Texas Tgirl Tiny Tara
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  • Starring - Tiny Tara
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  • Producer - Omar Wax
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  • Added - June 11, 2024
  • I was told that they make everything bigger in Texas. A boast Texans seem to stand by - biggest hats, biggest state, bigger steers and bigger waistlines but Tiny Tara must be the outlier. 5ft 7, petite. She has small but lovely boobs, natural and dark nipples. Her ego isn't the largest either, she's a very humble, sweet and sexy girl, who just loves to please and to be in front of the camera. An average sized cock isn't going to break any records either. So she's not the biggest... but she is... [Read More When Purchased]

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    Love to Love The Men

    Tiny Tara is unashamed of her likes. It might be en vogue to be pansexual but she knows exactly what she likes and it's a good masculine man. And it's a good cock on that man. She's not a prude, give her 6 men tag teaming her, and it would be her ultimate heaven, but she'll settle for a good fuck, with a guy who loves to top, and that guy today is Piper Mysterio. This is a really good, hot and sexy 'real' sex scene from Omar. There is nothing out of the ordinary, no crazy stuff, it's exactly what it says on the tin - a gorgeous black trans girl, getting topped by her man, and it's an authentic look into what cis-male and trans girl sex looks like most of the time. Enjoy Tiny Tara as you watch her really enjoy getting fucked.

    16th May 2024


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    Tiny Tara Ravished!

    She's been appearing with us for over 7 years, and she's just as cute and gorgeous now, as her first sets. Tiny Tara loves to do hardcore scenes because she simply loves cock and Country Boi is super excited to be the guy to provide it to her. Looking lovely in her long black dress, and matching shoes, she strips down to some sexy purple lingerie - and not wanting to wait any longer, unleashes Country Boi's big, thick cock and licks the end before running her tongue over the shaft and taking his stiff member into her warm, wet mouth to show off her oral skills. She teases him further using her pretty feet to masturbate him, and then she's ready for to be stretched to the limit, and enjoy every inch of him penetrating her.

    13th Sep 2023


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    A Perfect Match

    I must admit I had a little say in the casting for this when Omar was trying to find shoots for Tara and Dahlia. I just thought they'd be a nice match. Both really cute and pretty girls, whom are firm favourites across our sites and both have developed with us into the stunning women they are today. Tiny Tara is a bottom, who loves cock and Meddle (aka Dahlia) Bloom a striking blonde with a nice sized hard cock, who can top or bottom. This is a cracking scene, with both girls at their best and really seem to be enjoying every moment of being with each other. For those of us only lucky enough to be looking on, and not there in person, it's a visual feast with Omar getting up close and personal and you can feel the chemistry and tension between these two gorgeous girls.

    10th Oct 2023


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    Brooklynn's Nights

    Who would leave this gorgeous lady home alone on Saturday night? She was ready to go out, but nobody has called... ...but she knows that you are watching, and if you keep watching, you're going to get a show. Brooklynn's going to slowly strip, rubbing her hands over her lean, gorgeous body, she is a sexual nymph, who can't get enough. She plays with her sweet nubile beasts, rubs her hands over her flat stomach, and to her penis, and with a few more rubs it comes alive, and hardens. She hopes you are still watching as she masturbates and plays with herself.

    17th May 2023


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    No Sleep Til...

    ... Brooklynn. No sleep until you've satisfied Brooklyn. No sleep until Brooklynn lets you sleep. And let's face it, you couldn't be caught napping on this stunner. A great look, a lovely natural body, toned, smooth, just a small tattoo, lovely natural breasts with caramel nipples, large eyes and a wide, welcoming mouth - just a true beauty whom we're lucky enough to be able to experience for a short time. Another great set watching Brooklynn strip and enjoy herself in front of Omar's camera, playing with herself, getting herself exciting and building up to her climax.

    11th Jan 2024


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    Brazy's Back is Back

    The second set from Omar Wax of this new Southern beauty from Georgia, Brazy. She's got instant sex appeal and for someone in their first shoots, knows how to work the camera and give it just the right amount of eyes, and sensually parted lips to draw us in. A lovely curve down her spine as her bum reaches out from her back, to just look so grabable /spankable / lickable / fuckable. Watch her play with herself, getting more excited as the camera continues to focus on her, spreading her legs, showing that dark sweet hole, and getting more erect as she gets further aroused until she finally releases - knowing that's what you want to see.

    8th Feb 2024


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    Skylar White & Caramel God!

    A few weeks ago the one and only Skylar White made a hot comeback with a couple of smashing solo scene! Today, Skylar returns once more, but this time we're going to see her in some hot HC action and we just can't wait! It has been a while since we saw sexy Skylar getting her ass pounded! Watch as she enjoys every moment while Caramel God fucks her tight hole in this week's hardcore exclusive produced by Omar Wax!

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    A Night With DLondonn

    I like to think a night with DLondonn would be something special. There is just something about her, I think it's her eyes which just beg me to get close to her. I'd like to rub her all over with baby oil and give her a massage, starting with her feet and working up to those big, thick thighs and getting her balls and cock all oily, before going to work on her boobs... which I could spend the rest of the night playing with... but as she flips over, I get more massage oil out and start to knead and rub her back, appreciating the moans coming from her. I slide down, my hard cock sliding against her legs and ass, as I massage those big buns, and slowly let a finger or three slide between her cheeks and nudge on her asshole. My other hand reaches around to her cock, and as I finger her asshole, I stroke her cock eventually giving her a very happy ending.

    3rd Jan 2024


    23:43 HD Video

    Sasha Da Doll - A Star

    What a really great scene. This has everything I look for. Two models who are into each other, and enjoying each others bodies. Both of them looking great. The sexual tension and chemistry comes through the screen as they play with each other, getting into some truly awesome oral and then anal sex in multiple positions as Sasha enjoys Adonis's big cock pounding between her big butt cheeks, getting deep penetration especially when she rides him. Really great work from all involved and I'm really digging Sasha Da Doll.

    21st Jun 2023


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    Those Curves!

    A girl with all the curves, in all the right places, that's Sasha Da Doll - this week's one-shot special. An awesome thick body, phat thighs, a big booty, great breasts and she looks soft, cuddly and bouncy everything. I love the effort Sasha has taken to make herself look so great in this set - perfect makeup, awesome (scary) nails, and matching lingerie. Enjoy!

    1st May 2023


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