Lindsey Hills

Lindsey Hills
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  • ✨Trans Playboy Bunny✨ love pink, champagne, sushi and gamer boys!

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26:14 HD Video

"I Want To Do a Hardcore"

That was the text Omar received, and when he checked who it came from he was excited and surprised to find it was Lindsey Hills, who was ready to bring her gorgeous looks, her mega body and her heat and passion to our screens. We've been fans of Lindsey since she debuted in 2022 and would love to see her more often, she's got a super pretty natural face with big looks, and just oozes and load of sexy appeal. Her body is natural, with lovely tanned smooth skin, some pretty much perfect boobs and a good sized cock that gets hard fast. Lindsey is all over Camilo's cock from the start of the shoot, and loves it when he eats our her smooth hole, getting it wet and willing for his cock to come. Some great fucking, awesome oral action and just a hot scene from these two. We can't wait for more Lindsey in action!

1st Feb 2024


14:27 HD Video

Lindsey Hills is In Your Bed...

... and she's not getting out (yet). And why would you want her to? You came back from a movie date, and invited her up, and while you were in the bathroom, she took off her clothes and got into your bed. Leaving only her animal-print panties on. Her sweet breasts visible from out of the sheets, her eyes looking at you over the top of her glasses as she pats the covers next to you and asks you to join her. Running your hands over that body, feeling her ass cheeks and smooth butt crack. The excitement of the soft pubic hair, leading down to a hard cock which stiffens in your hands as you kiss, and roll over the white sheets - her breasts pressing into your chest. Maybe she'll never leave?

4th Nov 2023


13:29 HD Video

The Big Tease

This gorgeous tgirl knows exactly what she's doing. Alternating between her 'come to bed eyes' and then that sexy little smile, she's teasing you into getting aroused and horny. Her full length body standing in the mirror, with her legs arched on top of those heels and the classy black matching bra and panties. Take them off, and her young, fresh body is primed for fun, smooth round ass, perky boobs and pink nipples and a perfect cock. How could you not be aroused and ready to get on that bed with her?

23rd Nov 2022