Leilani Li

Leilani Li
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  • I met Leilani in San Francisco and told her she should get her sexy ass up to LA to shoot with me ASAP! She's cute and very fun to hang out with. Like a girl with big hard cock that she loves to have played with. Smooth brown skin and a lovely rump of an ass!! This girl is sexy. I believe she has located to LA now so I (and you guys) will be seeing much more of her!

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23:56 HD Video

All Hail Queen Leilani Li!

Meet gorgeous Leilani Li! This stunning girl has brought her hot booty to your bedroom and it's time to get it on! She gives you a hot strip show before sucking your cock as she takes it deep throat! When it's time to fuck that sexy bubble butt she gets on top and rides before you finish with Leilani on her back! All Hail Queen Leilani Li!

19th Oct 2023


24:20 HD Video

We're Loving Leilani

Another fantastic scene by the star Leilani Li and one of our favourite male performers Steve Rickz. This has got everything you want... one gorgeous and horny girl, one male performer who is also horny and getting them together for some great foreplay and sex. Watch Steve lick and tongue Leilani's asshole, suck on her balls and then take her cock into his mouth, as she loves every sensation his tongue and beard gives against her. She sucks on his big cock, sloppy and hot before spreading her legs wide and giving him the angle to enter her ass, his cock sliding in and stretching her open as she feels every sensation running through her body. This is one great scene, and lots going on in it - by Buddy Wood.

16th Aug 2023


27:38 HD Video

Cancel The Night Out!

Why would you want to go out for the night with Leilani Li when you could stay at home and canoodle with her, all night long? That was the conundrum facing Chris Epic last week. Sure he'd love having Leilani on his arm, and show her off... or he could sidle up to her in the bathroom as she's getting ready and lift her skirt, as he kneels down and slides his tongue into her asshole, licking and probing as he knows if anything can get Leilani ready for some raunchy sex, then that can. It's a short hop to the bedroom for some mutual oral fun, as Chris sucks Leilani and then she takes his big cock into her mouth before they embarks on a long, passionate and deep fuck session.

20th Jul 2023


14:43 HD Video

"Don't Leave Me Alone"

"You're not going to leave me on this big bed all alone are you? I've got on some sexy lingerie and I'm going to pose for you. Do you like the way my back curves as my ass goes up... that's a position I want you to fuck me in. Can you see my cock getting harder as I talk to you? I can see yours through your pants and it's hard. Do you like my balls? Or my asshole? Why don't you touch and see how smooth they are? Gosh, look how hard you've gotten me. It's almost painful, I'm so erect. Do you want to play with it? Be gentle? Of course you want to do that, do you? Yes, I love it."

21st Jun 2023


14:41 HD Video

Lay Leilani Li

"Lay, Leilani Li Lay across my big brass bed Lay, Leilani Li Lay across my big brass bed Whatever colors you have in your mind I’ll show them to you and you’ll see them shine" What a fantastic model. Great body, gorgeous face and that smile! Let's hope we get her back in very soon.

26th May 2023