"Come Watch Me Play"
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  • Starring - Amiyah Love
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  • Producer - Omar Wax
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  • Added - March 29, 2024
  • "Come watch me play on the bed, and I'm going to get you so turned on you might just pop in your pants... but you better not... I love posing for you, showing you all my favourite positions, and seeing you get hot and turned on as I show a little more at a time. Do you like my ass, do you like when I spank it? Do you want to spank me? Maybe later. How about my legs or are you just wanting me to open them and pull my panties aside to show you my cock. Ooops - it's already hard. It's... [Read More When Purchased]

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    Love to Love Amiyah

    Another fabulous set by this returning starlet whom we hope we don't have to wait too long to see again. Great looks, a super sexy body, that awesome smile, sweet ass high in the air, nice looking cock, and that big smile. She's stripping, she's playing with herself, tweaking those pierced nipples is like a hardwire straight to her cock and to her brain. This is one sexy girl - and we're really excited to see more of her.

    19th Jul 2023


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    Butt-Tastic Amiyah Love

    There is little better than a gorgeous trans girl with a perfect butt, being totally naked, bending over and thrusting that ass high in the air. Her cheeks naturally parting so we can see that smooth, tight, dark hole beckoning with her long legs and hips ready to be grabbed. When she looks back, over her ass, the eyes wide, the tongue out it's as if she's begging for you to come and get it. Clean and smooth balls and sack hang down and her cock dangles below that, you know once the slamming starts they'll be swinging and chiming like church bells.

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    2023 - The Year of Amiyah Love

    Amiyah has had quite the year, and we've been lucky enough to come along for the rides. She's been a popular model since her debut back in 2019 but it's this year that I feel she's became one of our top models with Omar shooting some fantastic solos and partnered content across the sites, and this is her latest in this super scene with Country Boi. There is some hot content here, and Amiyah knows how great her ass is, and the affect it's going to have on Country Boi as she thrusts it high in the air, looks back through those long lashes and big eyes and gives him the look of lust. Whether she's sucking on his cock, or taking his thick dick in her asshole, she's loving it and loves to be seen. Another hot scene.

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    Amiyah Love Nivea

    Amiyah Love sent us an email asking if she could do a girl/girl scene as that's what she's really into. And in steps Nivea Nixxx... horny, and looking for some fun. This is a sweet scene, in which both girls get to know each other, and find out what turns the other on. Starting with some mutual teasing and cock sucking, as Nivea loves taking Amiyah's big cock into her mouth and feeling the heat and hardness filling her, before Amiyah can't wait any longer and plunges her cock deep into Nivea's phat ass, with plenty of cushioning she goes to work on pleasing them both, as Nivea lies back and enjoys the ride.

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    Loving Some Amiyah!

    Amiyah Love is one hot chick! What a body on her - lean and flat stomach, long legs with nice thighs, big boobs with dark perky nipples and a nice ass that she loves to spread to get fucked. Caramel God is really into her - and as soon as he saw her pretty face, with that 'Come Fuck Me' expression his cock was hard and his mind focused - on only one thing. Some awesome mutual oral here, as they enjoy sucking on each others big cocks, and then Amiyah spreads her legs to allow Caramel to slowly enter her, as she kisses him deeply and they stare into each others eyes. This is a hot scene with plenty of passion and authenticity.

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    A Beauty in Your Bed

    It's a booty call for Beauty and you're the lucky guy she's decided to bequeath that amazing body on tonight, for fun and games, if you are up to it. Beauty splays out across the white sheets, her dark skin contrasting, the black lace outfit creating more mystery as to what's under it and what's going to happen next. Her red panties cover her bulge, her smooth hole just about being glimpsed when she bends over and stretches. You are desperate to see more, as she continues to tease. She slides off her underwear and bodysuit, her full naked sexuality is on display. She is beautiful, she is Beauty and she is yours, for a short time.

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    Low Hanging Fruit

    When Erika Black bends over and the mini skirt she's wearing rises up across that pretty awesome ass, those low, big balls of hers dangle out. Smooth, shiny and like a net with a couple of tangerines in them, they're enticing and lead us into wanting to know what else is under there? Fans of Erika will already know, she's got one of the most perfect cocks. It's smooth, and has a great shape and could almost be cut out of marble. She loves oiling it up to play, and feeling the thickness and size which looks out of scale on her small body. Another great set from a BlackTgirls darling.

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    Shar'Daysha Hard and Horny

    Shar'Daysha has a super toned body. Muscular and fit, when she stands up with those big boobs sticking straight out, and that big, curved cock it's quite the picture. She loves all sex, loves sucking on a big cock, loves getting her ass eaten, is a expert at pounding some tight hole, and adores taking cock herself. She's up for it all, and the more she plays with herself, knowing how many people are watching, the hornier she gets. Watch out for a nice sticky explosion at the end of this shoot.

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    Baad News

    The headline today: 'Baad Girl Ari Features on Black-Tgirls.com'. And for those reading past, they get to see all that she has to offer - that fantastic figure, toned and athletic with lovely smooth legs, perfect boobs with swollen nipples sticking out, a sexy... a really sexy ass and her small cock hanging below, but only small until she gets excited and then it grows to quite the size. It's not news that when Baad Girl Ari plays with herself that she's going to squirt a nice load of cum... that's a normal news day for Ari.

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    16:03 HD Video

    Tiffany Stackemz Delivers Packages

    There is plenty going on with Tiffany and always something to admire and turn you on. Her hair is luscious and long, the curls framing her beautiful face, and that wife mouth which is either open with an inviting smile, or open for something else. Her big boobs, lie on her chest and above a totally flat stomach. A smooth pubic area, and that big, long, pink cock with its perfect shiny head looks like a sculpture - perfect and worthy of being in a gallery. Her ass is round and just the right size - the right size to spank, to have sit on your face, or to ride you as you cup a cheek in each hand and drag Tiffany up and down your cock. She's got energy, she's got the goods - and she always delivers.

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