Cloudy Vi

Cloudy Vi
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  • Hiya
    I’m CloudyVi, 5’9 with honey colored soft skin. Love playing with my phat ass n cute dick. Big exhibitionist and huge anal slut who enjoys being the center of attention.

    I have many hobbies, but my main 3 are, getting my hair done, working out, n hanging with friends. Love getting dicked sooo much, and it’s kinda like an addiction at this point to tbh. Hope you like what you see!


28:34 HD Video

The Inspector Calls

Inspector Cloudy Vi has been notified of a tenancy violation and goes to Mysterio's apartment to inform him that he's going to get evicted unless he can resolve it. Mysterio is understandably upset, and Cloudy tells him to calm down as she explains it to him... until one thing leads to another. One of the most implausible scenarios ever to start a porn scene - but who cares - it's Grooby's 2024 Brand Ambassador, doing what she does best and that's looking utterly gorgeous, sucking on some big cock and getting that sweet asshole filled and fucked by that same big cock. This is Cloudy Vi at her absolute best, all grown up, all woman and very very horned up.

20th Jun 2024


17:59 HD Video

The New Look Cloudy Vi

Cloudy and I were talking about the direction to take her shoots over the year that she's going to be our Brand Ambassador (and there are some surprises to come) and we both agreed it's time to see her in some classier style, or more glamour style shoots. We've loved her cosplay clothes, and costumes but at the grand old age of 24 years, Cloudy is ready to do more. This stunning set from Omar, has it all. Just one stunningly beautiful girl, with those glossy lips and engaging eyes being the main features we're drawn to, until we see that perfect body, the amazing breasts, that ass... man, that ass, and her hard cock. Frankly, every single inch of her screams SEX. Cloudy Vi is top of her game.

14th Jun 2024


12:35 HD Video

A Dirty Girl

Our Grooby Brand Ambassador 2024, was chosen because she usually presents herself as so sweet, naive and innocent... but has that intoxicating flipside of being one of the naughtiest, filthiest, dirtiest girls we know, someone who just loves sex with everyone, and everywhere. Cloudy has appeared in multiple scenes for us, Omar producing some of her best, and it was her idea to do a full on bubble bath scene - almost as a transition - as she's wanting to present herself in some more glamorous and classier styles than many of her previous costume type shoots, and we're just about ready to see that. An awesome model. You all know how much we adore her here. Plenty more of Cloudy to come... once she's squeaky clean!

31st May 2024


32:10 HD Video

Passing The Torch

Wow. We knew this was going to be good. We don't choose brand ambassadors who are dull but we didn't know it was going to be this good! Filmed on the day of the TEA Show 2024, both girls turned up at the show with big smiles, and completely fulfilled. Grooby's 2023 Brand Ambassador, Zariah Aura, has had an amazing year as one of the hottest and more sought after girls, and she's going to fuck 2024's Brand Ambassador, the sweet and lovely Cloudy Vi until her eyes spin in her head. The girls are hanging out at Moe's pad, high above L.A. and the sun is out. They're been eager to do this shoot for a couple of months, so it's hard to keep their hands of each other, so Moe just rolls the camera and lets the action take place naturally. This is another hot contender for the scene of the year on this site, and it delivers everything I dreamed of. Sit back and strap in.

14th May 2024


33:19 HD Video

The Orange Thief

New Orleans girl extraordinaire is housesitting in California, and she's just loving that orange tree, getting fresh oranges from the garden each morning to juice, just like she did when she was a little girl. Sitting by the window, she spies Steve Ricks, the well know fruit bandit trying to raid her tree. "Yo, leave my orange tree alone you pesky citrus thief!' she yells. "Come over here". "I'm going to squeeze your balls and you better deliver my protein juice" Cloudy tells him!!! She rocks. Steve's at the top of his game. And this is a steaming sexual sweaty scene featuring our magnificent brand ambassador getting sloppy and loving Steve's big cock. A pretty much perfect scene delivered by Buddy Wood, Cloudy and Steve.

28th Feb 2024


19:02 HD Video

Happy Birthday Cloudy Vi

I don't know who was more excited to shoot Cloudy on her 24th birthday, when she was in Los Angeles in January, but Cloudy couldn't wait to do this shoot, Buddy Wood was looking forward to it and I just knew putting those two together, we were going to get something rather good. If you've never had the fantasy of eating a sweet cake directly off the sweetest ass around, licking that icing and tonguing into that smooth, tight hole, tasting the sugar and spice then you will have after watching this scene. Cloudy was turned on enough to produce some icing of her own. Happy 24th Cloudy Vi - let's do it again for your 25th!

