Best Foot Forward!
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  • Starring - Patrice Hepburn
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  • Producer - Radius Dark
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  • Added - March 29, 2024
  • Patricia Hepburn is one of the most requested models across the Grooby networks and she's known for a few things. 1. Being remarkably cute and sexy. 2. Having quite the cock on her. 3. Having some of the prettiest feet in the industry and she loves showing them off. And now she's ready to show them off to you ... so sit down, strip off and prepare to have Patrice show off that sweet, lithe little body, to suck and lick your cock until it's hard, and then to get her pristine toes, and... [Read More When Purchased]

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    20:04 HD Video

    Patrice Hepburn's Foot Fetish Special!

    Perennial favorite tgirl next door Patrice Hepburn is here! This sexy petite girl is looking as good as ever and it's time to treat you to her Foot Fetish Special! Don't worry tho, her hot slim body and big cock feature heavily!

    25th Sep 2023


    15:21 HD Video

    Are You Soled on Patrice?

    One of our most requested reshoots, who doesn't look like she's aged a day since we debuted her in 2017. It must be something to do with how horny she constantly is, and when not playing with other people, is getting her own, erm, exercise. Radius loves shooting with her, and they have a good rapport - and of course, everything you'd expect is in this set. Patrice's lovely feet with the wrinkled soles, and delicious toes, her famously big cock, hard, erect and shiny purple. Her cheeky little smile, as she teases the viewer and that pert round ass, stretched open to show that sweet hole, ready and willing. Welcome back Patrice.

    22nd Aug 2023


    27:58 HD Video

    Hepburn Comes To Town!

    It's finally time for Patrice Hepburn, a hot petite tgirl next door and perennial favorite! She's come to visit you in a hot red & black number, and she's ready to get naked for you! As you're rock hard before she's even undressed she decides you can't wait and starts sucking you! Now it's Patrice who can't wait and she gets on top of you so you can fill her up as you fuck her! It's always a great day when Hepburn Comes To Town!

    25th May 2023


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    Patrice Hepburn & Zariah Aura

    This week's TGirls.Porn scene is an amazing one! Two smoking hot girls in their first TGirls.Porn appearances: Patrice Hepburn, a well known Grooby star, welcomes Zariah Aura, one of the hottest Grooby Newbie of 2022, in her first Grooby hardcore (following her solo debut on TGirls.XXX)! All directed and produced by Radius Dark - you already know this one is going to be extremely hot! The girls just couldn't wait for the action to start! Watch Zariah fucking Patrice's tight ass in our latest girl on girl HC exclusive!

    10th Nov 2022


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    25th Anniversary: Patrice Hepburn!

    After a long time, the one and only Patrice Hepburn is back on Grooby Girls - right on time to celebrate our 25th Anniversary with us in a smoking hot special produced by Radius Dark! After she wishes Grooby a very Happy Birthday and blows out the candles, Patrice strips down and gets her cock rock-hard for you! Watch her stroking it until she shoots a big load! Amazing as always!

    10th Nov 2022


    16:53 HD Video

    Patrice's Car Trouble

    After nice walk and a sex photo shoot, Patrice couldn't wait to get back to the room to do some naughtier photos, and she had to get her hard cock out from being restrained, so climbing into the back seat, she asked Radius to get his camera out. I love these shots, I think anyone who has made out in a car as a younger person, it takes them back to that time and the excitement and anticipation. Finishing off back in the room, with some signature Patrice feet and ass shots!

    26th Feb 2024


    17:33 HD Video

    A Quick Work Out With Patrice

    Stretch. Bend over. Stand up. Lift a weight. Kneel down. Open mouth. Wet lips. Take in head of cock. Lick gently. Relax throat. Open wider. Even Wider. Take cock all the way in. Suck hard. Suck harder. Look up. Eyes water. Keep sucking. Keep sucking. Stay kneeled. Lick those toes. Suck the big one. Lick the soles. Masturbate yourself. Kiss the asscheeks. Lick the hole. Tongue the hole. Stay kneeled. Keep masturbating. Suck the cock. Suck harder. Keep sucking. Look at me. Keep sucking. Suck faster. Open eyes. Suck faster .... swallow cum.

    10th Nov 2022


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    Miss American Pie!

    Cloudy Vi is a longtime fave! This hot girl has a killer bod, awesome ass, hot natural tits and legs that go on and on! She's ready to rock y our boat with lots of sucking and fucking! It's a very good day when you get to fuck Miss American Pie!

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    Straight Up Sex!

    Look ... we can create scenes, and scenarios. We can role play. We can dress girls up. But when we have Sienna Vienna on our bed, in front of us ... and she's horny, and she's ready to play, why beat around the bush, when we could be beating off.. This is Sienna Vienna at her best, totally naked. Her long lean and toned body, her small perfect breasts, her lovely hips and ass, that beautiful face with her gorgeous looks, that perfect uncut cock ... and her energy and sex appeal.. All I want to do is have straight up sex with Sienna Vienna. You can too. This is your time.

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    Dahlia Doom Says "You Are Doomed"

    Meet Dahlia Doom, a sexy tall girl with a lust for cock! When this dark haired girl wants you You Are Doomed! After a sexy blowjob she gives you a little tease before it's time to fuck, and fuck her you do, in all the positions!

    11th Nov 2023


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