those black workout shorts are tight against her big ass, and the bulge in them simply cannot be hidden. Her boobs press against her top and she looks back over her shoulder, her eyes looking up, her hair hanging down and she's conveying both in body and face - come and get it, I'm here for you! Big ass sat on your face, so you can tongue lash her hole, big cock down your throat so you can suck and lick on that, or flip you over - spit on your ass and let her take you, or just pull down those shorts, hit some lube between those cheeks and slide into heaven.

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    Climax Thursday: Keiosha Cums Again!

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    Some girls just have those amazing booties that you can't take your eyes off. Whether they start in jeans, under a dress or with panties, my eyes zoom in and are magnetized to the wobble and bounce, ready and getting desperate to see what's underneath. Cutie Nique Freak, who debuted in 2022, makes a return in this one shot special and she's got some booty to show off! Thick thighs and a big round ass. She's also got some sweet boobies, and a hard cock that looks like it's ready to boost off from her body. Rejoice and look on in wonder at this big butted beauty.

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