Riley Ivy

Riley Ivy
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  • Riley Ivy is a 6'3" Eurasian girl who loves her height, and so do a lot of other people. She' says that her "main character energy" fits the Libra profile.

    She's lived in Philadelphia for a couple of years. There a lot of good places to eat and everything in within walking distance. She prefers bodegas to chains like Wawa. I told her she'd better not let me catch her in Wawa the next time I'm in Philly.

    She has her master's degree in music and plays the trombone.

    During the pandemic, she started commentating on professional gaming, but she switched to porn. As a gamer, she loves to play competitive games. She started with League of Legends, but she primarily plays Teamfight Tactics.

    In the bedroom, she's a bottom, and she's very loud when she's having fun - she says it, and I say it - listen to the audio clipping in the interview and multiply that by 2, and you're halfway there. I had to tell her to keep it down for her sex scene so the neighbors weren't disturbed!

    Getting fucked from behind is her favorite, but she also loves missionary.

    She was apprehensive about doing a solo shoot, but once she got the dildo and the fuck machine going, she was always going to have a ton of fun.

    I like to tease her about being a bi-lesbian, but apparently, she is starting to love men more and more during her transition.

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Grooby Girls


28:43 HD Video

Riley Ivy Is The Big Show Off!

She only debuted at the very end of 2023, but Riley Ivy seems to have embraced and is loving the life of working in online erotica, with shoots for a bunch of sites, and doing her own content. It's not surprising that she fits so well into this role, as she's a huge exhibitionist and gets turned on by knowing people are watching and getting excited by her. So she's coming to your room to show off. No touching (unless you are touching yourself) but she's going to give you one hell of a shot, stripping down and showing her long lean body, and those long legs, her cock already stiff from excitement. She's going to spread her cheeks wide so you can stare at that perfect smooth hole, and then she's going to play with her dildo, sucking it before fucking her ass ... all while looking at you and knowing what she's doing to you mind and you juices flowing.

26th Jun 2024


41:57 HD Video

From East to West

Riley Ivy was recently on the West Coast to do some shoots, and she really wanted to do a scene on camera with a beautiful trans girl to show what she really liked in sex. Riley loves pretty trans women, especially ones who can match her energy and love to switch fuck... so when she got to meet Grooby Girls March 2023's Model of the Month... she was smitten. Luckily so was Sapphire Dream, who loves sexy trans girls, and wanted to do a scene but didn't know who with. Riley was right up Sapphire's alley. A hot authentic scene with these two early-20s girls - bring East Coast to the West for lots of kissing, eye contact, licking, touching, sucking and fucking as these two pretty girls find their ways around each others bodies, and what feels great. Be the fly on the wall and enjoy this scene.

21st May 2024


29:18 HD Video

Tangled In The Ivy

Riley Ivy had a nice debut on this site at the start of the year, so I'm confident that this scene is going to be popular... and what a great scene it is. One of the taller girls we know (not many people make Chris Epic look short!), Riley is all legs, and that lean nubile body with those lovely budding breasts is so very sexy. Chris's cock is straining, and Riley soon plants her lips firmly around the head and starts sucking on the shaft, while using her tongue around his penis head, getting Chris even more excited. Filling her ass up with Chris's big cock is next on Riley's agenda, and she utterly loves how thick he is, stretching her deep and wide and delivering quite the creampie. This is a really good scene from Radius - and I believe will get Riley even more fans.

4th Apr 2024


01:00:23 HD Video

Ashley Aspen Test Drives Riley Ivy

I believe this is Riley's first hardcore scene - and who better to introduce her, than Ashley Aspen who is always up for some action, and when Ashley spied Riley, then that infamous thick cock was instantly hard. Riley looks both shocked and excited when Ashley lowers her panties, and Riley realises that she's going to be taking that into her tight ass. She can't wait to get it between her lips and really loves sucking it, which you can see by the look on Riley's face (Ashley wasn't complaining either!). When Riley finally pushes her ass into the air, Ashley gently slides her member into Riley's smooth tight hole, listening to her gasps and letting Riley control the speed she enters while she's slowly pushing back onto Ashley's cock. Her eyes roll, her breath quickens, and Ashley takes this as a sign that she can get a little faster and more aggressive with her fucking. A great scene - Riley really seemed to love being on camera, and Ashley really took control.

23rd Jan 2024


22:12 HD Video

The Life of Riley

Head down and bottoms up... that's the life that Riley would love, although she'd be satisfied to be on her back, and legs spread. Oh and it needs some hottie with a big cock available, as this girl needs to get fucked to get her going! 26 year old Pennsylvanian, Riley starts this set in a cute outfit with black denim shorts, Doc Martins and wide fishnet stockings, she strips down to show that super ass, and sweet, smooth hole. That tight little hole, it soon pushed open and penetrated by Riley's long, smooth dildo which slides up and sends the pleasure waves through her body as it hits all the sensual spots, and gets her cock stiffening and turned on. Another nice set from this cute newcomer.

3rd Jan 2024