Estela Duarte

Estela Duarte
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  • Fit trans girl Estela is dedicated to building a super hot body. She also feels that going to the gym so many times a week increases her sexual power.
  • Location: São Paulo, Brazil
  • Birthday: 2nd June


28:33 HD Video

What Estela Wants...

Estala gets. Everybody knows that. This princess has been getting her own way since a young child, and now a fully grown 24 year old woman, she uses her looks and her privilege to get exactly what she wants, and when she wants it. And right now, what she wants is for Liu Gang to submit to her whims and pleasures, which start when he gets to his knees and starts sucking on her big cock, feeling all the sensations his tongue gives her as she slides it a little further in. She then wants to taste his big meat, sucks him until he can take no more, edging him to almost climaxing and then letting him retreat a little. When he's peaked enough, she has him bend over and fucks him long, slow and deep before speeding up the pounding, and Liu moans as her cock fucks him harder.

3rd Jul 2024