Amber Kay

Amber Kay
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  • Girl next door type. Free-spirited, social being. Lean more towards the submissive side but can be dominant in right situation.

    Enjoy bondage and impact play. Open to try new things as well.

    Gamer girl and occasionally stream. Look me up sometime and let's have some fun!

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Amber Kay's Cheeky Wank

She's waiting for her partner to come around because it's Tuesday... and Tuesday is playday for Amber Kay, so she's got her fetishy wear on, the strappy and lacy black lingerie letting her big pink nipples see the light of day, her cock and smooth balls are easily pushed to the side and she's hard and horny. What's the point of waiting? She's horny now and ready to pop one off, so she'll be able to last longer when she starts her play session. Amber lies back, imagining what she's going to get up to, playing her her cock the head slipping out of her foreskin, wet and shiny as the wanks herself into the first orgasm of the day.

10th Jul 2024


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Real Life Lovers

In our effort to get the most authentic and real porn to you, we're bringing you these two real life lovers. Ash Ember appeared on this site already and her girlfriend, Amber Kay is going to be on GroobyGirls. Watch as they please each other orally, touch and feel their way around while Omar's fly on then wall camera captures it all. Ash loves to top Amber, and lubes her cock before sliding it into her tight, warm hole, pumping in and out and both feeling the rhythm of each others bodies as they go. Ash finally releases deep into Amber, both their bodies entwined as her cock pumps sending her cum into her girlfriend.

11th Apr 2024