16th Feb 2024


18:18 HD Video

Your Brand Ambassador 2024

There was only ever one choice to take over from Zariah Aura as our new brand ambassador, and that was Cloudy Vi. It's not only her gorgeous looks and her ability to produce great content with Omar, it was the overall personality - the manners and respect that she has, the vibe and sex appeal that comes from her, and that utterly addictive Southern charm that she has. She's from New Orleans, and she exemplifies the pace, the heat, the spice and the exoticism of that city. When Cloudy came out to LA to shoot and be at the X3 expo, I got to know her a lot better, and fell in love with her just a little bit more. Everything you see in the shoots, every time you see her on social media, she's that and so much more. Cloudy Vi is the real deal. She's authentic, she's true to herself and we're stoked to be taking this journey with her.

2nd Feb 2024


15:30 HD Video

Cloudy. With a Chance of Meatballs

I think the chance of seeing some meatballs is very high, I think we'll get some sausage with it and if we're lucky, even some special hot sauce... Cloudy Vi returns. There isn't much more I can say about this girl who has appeared a whopping 19 times already on this site, and I can take 190 more of her. Cloudy has been in a bit of a sabbatical for some of this year, but she's back and she's just created some fantastic content across for this site, and one of the best scenes ever which has debuted on TGirls.Porn featuring Cloudy with Lewdy Booty - it's a must see. Just a fantastic model with class, with professionalism and with so much sex appeal, the screen radiate heat when she's on.

16th Jan 2024


25:42 HD Video

Cloudy Vi's Princess Diary

"Dear Diary, Today was a good day. I put on my sexiest little mini skirt, white stockings and cut off top and went out into the town, to see the town's people, survey my lands and collect taxes. First stop was a farm that owed taxes but when I got there I saw this big, sexy farmer and thought to myself, 'My Cloudy, he might fun for a while', so I had my servants bring him to my room. Well he was surprised. I just wanted him to lick my boobs and my sceptre for a while, but when I saw the almighty bulge in his peasants pants, I thought, well let's see what he has in there, and only minutes later I'm sucking on his big cock, while his tongue is in my royal asshole! Well this Princess needs a seeing to! So we had the most wonderful sex, his big cock went right up my royal heinie and did it feel good. Well I'd like to say we'd live happily ever after, but the rapscallion turned into a frog after he deposited what he owes in taxes in me."

3rd Jan 2024


15:22 HD Video

Have A Very Cloudy Christmas

It would just be the best Chrimbo present ever! I awaken to see on the edge of my bed, Cloudy Vi in her long black, thigh high boots, wearing sexy Santa lingerie and looking at me with those big eyes, and luscious lips. "Are you on my good list, or my naughty list?" she asks. It's a tough question... because I want to get naughty with her and don't want to say the wrong thing. She raises a finger and beckons me over. I kneel at her lap looking up. "Well?" she asks "Good or naughty?". "I don't know!" I answer. She pulls her panties aside and places her hand on the back of my head, gently pulling me towards her. "Well let me be the judge" she says with a wry smile.

26th Dec 2023


26:24 HD Video

Taking Turns

Two of Grooby's hottest starlets in a scene which is going to really hit for many. Cloudy Vi and Lewdy Booty are just two of the most dynamic, cutest, hottest, sexiest, sweetest and most authentic girls out there. They're utterly awesome when they're in solo shoots - but putting them together in this, is just fucking magic. I'm a fan of both girls but this one really got me excited - they're so much into each other, the chemistry and atmosphere is electric. It was exciting to watch them 69, and get to know each others bodies, and when Lewdy penetrated Cloudy with that big hard cock... but then they switched... and switched again? Maybe one of the scenes of the year - great work by Omar and these two utterly awesome girls.

19th Dec 2023


35:51 HD Video

Miss American Pie!

Cloudy Vi is a longtime fave! This hot girl has a killer bod, awesome ass, hot natural tits and legs that go on and on! She's ready to rock y our boat with lots of sucking and fucking! It's a very good day when you get to fuck Miss American Pie!

20th Jul 2023


33:13 HD Video

Flip-Fucking With Cloudy and Paige

Two of the sexiest trans girls around. Two twenty-something year old girls, horny for each other. You can be the fly on the wall, as we watch Cloudy Vi on a West Coast trip, hook up with Paige Turner. Both girls are clearly into each other, and you can feel the sexual tension as they start to discover and explore each others bodies, taking turns to nuzzle, lick, taste and paw over each other. Cloudy fingers Paige's tight asshole as she sucks on her cock, and then Paige takes Cloud's cock between her lips before getting her ass stretched by that wonderful cock. After some hot penetration where the girls get really heated up, they switch so Paige is fucking Cloudy - and from the look on both of their faces, they're loving every second. Come take a seat at the greatest show on earth.

