Jasmine Lotus

Jasmine Lotus
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  • Jasmine is from Chinese Jamaican decent. Watch this innocent fresh face get naked and cum for you. This girl is going places!


17:27 HD Video

Come Play With Me

Jasmine Lotus in a hot black dress, and matching black heels on king sized bed and ready to seduce (or be seduced). How could you not want to touch, to kiss, to lick? To crawl towards her and suck on a toe, before licking up the inside of her leg, kissing and nuzzling her inner thigh, slipping a tongue onto her smooth asshole, and then to her tight ballsack - moving between the two, as Jasmine moans. You then suck her, licking the end and devouring the shaft, keeping her inside you for as deep and as long as you can. You kiss up her stomach, licking her naval, sucking on those big nipples and then love to the armpits and finally slowing, begging to kiss her.

4th Jul 2023


17:51 HD Video

The Magnificent Jasmine Lotus

What can I say about Jasmine that I haven't said before? I've waxed lyrical about her for years, yet every time I see a new set, she just keeps looking better. Today we're looking at her through the lens of Radius Dark - which means plenty of pretty face shots, plenty of her wonderful, perfectly shaped ass and that sweet hole and some hot feet pics. Jasmine has just one of the best smiles we've ever seen on any of our sites, and she has to be one of the hottest models of all time.

20th Jun 2023


27:17 HD Video

Home Alone On A Rainy Day

Horned up home alone on a rainy day, gorgeous Jasmine Lotus calls Steve to come over to keep her company. As you can expect, the things get hot quickly and it doesn't take long until they are making out passionately. Steve just can't resist Jasmine's incredible beauty and Jasmine wants Steve's hard cock deep in her tight ass. Watch Jasmine enjoying every moment as Steve pounds her hole hard! Another amazing HC exclusive produced by Buddy Wood and Jasmine is looking absolutely stunning in this one. We can't get enough of this girl!

16th May 2023


17:27 HD Video

Butt Butt Butt... Jasmine Lotus

One of the best butts around, attached to one of the best bodies, and at the top, that gorgeous face. Jasmine is in LA at the coldest temperatures in 40 years, and she's lucky she's brought her long coat with her... and we've heating in the house. She strips down - and all the while, shows off those two golden orbs of perfection, like a honeydew melon with the sweetness at the center. She's horny, and after pushing her ass out high, wants to feel something in it... so watch for some great dildo action, some hot masturbation and just another scene from this absolute star.

1st May 2023


14:11 HD Video

Welcome Back To Jasmine Lotus

Holy Smokes! She's back! She's one of our favourite models and we've been trying to get her across to work in LA with Buddy for some time, and finally it came together - so look our for a smoking VR shoot, a BlackTGirls one-set and more to come on this site! She's just perfection. A beautiful face with a bright, open smile ... actually when she smiles, her whole face lights up and my heart skips a beat. A great body. Jasmine has always known how to dress to enhance herself even further, and loves the matching pink ensemble (followed by a pink erect cock, and sweet pink asshole). It's great to see her back, and let's hope we get Jasmine in far more regularly.

25th Apr 2023


17:13 HD Video

Return of the G.O.A.T.

She's back. It's been over two years since she last appeared and we finally got Jasmine out to California to work on some new shoots. She really is everything you want. Beautiful, classy, sexy and that smile! Her body is perfection. She's a photographer's dream as she makes everything so easy. Welcome back to Jasmine Lotus - and I'm hoping we can get more of her here soon. Her next sets are on GroobyVR and TGirls.XXX.

24th Apr 2023


22:40 HD Video

Jasmine Lotus is The G.O.A.T!

It's time to welcome The G.O.A.T! Jasmine Lotus was introduced to us in 2019 when she made a big splash, and she's just gotten better and better! Today marks her first appearance on this site and what an appearance it is! This gorgeous woman wants you and entices you as she strips down to her red lingerie. She sucks your cock until it's time to fuck, taking your hard cock as she rides until you cum! Jasmine Lotus is The G.O.A.T!

23rd Mar 2023