Thea Daze

Thea Daze
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    My name is Thea (pronounced Tay-uh) Daze. I'm just a stoner plant mom who loves cooking, gardening and live music. Growing things has always been a passion of mine, whether its plants, fungi, cacti or whatever. I also love animals and have rescued a few pitties and kitties.

    Making porn has honestly always been a dream of mine and I truly feel in my element when I am on camera. I hope to one day make a full career out of it. I'm an exhibitionist at heart and love the idea of being seen by tons of people.

    I originally grew up near Chicago in Indiana until I moved to Colorado and eventually Oregon but will probably be relocating to Vegas to pursue this further. I hope to bring smiles and euphoria to as many people as I can. I hope to be one of your favorites one day hehe.


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I'm In A Daze!

I'm in Thea Daze. I'm balls deep into that sweet ass, as she grinds up and down on me, her asshole gripping my cock like a glove, squeezing and pulling - it's warm and wet. I look up at those perfect breasts, natural and soft with big nipples, and start massaging them, hearing her moan as I tweak those nipples. Her big cock is hard and sticks straight out over my chest, it bounces off my belly as she rides me, and I grasp it and let her fuck my hand as she keeps riding. But how did I get to be in this incredible position? Strap on your headset, and find out.

31st May 2024


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Gape Queen Gets Stuffed and Fed Cum!

Wow this scene is on fire! Today we present to you a brand-new hottie to the website! Thea Daze is a sexy blonde with amazing plump tits, a gorgeous face and a round ass that can fit pretty much anything into it. She's a real anal whore and loves to stuff her hole full! She's brand new to the industry and brand new to the site so give her a warm welcum!

Thea Daze is new to the area and heard about TGHU from all her slutty friends. She was told it was the one place to go if you want rough and degrading trans-lesbian sex and she learns really quickly that her friends were correct! Within seconds of cruising, she matches with the hung and dominant goddess Luna Nyx. Sparks fly and Luna promises to fuck her as hard as she can and attempt to break her pathetic holes.
These two get right down to business, with Thea showing Luna just how deep she can take cock in any of her holes. She's a true anal champion, able to take her own fist while she swallow's Luna's 9" cock down her throat! Luna doesn't hold back- she is determined to jam her cock inside Thea as hard and as deep as possible. Thea then needs two cocks in her, so Luna stuffs a gigantic Hankey's Toy's dildo in her hole and her cock at the same time! This was a little too much for Thea, so they downsized a little bit...To Luna's foot!
After some foot-in-hole action Luna cums twice into Thea's spread hole, before feeding her every drop from her own asshole!


16th May 2024


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Dazed Not Confused

"She comes in colours everywhere She combs her hair She's like a rainbow Coming, colours in the air Oh, everywhere She comes in colours" This is a bright and a colourful set, as Thea looks great in those black stockings and panties, surrounded by her favourite plushies and her rainbow drape. Even her dildo is brightly colored, and utterly huge - credit to her for being able take it all, ejaculate it inside her and then squirt it back out, coming colours everywhere.

15th Nov 2023