TGirl Treasure Hunters: The Secret of the Staff of Desire
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  • Starring - Asia Belle & Ciboulette
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  • Producer - Moe Scoville
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  • Added - July 9, 2024
  • Asia Belle and Ciboulette have succeeded in their quest to recover the long lost headpiece of Aphrodite's Staff of Desire! But after solving the puzzles, dodging the traps, and fighting off the monsters, they barely made it out alive. They make it back to safety, but they soon discover that the legend of the staff is more real than they imagined. But is the magic giving them these desires? Or simply amplifying the feelings that are already there? In the end, they're too horny for each other to... [Read More When Purchased]

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    This felt destined to happen! Ciboulette is a superstar in the making, so when we were in town for the TEAs we thought we'd do something special for her. Andre Stone was the right choice - we knew when we couldn't keep them away from each other! Even taking photos of them separately, they couldn't keep away - they were practically growling - so when the real action started the sparks were so hot we just needed to keep far enough away from the heat to not get burnt. The passion is intense in this one. Starting on the balcony with their hands and mouths, it quickly escalates to the bedroom. This scene has got it all: frotting, oral, 69, riding, bouncing, hard rough doggy, eye-contact heavy spooning, several shaking orgasms on the way leading up to getting pounded hard with her legs folded back until Andre covers Ciboulette in a big load of cum. We think this is a scene you'll remember - and come back to again and again!

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    Ciboulette's Anal Needs

    Some people like to stroke their cocks. Others like to rub their clits. A few like to just play with their nipples. But Ciboulette, she likes to play with her ass - as that's what really gets her excited, gets her going and gets her to satisfyingly shaking orgasms when she's left alone, and wanting to get off. And that usually means, she's reaching for one of her big dildos, letting her mind go to places that maybe it shouldn't, while sliding her ass up and down on her dildo, as she loves the friction on her asshole, and the depth inside her sending pleasure signals throughout her body.

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    The World Belongs to Ciboulette

    Her scenes rate among the highest partnered scenes on GroobyGirls, Grooby VR and her solos here from earlier this year, were among some of the highest rated. She's the tour de force from Canada that is Ciboulette. Debuting in 2023, this is one of the hottest models we've featured on any site, and was certainly one of the faces of last year. 27 years old, naturally pretty with an amazing body, she's tall, she's got great curves and some perfect breasts, and just overall a sexy, classy vibe that's soon demolished when she gets her mouth around Pierce's big cock, and looks every bit the wanton, and hungry to be fucked girl that she is. A really great set from Radius and Pierce Paris, featuring a girl that has to be one of the biggest stars of 2024. The world belongs to Ciboulette.

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    You saw it here first. While all the talk is about who will be the next James Bond, they've neglected to talk about who is the next Bond girl, and we believe it should be Ciboulette. Devastating good looks, more sex appeal than a Casino Royale, the world is not enough for this stunning 27 year old. It's a view to a kill everytime we cast our goldeneye onto her beautiful face and long, sexy body. This sexy spectre, would seduce and convert you - insisting she was for your eyes only and that her octopussy, goldfinger and thunderballs are just for you. You only live twice and you can die another day, but for now skyfall in love with Ciboulette.

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    Ciboulette debuted on TGirls.XXX last month in her solo scenes, one of which was titled: "Ciboulette Needs To Be Filled Up", so when she was in Vegas we wondered who would she like to be filled up by? Ivory Mayhem is always in the mood to tap a hot trans girls ass... and she abandoned what she was doing and ran over to the studio to meet. Ciboulette was ready to go - but she really wanted to see what Ivory's infamous blowjobs were all about, so insisted that Ivory get her big lips around her swollen cock before both girls got down to a prolonged 69 session. Ciboulette was now ready to be filled, and Ivory desperate to fill her!

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    You're joining Lianna and Ciboulette as they are doing their workout, a bit of sparring that soon leads to some raunchy sex as they get all hot and worked up. All that body contact and sweat just has to lead to horniness, and Lianna goes down on Ciboulette, sucking her sexy un-cut cock, before Lianna gets an assful as Ciboulette fucks her, and her feet! An awesome sparring sesh that turns into a fuckfest! Moe has created a choose your own adventure shoot featuring our two sparring girls Lianna and Ciboulette. In this scene you're seeing Ciboulette's POV, in the first scene you saw Lianna's POV! Flip fucking has never been this good!

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    Sparring Partners - Lianna's POV!

    You're joining Lianna and Ciboulette as they are doing their workout, a bit of sparring that soon leads to some raunchy sex as they get all hot and worked up. All that body contact and sweat just has to lead to horniness, and Ciboulette goes down on Lianna, sucking that hot cock before she gets on top of her and rides Lianna, before Lianna flips her over on her hack and fucks her ! An awesome sparring sesh that turns into a fuckfest! Moe has created a choose your own adventure, featuring our two sparring girls Lianna and Ciboulette. In this scene you're seeing Lianna's POV and on Friday you'll see Ciboulette's POV!

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    Steamy Good Morning With Ciboulette

    Ciboulette made such a great impression we had to have her back. Long legs, majestic hair, gorgeous smile, and a killer toned body with all the right curves! This time we brought Buck along for one of the most exciting sensual and energetic hardcore scenes you'll find. Morning tea quickly turns sexy. Starting with a romantic foot rub, Ciboulette opens her legs to show Buck what she's really thinking, and what she really wants. You'll love the look on her face as she takes his huge cock deep. The world spins for her as she's fucked into multiple orgasms, limp in his arms and then lowered into a spine-rocking piledriver that ends in a beautiful gaping creampie. Wow!

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    The Newly Weds

    Ciboulette and Luke London are the newly weds. They've just moved into their starter home and enjoying life as a new couple... and they just can't keep their hands off each other. Ciboulette is trying to be the little stay-at-home wife, making house, baking cookies and looking pretty, while Luke is out to work - but all her mind is on, is him coming through that door so he can give her some cock, and fuck her good, which is the main reason she married him! Luke walks around all day at work with a permanent boner - thinking of his gorgeous wife at home. So when he comes in thru the front door, he cares not for the tidiness, he'll save the cookies for later and he just wants to get Ciboulette's cock in his mouth - but he'll have to wait, as she is thinking just the same. This is one hell of a scene - great work by Moe, Luke and of course, Ciboulette.

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    You've been to The Big Game and you're not happy your team lost, but Ciboulette has a plan to cheer you up! It involves getting naked and doing sexy things! To start she gives you a hot blowjob, savoring your big cock before you're even undressed! As soon as you're both undressed Ciboulette gets on top of you and rides, her hard cock bouncing on you, finishing strong you fuck her from behind! The Big Game doesn't turn out so bad after all when you get to fuck Ciboulette.

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