Sadie Sunstone

Sadie Sunstone
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  • Here's a nice looking new and fresh Las Vegas girl, from Nikki Sequoia. Sadie is a cute 32 year old, 5ft 7 with a nice slim, smooth body and a plump ass. Lovely boobs for her body frame, with dark nipples poking out. A smooth cock and balls, which easily get hard when she gets excited and she likes nothing better than pushing a ribbed dildo into her asshole, so she can feel the sensations of those ridges going in and out, as they get her even hornier.

    A nice introduction set from this cute new girl.


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A Sadie Sunstone One Shot!

I was very impressed with Sadie's debut sets in 2023. She's just got a cool look about her - it's a girl next door look, with bags of sex appeal and a lovely smile. So seeing this pretty 32 year old from Las Vegas back in Nikki's studio, give me a wee buzz of excitement. A sexy strip down from a pretty yellow summer address, her black panties are practically bursting and straining at the seam, as her cock is pushing out as she anticipates getting fully naked, and then playing with that nice sized dildo in front of the cameras, knowing the whole world is going to see her at her naked best. Another great set from this lovely girl - and I'm sure we'll be seeing more.

11th Jun 2024


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Maid In Heaven!

Sadie shows up to clean the house and the maid gets laid! She gets a spanking, you finger her cute ass, and she gives you a sexy sensual blowjob,before you fuck her in different riding positions ending with a cum pop on her dick. This girl sure was Maid In Heaven!

24th Nov 2023


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A Very Naughty Girl

Sadie Sunstone knows that if she's naughty, then she's going to get her ass spanked or belted... and she loves that... so she's going to be naughty. Steve comes home to find she's eaten his left-over pizza and she's left the toilet seat down instead of putting it back into the upright position. He knows. She knows. So over the knee she goes. The whack of the belt on her smooth ass gives a satisfying smack and the heat strings and gets her excited. Steve is getting excited also, and now to the next part of her punishment, giving Steve her A-rated oral sex until he's hard and ready to explode. "Have I been a good girl now?", Sadie asks as she sticks her ass high in the air while looking over her shoulder with that cheeky grin on her face, and waiting for her reward of a thick penetration followed by a mind-blowing fuck.

12th Oct 2023


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Sultry Sadie Sunstone

When not shooting porn, Sade is a baker and I'd love to see a set of her making her own bread (and perhaps getting covered in flour, as she kneads the dough) but today is her day off, and she needs to get fucked. She's a little shy, and more on the submissive side as well as some BDSM but really gets turn on by talking dirty and acting like the wanton, sultry sexy machine she is. The shyness goes away as soon as she starts getting turned on. Out comes a long black dildo, and she's soon satisfying herself by sliding it into her tight asshole, and fucking herself, loving the sensations as her cock gets hard and demands to be brought to climax.

13th Sep 2023