Abby Äffchen

Abby Äffchen
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  • Abby is a very cute, bubbly girl with a nice round ass. That works out really well because she's almost exclusively a bottom.

    She stands 5'9" and has a nice size cock, but she's more into her body and looking cute.

    Abby's eyes are a beautiful, light golden color and her teeth are pretty as well. She likes to play Magic the Gathering and describes herself as a huge nerd.

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19:23 HD Video

What The Elf?

It's a WTF moment when a set comes across my desk with a model in some form of makeup that I just don't understand or get. I guess she wanted to be an elf for the day ... or toadstool ? Abby Affchen has a great face, and a very very sexy body - in fact, she's got one of the bodies of 2024, but I don't need that makeup to cover it up her prettiness. Each to their own, and everyone has their own tastes - but I don't get it - I hope some of you do.

9th Jul 2024


16:52 HD Video

The Full Package

Those are some tight and tiny boyshorts that Abby is wearing in this set, they hug so tight to her big butt, that I'm surprised that they don't split, the material so deep into the crack, they need an excavator to remove them. But that's no all Abby has to offer, she's got one great body, tall and lean with some perfect budding boobs, lovely pointy nipples and one super cock, smooth, long and hard with a head that is flushed pink, and looks excited. Some great solo action in this scene including bringing in the fuck machine. Abby Äffchen is the full package.

13th Mar 2024


25:06 HD Video

AAAA - Abby Affchen's Anal Adventures!

It's time for Abby Affchens Anal Adventures! This horny girl loves being filled up and today that's your job! Abby is rock hard from the get go and gobbles up your cock in a naughty blowjob before the main event! You fill her up and fuck her hard until you cum on her face!

6th Jul 2023


24:49 HD Video

Abby Äffchen is Hungry for Cock

She's been wanting to return for another hardcore all year and we finally were able to get Abby back in ... and she brought the male performer. Abby is always hungry for cock, and she's got two wet, warm holes that are only eager to be filled. She starved herself the day before the shoot, and she's desperate to get Buck's big hard cock into her mouth as a first course, and think about what is for the entree. This is a really good scene - and Abby loves being in front of that camera doing naughty things.

19th Apr 2023