Amber Love Diva

Amber Love Diva
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  • Meet Amber Love Diva Aka. Alovediva is a fetish fashionista in her first scene ever. This cock hungry blonde Latina tranny slut will suck you dry and let you beg for more.

    Don’t be fooled by her apparent shyness, behind that sweet smile hides a sex obsessed big dick craving anal whore that will devour any dick with her big bubble butt. Her slut tattoo will attest to this.

    She is super into having sex with bad boys and cuckolding good old boys. Loves Orgies, Chaos and Black Metal. You will certainly find this feral sex fiend in all the dark places.

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TGirl 40


33:13 HD Video

The Love & Hope of Canada 2024

If the 2024 Olympic games allowed entrants for raunchy and over the top sex scenes, then Canada might just be taking home the gold medal. This scene has more going on in it, then a collection of scenes - with Amber Love and Natalie Hope competing with each other, to see who can be the nastiest. These terrible two were almost uncontrollable from Vee, as they wanted to just dive into the fun and holes right away, while he was trying set up the scene. Here's what you've got going on - loads of kissing and lucking, you've got deep throating, you have sixty-nine action, fucking, dildo fun, sharing a double dildo as they're both deeply impaled by a double dong, and dildo ass to mouth. There is a lot to see, and a lot to enjoy with this exciting and full on scene.

18th Jun 2024


17:40 HD Video

You Can Have Your Cake & Eat It!

Amber has had a fight with her boyfriend, and when she returns home she finds his apology in the form of a cake. She doesn't really have a sweet tooth, and it's a pretty meager form of apology so she decides that a better use for the cake, would be to fuck it. To insert her hard cock among the moist sponge and sweet icing, feeling the textures rub her hard and then get a dildo and bounce up and down, so her asshole touches the sticky icing and then comes back up, making quite the mess but getting her so very excited as her ass is stretched and penetrated, as she bounces. The cake is ruined, Amber feels better and she may just forgive him this once.

21st Feb 2024


20:13 HD Video

At Home With Amber!

She's back from the day job, and home alone, and Amber needs something to spice up the rest of the day. Stretched out on her bed, she reaches over for her glass butt plug and rubs it against her smooth, cock and balls, that are smushed against the net of her panties. As she rubs, they start to stir into life, and she's soon got to take off her panties and get that butt plug where it needs to be, plugging her butt. This gets Amber rock hard, and the wet, shiny helmet of her cock pushes from her foreskin as she enjoys the feeling and sensations. She's soon in need of further satisfaction, so replaces the buttplug with something proper, a big red ribbed toy - each rib stretching her a little further each time she pushes it in, bringing her to heights of ecstacy.

21st Nov 2023