Erica Cherry

Erica Cherry
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  • Erica Chery is a cute model with a big, veiny cock that she loves to stroke and get sucked. She's into role play that includes some light BDSM as well as most things she specifically doesn't dislike.

    For example, some kissing is fine, but she doesn't like to do it too much. Cocks that are too big - like over 8 inches and as thick as a coke can - are not very appealing to her, because she can't comfortably take them.

    She's about 5'10" with a beautiful butt and amazing, little, soft feet. She also has some very puffy, natural nipples that you know need to be played with and sucked on.

    She doesn't use lube to masturbate, because she still has half her foreskin and she uses that to get off.


31:29 HD Video

Reach Out And Take The Cherry!

This is one juicy Cherry. Sweet but with a little bite, and a hard center. Erica Cherry has been one of the most endearing girl in the industry. Like her namesake, she genuinely is sweet and lovely. And now you can each out and feel up Erica Cherry. That pretty face with the shiny, luscious lips, the soft boobs with those super pink nipples, that nice juice big ass, with the promise of a sweet hole in between the cheeks, and that famous big cock. And when you are done feeling her up, she's going to feel you up, playing with and teasing your cock before taking it into her warm, wet mouth for a blow job that will be etched in you memory, before offering up that smooth, soft ass for a fuck of a lifetime. Be with with Erica Cherry now!

13th Jun 2024


29:52 HD Video

The Workout Pals

"I'm gonna get you sweating and panting, you sexy minx" said Sarina Havok to her new workout pal, Erica Cherry. "You will be so stretched out and afterwards you will feel sooo good, sore but satisfied". Erica gets excited - and after making sure she's spotlessly clean, made up to look even sexier and hasn't masturbated for a few days, she arrives at Sarina's for some sexy, sweaty, hardcore fucking and sucking that she knows she needs. "Ok, hit the treadmill first" says Sarina, as she opens the door in her gym clothes. "And then we're doing to lift these weights - and then do some yoga stretches". "I have a much better idea how to burn some calories" Erica tells her, reaching into Sarina's tight lycra shorts.

11th Jun 2024


24:21 HD Video

Erica Fucks Nikki Hard and Cums All Over Her Cock!

Wow you don't want to miss this scorcher of a scene!! Nikki North and Erica Cherry are a super hot duo. You all may think of Nikki as a top but wait until you see how Erica takes full control of Nikki's sexy body and her holes. She fucks her so hard with her huge cock until they both cum their brains out!

18th Apr 2024


26:32 HD Video

SUCKERS!!! Eros and Cherry Love It!

What's better than two hot gorgeous trans girls in a sixty-nine position? Erica on top giving her the ability to bob her head up and down on Eros's beautiful and perfect cock, all the while her own hard, long cock being gobbled down by Eros who is underneath. They take the time to savor, enjoy and please each other, the unique taste of each others pre-cum getting them more excited for what's next. Eros raises that smooth, perfect ass in the air, and Erica slowly enters her, taking her time, enjoying and being patient as Eros slowly opens allowing Erica to get deeper, while stretching all of Eros out. An awesome scene from Radius Dark featuring two of our fave Grooby Girls.

27th Jun 2023


13:16 HD Video

Another Bite of the Cherry

We've featured Erica across our other sites, but it's been a year since we've seen her here and she's one of the most exciting and requested girls around. She's also an absolute sweetheart. Great looks, a lovely smile, perfect boobs, a banging body and a long, hard smooth cock that loves to the center of attention (and stands up for it!) make her just one of the sexiest and horniest models to spank one out to. This is a hot set with Erica showing off everything, and demanding you come get her.

29th Apr 2023


34:42 HD Video

The Switcharoo: Erica Cherry and Sofia Bun

This is what trans on trans sex is all about - both girls being completely into each other and enjoy all aspects of each others bodies. Both girls compare their stunning cocks with each other, and get into a bit of a swordfight. Erica sucks Sofia. Sofia sucks Erica. Erica fucks Sofia and then they do the switcharoo and Sofia fucks Erica. Amazing, intense action with deep penetration, willing holes, hard cocks and a whole lotta love.

21st Nov 2022


17:19 HD Video

The Cherry on Top

More awesomeness as Erica shows off all her assets - that big white ass, her thick banana shaped cock, her perfect curves, soft boobs and gorgeous looks. Watch her strip down, showing us everything as she gets more excited as the shoot progresses - knowing that fans are watching her very move. If you didn't know Erica Cherry before she debuted on two weeks ago - then we're confident you'll be a fan and look out for more of her.

15th Nov 2022


16:12 HD Video

Climax Monday: Erica Cherry Returns!

Our favorite hung redhead, the one and only Erica Cherry, returns on Grooby Girls this week in the latest "Climax Monday" episode! After she wishes Grooby a Happy Birthday, Erica gets her big cock rock hard, she sucks her own cock (!), shows off her ass and feet and then gives us an amazing sticky cumshot! Erica Cherry - stunning as always!

10th Nov 2022


28:29 HD Video

Avery Angel & Erica Cherry

Two hot GroobyGirls in Vegas - and horny for each other. Grooby starlet Erica, who lives in Las Vegas was excited to welcome Avery back for her second visit to her city and show her the sights. But before that happened, they have to explore each other - and this starts with some mutual sucking, as Avery enjoys Erica famous big cock, before Erica samples Avery's equal size. Spreading Avery's legs, her long slim body laid out in front of her, Erica pushes deep into Avery's smooth, warm and tight asshole making them both gasp with pleasure.

2nd Nov 2022


29:40 HD Video

Asia Belle & Erica Cherry

Two absolutely amazing Grooby stars meet in this week's TGirls.Porn exclusive! Asia Belle and Erica Cherry team up for some smoking hot love making, directed and produced by Radius Dark! We just can't wait to see these two hotties having some naughty fun together! Watch Erica fucking Asia's tight hole and Asia enjoying every moment of it! They are stunning!

19th Oct 2022