Nyxi Leon

Nyxi Leon
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  • Sassy and sexy with a petite frame, a great ass and a red hot "fuck me" look in her eyes, Nyxi can turn any head.

    "Hey guys! It's me Nyxi, and I'm back shooting for Grooby for quite a few of their sites!! Since this is my bio I should probably add some stuff i like: cock, sex, stuffed animals and big boobs!!! Oh yea and I'm a pet too! Some stuff i dislike is like traffic and my hair getting tangled, boring shit like that."


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The Grooby Girls

No company should have ownership of any models - but we recognize there are some girls whom we've seen grow and have worked across multiple sites, and developed with us. Nyxi debuted with us in 2018 - and has appeared on just about every one of our sites. I'm a huge fan of hers and love how she's grown over the years. Eros Orisha is one of our newer models - and has just won the Best Newcomer 2024 at the Trans Erotica Awards, and we've been so excited to be part of her growth and development. So putting these two together - seemed just a perfect match. Two utterly gorgeous, hypersexual 25 year old girls. Two girls who are genuinely into other girls, and this is one super authentic sex scene with Eros topping Nyxi after some intense oral and kissing.

9th Apr 2024


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Nyxi Leon is USED

Kinkster Nyxi Leon knows what she likes. What she likes is to be totally used as a plaything. To have both her holes wet, opened and stretched, and both of them fucked. She likes to be tied up, held down. Gagged. Sweat, semen and saliva are her lube and her perfume. She wants to suck your cock like it's never been sucked before, until you unload down her willing throat. She wants her ass fucked by you like you've never fucked an ass before and left open, gaped and full of cum. And then she gets ready for you to fuck her again. She wants to be left in the corner, a sweaty, cum-filled quivering heap of girl flesh. Happy and Content.

6th Mar 2024


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The Return Of Bambi Hart: The Ultimate Slut!

Bambi Hart is looking like a total sexy whore in her fishnet bodysuit. Her huge fake tits look perfect and round and her ass and throat are ready to take a pounding from our favorite pint-sized dominatrix Nyxi Leon. Nyxi is looking hotter than ever in her red booty shorts and matching micro crop top. Her body is tight and toned and she's horned up and ready to fuck. Nyxi loves to fuck rough and hard, turning any bottom into her little submissive bitch. Nyxi wastes no time collaring up her new plaything and plugging her big round ass with a nice plug to loosen her up for what waits around the corner. It's clear that Bambi craves attention by the way she lets Miss Nyxi cram her cock down the back of her throat until she can't take it anymore. Nyxi does a great job showing Bambi her purpose in life, on her knees with her tongue buried deep in her mistress' asshole. Bambi learns to accept that her calling is to follow orders and please cock regardless of her own needs and feelings. This is made clear when Nyxi decides she wants to fill Bambi's mouth up with some warm golden refreshments. Bambi loves to be humiliated as much as she loves her slutty holes pounded by her superiors. After an anal pounding of a lifetime, Nyxi glazes her cute slut's face with her cum as her reward for being so pathetic and fuckable.
(wet and dry version available)

22nd Feb 2024


20:40 HD Video


Presented for the first time in history, full flavored Taste-O-Vision! Taste Nyxi's lips, feet, cock, ass or fresh ball sack! Ok, this may be tongue in cheek.. but what a hot solo scene we have for you! Nyxi is a popular girl and she looks as great as ever, and today you get to enjoy every inch of her, head to toe and everything in-between!

20th Dec 2023


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Our First Date

Nyxi was scrolling down a dating app when she recognised Rachael Belle from the shoots she'd also done for Grooby - and she'd always liked her look. She pinged off a 'Hi sexy' and minutes later Rachael replied. They went out for cocktails but they could not keep their eyes, or their hands off each other - and with some stern looks from the bartender they hightailed it back to Nyxi's apartment. They start to pose for each other, making jokes and then Nyxi sidles up to Rachael, feeling up her leg before planting a big kiss on her, which turned into deep kissing... and play. Rachael is locked as usual, and Nyxi enjoys undressing her and playing with her caged cock, while licking and nuzzling over Rachael's entire body, getting her more and more excited for what's coming next. A hot scene, with two awesome models from Radius Dark.

5th Dec 2023


26:09 HD Video

The Tale of Two Cuties

Radius Dark knows how much I love these two cuties. Nyxi Leon has always been one of my favorite models, and since Saphira Blu debuted in late 2022, I've been a huge fan. So by putting them together, he's either trying to give me a heart attack, or get a bit raise? This is one of those scenes where the photos don't do it justice, and as much as I could talk about it, it's only when you watch it do you appreciate how hot these two are together and the authenticity and realism of what two cute girls get up together, and how trans lesbian girls can enjoy each other. An awesome scene, and just what this site was made for. Two stunning, natural girls, together.

17th Oct 2023


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The Girls We Love to Love

What a great match! Both Nyxi and Kalli are original GroobyGirls whom we've worked with numerous times and love to see more of each time. They're both just utterly gorgeous but have the personalities to match, they're fun, friendly, respectful and have bucket loads of sex appeal which overflows each time I meet either one. There is plenty of chemistry going on in this authentic scene, and Nyxi looks like she's taking control (she may be tiny, but she's a little minx) and Kalli is only too happy to oblige and she settles into a long, cock sucking which Nyxi loves to receive. Much oral later and after Nyxi has tongued Kalli's hole as she wriggles with pleasure underneath, Nyxi slides her cock in for a prolonged fuck session.

15th Aug 2023


22:48 HD Video

Knobbing Nyxi

We have been wanting to shoot a VR scene with Nyxi Leon and now it finally happened! One of our all time favorite stars in her Grooby VR debut produced by Radius Dark! Looking super cute as always and feeling horny as hell, Nyxi just can't wait to start playing with your hard dick: sucking it and kissing all over before she jumps on it and rides it while you enjoy every second of pounding and stretching her tight sweet hole. Then, you cum all over her cock and balls and she LOVES it!

10th Aug 2023


14:55 HD Video

Pumped to Cum

More Nyxi Leon - a Grooby favourite model and always well received by our members. She's got such a pretty look, and that small but perfectly proportioned body, nice boobs, smooth skin which is flawless and looks gorgeous, a nice cock which gets hard easily and a bubble butt, with a pink waiting hole. She's got super sensitive nipples which become even more sensitive when pumped up - as they are stretched and swollen, as is someone was sucking hard and relentlessly on them. Her cock is harder, and she can do nothing but release herself with an intense orgasm.

14th Jul 2023


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SOS: Nyxi Leon Needs Help

She always does great solo shoots, but this is the most turned on I've seen this gorgeous, and awesome trans girl. She's thirsty for some sex today, and can't hide how hard she is from the start of the shoot. Stretching her cheeks to show her pink hole, just gets her harder and hornier. Nyxi's only relief is a big pink dildo she brought with her, and she rides that to release her sticky cum.

12th Nov 2022


20:24 HD Video

Nyxi Leon Fucks Mike!

Nyxie Leon..what a girl! This sexpot first appeared in 2018 I knew we had a starlet on our hands, today she's here to fuck Mike hard! This pretty tgirl makes sure she gets a blowjob before she pounds Mike's ass!

29th Oct 2021