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Black TGirls


17:14 HD Video

Love to Love You, Baby

"Hey baby, I'd love if you were here with me. I've dressed up in slutty red lingerie to get you even more worked up, come and hop on the bed next to me and feel my legs, do you like the nylon feel? Mmmmm. I love it when your fingers touch the top of my thighs, you're getting me hard under my panties, yes you can feel. Let me show you the back view before I strip off, do you like my big ass, yeah baby, give it a slap, my hole is smooth and really loves being tongued, and fingered and fucked and we're going to do all of that right? Come over here and give me a kiss and let me feel your cock pushing against me, yes baby, it's so fucking hard, let me taste you."

16th Mar 2024


16:19 HD Video

The Adorable Awesomeness of Pressure

Pressure returns in another set that can only be described as awesome. She's utterly gorgeous and the camera loves her. Posing seems to come naturally, and she's made herself to look her absolute best with perfect nails (toes and fingers), smooth everywhere, on-point makeup and hair and some sexy lingerie just to put the icing on the cake. I love this set of Pressure from Omar, and I cannot wait to see more.

26th Sep 2023


13:04 HD Video

Under Pressure

Another awesome debut model from Omar Wax. Direct from Georgia, this 18 year old, 5ft 7, 125lb little bundle of joy has the confidence and presence of someone older, as she oozes sex appeal in her #groobynewbie shoot. Lean with a perfectly round butt, small budding breasts (we look forward to watching them grow) a gorgeous face - sensual lips, inviting eyes and just a lovely natural beauty. Enjoy being put under Pressure.

16th Aug 2023


14:26 HD Video

19 and Nubile

Wow. This is some set. A gorgeous girl and Omar has really excelled in these photos. Pressure is from Atlanta, she's 5ft 7 and 19 years old, if you want to follow her meteoric rise, see how she looked only a year ago on Starting this set, our pretty starlet is in a lime green, net onesie which hugs her slim figure but leaves nothing to the imagination, with her bulging balls and penis pushing against her panties. As she removes them, her long legs, with that shapely ass and the baby-smooth crotch, are all out - and as the shoot progresses, then Pressure grows and intensifies, her beautiful cock hard, shiny and ready.

12th Aug 2023


12:16 HD Video

The Release of Pressure

For her second set, Pressure is in sexy black shorts that hug her perfect round ass as she sticks it high in the air, and demands you give her attention. Her brown nipples are erect, as she undresses and shows a smooth, circumcised thick cock. Pressure plays with herself, getting more excited until she can't take the build up any further and has to release.

3rd Jul 2023


17:58 HD Video

Feeling the Pressure

Pressure started on Femout in August but it was immediately recognisable that she's developed for this site. She's only 18, but she's got a lot of presence and maturity and she looks simply, drop dead gorgeous - and should be a star in the making. This is a really great scene - both models have chemistry in the boat load and clearly into each other - Pretty Dicc Tae has some sized cock on him, and Pressure feels every inch pushing into her, as she closes her eyes in pleasure. A really awesome scene - authentic and very sexually charged.

9th Nov 2022


15:44 HD Video

Pressure Releases

Easily one of the best debut models of 2022 across the Grooby sites, this soon to be 19 year old Georgian gal is just divine. Stunning good looks, slim feminine body, budding boobs which are growing by the day, a sweet cock, and an ass that's a work of art - hell, she is a work of art. I'm super excited to see more of Pressure, and to see what sort of new shoots she'd like to and with whom. If we can get Pressure back this year and into 2023 I'll be a happy fellow.

9th Nov 2022