Ghost Park

Ghost Park
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  • Hello hello everyone! It's me, Ghost! I'm a Korean-American street punk that loves to get into mischief and getting lost in the woods. Some of my hobbies include hiking/camping, tinkering on whatever I can get my hands on, and playing guitar. If you've followed me on social media for a while, you also know that I'm really big into airsoft! I do my best to dress all intimidating and what not, but on the inside, I like to think of myself as soft and fuzzy (not to mention warm and tight!)

    I'm a big sub that prefers bottoming. Some of my favorite kinks/fetishes are pet play and bdsm! Despite my small size, I really enjoy the challenge of taking big dicks/toys, and size differences are such a huge turn on for me!

    I'm so excited that I finally got to work with Grooby, and I hope to work with them many more times in the future! If you like what you see here, be sure to check me out on twitter @ghosty40hands


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Ghost Park - The Show!

I settle back in my armchair, cigar lit, whisky poured. My robe is loose and comfortable. Ghost is in front of me, she comes over and takes a sip of my malt, and whispers in my ear, are you ready for my little show? She knows I love Asian girls and she's wanted to put on this show for me as only an exhibitionist would. Stripping down slowly, letting me admire that body, the pretty face and how good the lingerie looks with her modeling it. She shows off her butt, before taking down her panties, spreading her cheeks and letting me see her winking asshole, knowing that I want to fuck her right in that position. I had her a big dildo, which she lubes up and tells me 'I think it's too big but I'll try it for you'. She slowly pushes it between her cheeks, her ass slowly relaxing and opening as she takes more, her eyes roll, her cheeks flush, her cock stiffens as she loves getting filled and stretched. She wants to take more, the show must go on.

28th May 2024


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My girlfriend Ghost Park

My girlfriend Ghost Park is back for her first solo set here, and she's coming right after your heart! She's rocking her classic grunge look that I love so much, with new face piercings to match! She oozes confidence and is all smiles as she dresses down to her gorgeous lace lingerie. She's so sensual as she rubs her voluptuous breasts and adorably small cock right through the lace. After a bit of teasing, she loses the lace to reveal her puffy, suckable nipples and cute, tight hole. She's not afraid to share all her fantasies with you while she works herself up from both ends.

21st May 2024


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Ghost Submits to Shiri

Shiri is one of the all-time favorite models across our sites and one of the most exciting and dynamic girls we know. Ghost Park is fresh in 2023, and really loves doing shoots... and when she's given the chance to submit to Shiri who is in a dommy mood, then she jumps at the chance, makes sure her chastity change is firmly fixed on, and gives herself over to Shiri. Shiri is rock hard, and really horny. She fingers Ghost, loosening her up and getting her lubed for what is to come. She has Ghost lick and tongue her smooth asshole, before sucking on her hard cock. When she's ready, she spreads those thick legs wide, slides deep into Ghost and fucks that ass in multiple positions. A hot scene with two lovely girls.

16th Apr 2024


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Mission Possible

Ghost's second set and she looks ready for a special ops mission with a work outfit, and her black leather boots... it's a sexier combination when she reveals the lacy panties and bra underneath and when she's down to just them, with that awesome round ass sticking out and her boobs up front, then you know what sort of mission she has in mind. A thick fuchsia colored anal stimulator comes out, and she slowly pushes it into her tight hole, feeling every curve and the sensations it brings with it.

4th Aug 2023


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Ghost Buster!

Pretty Korean-American girl, Ghost Park has featured on some of our sites since she debuted late last year on BobsTgirls. This 23 year is from Minnesota but recently traveled to Las Vegas where Radius had to hook her up with Chris Epic for a shoot. This is a hot hardcore, plenty of awesome oral action - and as Ghost is a submissive bottom, you know the anal sex is going to be great, as she feels and loves every inch of Chris thrusting is big cock into her, and pumping it back and forward. An awesome cumshot across her face is the final for this super hot new shoot from Radius Dark.   Another hot shoot by Ghost, and Chris Epic at his usual best.

9th Jul 2023


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Ghost & Sydney

This week's TGirls.Porn update is here and you're going to love it! One of the hottest recent Grooby Newbies, Minnesota cutie Ghost, returns in her second TGirls.Porn scene and she welcomes another hottie Sydney Summers in Sydney's first scene ever. Both girls are super horny, excited to work with each other and ready for some passionate mutual fucking! Following some hot oral fun, Sydney and Ghost fuck each other's tight holes enjoying every moment of it. What a hot scene!

29th May 2023