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  • Well traveled, multi-cultura, round, bubble-butt Latina. I am here to satisfy your deepest, wildest secrets.

    Tall muscular, masculine men make me melt.


25:16 HD Video

Lexi in Ecstasy

I'm loving Lexi's new look and just think she's one girl who has glowed in these recent sets. She's a great model, and she's a girl who loves to have sex, and really really loves to have sex on camera. While we've worked with many models, there are girls like Lexi who just adore getting fucked - the whole experience of the penetration, the friction on her asshole, her prostate getting stimulated and the mental awareness of her partner being deep, deep inside her and wanting to cum there. Watching Lexi enjoy King Konda is an experience, as she sucks and licks around that hard cock, as a prerequisite to sitting on his face, and then squatting over his long, hard pole and lowering herself slowing, savoring the feeling of being stretched inwards and outward, until she's filled and can rock back and forth getting every sensation possible.

25th Jan 2024


15:03 HD Video

Lexi Has It All

Omar Wax once again returns with this stunning set of Texan trans temptress, Lexi. This luscious Latina has bags of sex appeal and knows just how to use it. Her perfectly made up face, has thick full lips, a subtle nose piercing and long, dark lashes over those sexy eyes, which look up with promises of a night to remember. Her smooth body must feel amazing under touch, firm but soft, smooth, and with a lot to play with, whether you enjoy her pierced nipples and small, but soft breasts, or cupping that big ass and feeling those cheeks under your groping hands, or slipping your hand up her butt crack, to that smooth, puckered hole. Or feeling her cock push against you, as she gets more excited until you reach down and stroke her gently, the heat and the stiffness getting you both excited, the pre-cum slippery as you rub it around the head of her cock, and she looks you in the eyes, yearning for more.

14th Dec 2023


23:09 HD Video

Lexi and Caramel God Go Wild

Some scenes just come out of the blue and hit you across the face with a sticky slap - and this is just one such scene. Lexi is always popular, and she just keeps getting better looking and Caramel God cannot wait to get with her. The excitement and energy is high as the two are clearly into each other, kissing and licking and touching before the real heat even starts, getting each other tense and horned up. Caramel God gives Lexi a long blowjob, before they get into a prolonged fucking session, as he pounds her big round ass... and when ready to cum, she finishes him off by using her toes on his hard cock until he spurts over her feet. A really great scene from Omar.

26th Jul 2023


23:51 HD Video

Fuck and Chill

What to do on a boring Sunday afternoon but to call your pal around and see if they want to fool around, and watch some TV? That's how Lexi is feeling. She's horny but doesn't want to get the hassle and time to get a new hookup, so she dials her friend and sees if she can get her around. Tiffany is at home and up to nothing special, so she hightails it over, ready to have some fun, get her cock sucked and pound some sweet ass... and then cuddle and watch Netflix.

29th May 2023


13:15 HD Video

Lexi's Creamy Return

Gorgeous Lexi was introduced to the world right here on Grooby Girls back in 2020 and since then she's blossomed in a stunning beauty! She was just featured in a couple of smashing scenes on TGirls.XXX, but this her first scene on this site since 2020. It was about time for Lexi to return to where it all started! We thought it would be best to bring her back for a Climax Monday episode, so here she is looking absolutely amazing and feeling super horny. First, she shows off that perfect body of hers, and then - she plays with her cock until she pops a nice creamy load for you. What a hottie!

22nd Apr 2023