29th May 2023


24:43 HD Video

Cloudy Vi Brightens Ryan's Day

Cloudy Vi was at Omar's studio and Ryan Pipes happened to be coming over, to complete some paperwork. He was immediately into Cloudy, with her cheeky smile, infectious personality and sexual energy... so Omar took advantage of that, and asked them if they wanted to do a scene! Cloudy is one of the most dynamic models working. She looks great, she loves sex and she loves being on camera. Watch as her and Ryan who are already hot for each other, get even hotter - as Cloudy sucks on and then rides Ryan's big cock while she stays erect and ready to pop at any time.

17th May 2023


16:59 HD Video

Cloudy Vi Wants to be Fucked

There is barely a photo in this set that doesn't scream 'Fuck Me ___________ [insert your name here for maximum effect]. That look, that petulant bottom lip, those eyes looking up that are both innocent yet all-knowing. Cloudy Vi is a naughty little minx - and she knows it. Some great photos here, with Cloudy showing her sweet hole to the world in various positions, her cock hard, her balls smooth and she looks so ready. So ready to say 'Fuck me, _______'

30th Apr 2023


24:29 HD Video

Cloudy Vi & Lilia Lust: 400th TGirls.Porn Scene

A very special day in the history of TGirls.Porn today, as we reach a fantastic milestone of FOUR HUNDRED scenes! So what better to mark such a feat, than with this hand-picked Omar Wax classic, featuring GroobyGirl extraordinaire Cloudy Vi, one of our most popular models across the sites, and relative newcomer Lilia Lust, who has only featured on to date (GroobyGirl sets coming) in this really fucking awesome, authentic and supercharged production. Some girls just have great chemistry and are into it right away, and these two were on heat for each other. A great scene from Omar, who loves working with both these models and was thrilled to put them together. Here's to the next 400!

26th Apr 2023


14:13 HD Video

TEA Winner Cloudy Vi

Hot off the heels of her "Best Internet Personality 2023" award at the Trans Erotica Awards last week, we couldn't wait to get Cloudy Vi back in - and why shouldn't she been Model of the Month, again! She's just everyone's darling and you have to fight the crowds to get just a few minutes of her. A sweet, Southern girl with the charm and manners you'd expect, but who can turn up the heat into a sex kitten in a moment. Some really great work from Omar ... and if you want to see social media winner, Cloudy Vi ... follow her on Twitter.

24th Apr 2023


14:19 HD Video

The Ever Impressive Cloudy Vi

Black Tgirls Model of the Year, Grooby Superstar and muse to Omar, Cloudy Vi returns in this one set special and as usual, delivers everything we want from her. She's both cute and dangerously sexy. She's 22 years young, but looks like she could demand sex like a cougar. She's everything we would want in a model (and a girlfriend!) and we at Grooby love her. Got watch this scene - and enjoy Cloudy doing what she does best.

13th Nov 2022


21:20 HD Video

Cloudy Vi Enjoys A Big Dick!

Cloudy Vi is unstoppable! Following her smashing Xmas feature, she's back on Black TGirls this week in a brand new HC exclusive! She teams up with Caramel God and she just can't wait to feel his big hard cock deep inside her tight hole! After some hot mutual oral fun, Caramel God fucks Cloudy passionately and she LOVES every second of it!

13th Nov 2022


25:27 HD Video

Policewoman Cloudy Gets Fucked!

On the heels of becoming our "Model of the Month" for September 2021, Cloudy Vi returns as a naughty and horny policewoman and she's about to get that sexy ass of hers FUCKED! She's eager to feel Country Boi's huge cock deep inside her! Watch Cloudy enjoying some nice ass pounding in this week's HC exclusive brought to you by Omar Wax!

13th Nov 2022


21:37 HD Video

Being on Cloud Nine!

Not only is she Black Tgirls Model of the Year for 2021, she's one of the hottest new trans models around and since her debut in late 2020, Cloudy Vi has cemented her brand as a young, horny, gorgeous New Orleans girl who just loves sex with boys and girls - and always with that trademark smile! This is her latest hardcore and we've paired her with King Konda is a good hardcore scene - watch how much she loves performing - almost as much as she adores taking cock!

10th Nov 2022