The Call of Ally Sins
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  • Starring - Ally Sins
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  • Producer - Buddy Wood
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  • Added - November 16, 2023
  • The second set of this cute new trans girl from Los Angeles who debuted a fortnight ago! She's a unique and interesting looking girl with some killer tatts and facial piercings, a lithe and lovely little body with budding breasts and swollen nipples, both of which are growing by the day. Smooth long legs, a shapely ass and a nice looking cock, which easily gets stiff, and hard and stands out from her slim frame like an arrow aimed at you. She loves sex, and cannot wait to get invited back... [Read More When Purchased]

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    12:10 HD Video

    The Original Sins

    I'm not a huge fan of face piercings overall, but on the right girl where her whole image and aesthetics match, then I think they can look good and Ally Sins is one original looking model, with her own look and great vibe. In this debut set, she really has a lot of confidence and Buddy Wood is getting everything we love about his sets, up close and personal with that lovely ass spread and ready, her tight and tiny hole smooth and puckered, her big cock getting stiffer in each set and those sultry eyes looking and commanding us to come and have fun with her. A great first shoot, and we're looking forward to more.

    3rd Nov 2023


    12:26 HD Video

    Debuting Cherri

    Buddy Wood's neighbourhood is full of the gorgeous trans girls he's debut over the years working with us, and Cherri is his latest. This 22 year old, Korean-Mexican mix (spicy!) is as cute as a button, and super super sexy. At 5ft 9, slim, with some perky new boobs that are developing beautifully, lovely smooth skin, a good sized cock with a smattering of soft pubic hair, and an awesome ass, round and perfect sized. Everything you want from a Buddy Wood shoot is here, great shots, lots of ass, plenty of that pretty face and just the feeling you are there with Cherri. A great debut and I really think this is a girl to watch for.

    5th Oct 2023


    25:07 HD Video

    Cherri Picking

    Our newest little starlet Cherri in her first ever hardcore scene - and it's pretty fucking Epic. Or it's Epic fucking! This 22 year old Mexican-Korean girl, is probably going to move to one of our other sites for her next shoots (so follow her there) but you get to see her here first - and it's quite the scene. Cherri is certainly not shy, and has Chris's cock in her mouth right away, licking on his big balls, and sucking up and down that shaft, loving it all - and then Chris returns the favor by tonguing her asshole but Cherri quickly gets back onto his cock. Some awesome fucking as Cherri's asshole is stretched, and pounded by Chris's big cock, and she stays erect throughout. Enjoy this awesome scene.

    9th Nov 2023


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    Oksana's Lingerie

    What's better than a cute girl in some gorgeous matching lingerie? A cute girl peeling off that gorgeous matching lingerie, one piece at a time. Fishnet stockings attached to their own fishnet suspender belt on top of lacy merlot panties, with Oksana's cock peeking through, and pushing against the lace... and as she removes everything, her dark erect nipples shine on her nubile boobs, her smooth cock and balls look ready for licking, as does her hole between those sweet, round cheeks. Out comes her favourite dildo, and Oksana brings it home!

    24th Aug 2023


    15:03 HD Video

    Cherri Spread Wide

    Back in her second set, newcomer and 'one to watch' Cherri from Los Angeles, is now more confident in front of Buddy Wood's camera. She's got the cutest babyface which makes her look younger than her 22 years, but make no mistake, this is all woman. She knows how to dress to look at her best, and sexiest, and her hair, makeup and nails all lend to that appearance. Her ass is a work of art, and when she gets hard, it's bigger then we expected. I love the pubes on her, which on a body this smooth and feminine, just make it even sexier. Let's have more Cherri, Buddy!

    19th Oct 2023


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    Wiki Gets Sticky

    Back for her second set, Wiki is already excited and ready to go. She doesn't take long to strip from her denim shorts, and leaves only her black sheer stay-up stockings on, which contrast against her porcelain skin, and pink penis and asshole. That bubble butt sticks out as Wiki goes into doggy style and then finds her large clear dildo, which gets her excited as she soon slides it slowly into her tight hole, loving the feeling of being stretched wide and deep. Another hot set from this 23 year old Polish girl.

    25th Oct 2023


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    The Sexy Shattered Polaroids

    Another awesome set from this hot newcomer and there is a bit of everything here. Shattered Polaroids looks amazing in her sweater, skirt, boots and stay-up stockings, and as she undresses it just keeps getting better. Who doesn't love a girl in black lacy stay-ups? She's ready for some thick anal action and has brought her dildos, and it's not long before she's stretching her smooth hole and taking a dildo deep into that ass. She rides it and fucks herself, loving every minute, her cock hard and thick.

    12th Jul 2023


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    The Snow Hardcore

    Texas freaky bottom girl Snow, asked Omar if she could do a hardcore so he hooked her up with Country Boi, and as soon as she caught a look at him and his big, thick cock, she was just ready for it all. This slim, tatted girl loves lots of sex, and nothing is better than a fat cock in her tight asshole, pushing and pounding away - and you can see in this scene just how much she loves it. Super smooth, pierced nipples and a sweet spread ass - there is plenty going on in this scene.

    8th Jun 2023


    15:21 HD Video

    Her Name was Lola...

    ... she is a showgirl. Lola Morena returns and that is always a good thing. Another great scene as she takes us to bed and shows how she loves to play with herself. She can't take her hands off her hard cock, and she turns herself on by showing that perfect, gorgeous asshole between her two brown orbs and begging us to think about what we want to do with her. Another amazing scene from California's finest.

    22nd Nov 2022


    08:35 HD Video

    Black Panties With an Angel's Face

    What is under that long black coat? It doesn't take long to find out. Black bra, black stockings and black panties (with an Angel's face). Faye Lockwood looks simply gorgeous with this matching undergarments, contrasting on her pale white skin. She's got a lovely body, her thighs and legs are shapely, her ass is round and gorgeous, and she's only too happy to show everything off. Looking forward to more of Faye.

    11th Jun 2023


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