Hot Girl Mermaid

Hot Girl Mermaid
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  • Everybody, please welcome Hot Girl Mermaid! Just discovered by Omar Wax, this young cutie has an amazing body and a perfect juicy ass! She loves showing them off too! Watch her stroking it for you in her first scene ever!
  • Location: Dallas, TX
  • Birthday: 28th March


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Hot Girl Mermaid Needs to Release

Hot Girl Mermaid is out from a night partying and dancing with friends, and now she's back and pent up with nobody to please her - and with a big, thick and throbbing cock that needs a welcoming warm and wet mouth, or a tight, asshole to push into so she can get her release. Without anything else, she has to resort to her imagination - and as she closes her eyes, imagines herself dancing naked, her cock swinging wildly, her boobs bouncing and her ass being pushed out... and a hot guy, or three, come and start rubbing their hands all over her - probing, rubbing and pleasing.

11th Oct 2023


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Ring in the Bells for New Year!

Hot Girl Mermaid has brought the equipment, she's got the biggest hanging balls and sack as well as a giant donger to ring in 2023! She's dressed for the party - and she's bringing the party with her. Mermaid is hot, and horny and her cock is raised to attention right away - she's looking for fun and wants to start the New Year as she means to go on, by getting as much sex as possible and it starts tonight.

24th Apr 2023