Hailee Coxxx Needs You Tonight
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  • Starring - Hailee Coxxx
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  • Producer - Omar Wax
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  • Added - March 28, 2024
  • Hailee put on a great showing in her debut sets, so we wanted to see what she could do with a more 'hands on' approach. John Kilo takes a shower after work, but Hailee needs to let him know that she's ready for him. Tall, thin Hailee warms up her tight hole and gets John throbbing with her salivating mouth. When she's finally ready and begging for it, she takes it hard in several positions. She gets spanked as she's bent over and biting the sheets. Her hard cock smacks her stomach as she rides... [Read More When Purchased]

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    The Coxxx With the Cock

    That's quite the endowment on Hailee. She's got a super long cock and a set of balls that could compete in the NBA - so it's lucky she loves to use them on willing holes, but she's not all top, Hailee loves to get penetrated also - and she's going to show us a bit of everything she enjoys in this scene. Stripping down to almost naked, other than a some sexy suspenders which frame her genital area beautifully, Hailee slides that dildo deep into her ass, each notch on the dildo giving her different sensations as her cock stays hard. This gets her even more worked up, as she strokes her nipples which are hardwired to her nether regions and the more she plays, and pushes her hole, the more urgent the orgasm becomes until it can await no longer.

    15th Dec 2023


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    The Effect of Cyanide

    This is a great scene. Some scenes just sing as soon as you see them, and for me, it's usually the ones that are real and authentic (which is why Grooby doesn't shoot scenes on space ships). Cyanide and Luke are as real as it gets, and so is their passion and their lust for each other here. Cyanide is a super slim red head, and I just fucking love those freckles which are so sexy, and those swollen pink nipples against her skin. She's so into getting fucked, that she's losing herself in the moment, and forgetting she's on camera - and that's just how it should be! Nice work by Moe, Luke and of course, Cyanide.

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    Hitting All The Right Spots

    Vera Black makes her hardcore debut! She impressed in her solo performance with her deep dark eyes, slim build, and her great big hard cock, so it was a given that we'd have her back to show us all how much she loves to take a good pounding. And John Kilo was ready to oblige. Vera and John are in school for massage therapy. With time to kill between classes, they decide to practice on each other. Vera can't hide how John's touch excites her, so soon they're working on entirely different muscles. Vera needs it deep. She rides, grinds, and folds her legs back so John can get balls deep into her tight little hole until she's covered in cum. What more can you ask for?

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    Game On with Kitty and John

    Kitty Bell and John Kilo can get competitive. So when John tries to distract Kitty during their game by teasing her, Kitty doesn't let it get to her. Taking her socks off? She's still winning. Tickling? Not working. Spanking? Now we're talking! Kitty loves to get rough, and when someone takes control, she melts into a moaning, writhing little fuck doll and loves every second of it. That's worth pausing the game. John starts by sucking Kitty's cock until she has a uncontrollable orgasm. Kitty loves when John plays with her hole and knows she needs to stretch it out before she can take it all - because she needs every inch. Kitty's eyes roll back in absolute bliss from the hard pounding until John cums all over her back. Who's the winner? You are.

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    Very Verily Fucked

    After her hot debut shoots a few weeks ago, we thought Verily should be rewarded with a hot fucking and Chad Diamond was the lucky man to get to do it. She's a really sexy girl, with a great body, loads of sex appeal and loves all sorts of sex - and as soon as she dropped her panties her big cock sprung out, which Chad wasted no time, in sucking and licking. Some mutual oral before Verily rose that smooth, succulent white ass high in the hair, her pink hole wet and wanton - and invited Chad to go in deep.

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    Lewdy Booty Is a Cutie!

    Here is an exciting new girl. So exciting in fact, that her hardcore is debuting before her solo and I have to say, it's fucking magnificent. Lewdy is a 20-something year old Pacific-NW girl, who has been camming for a while and wanted to dip her gorgeous toe into the website world. She's perfectly paired with Caramel God and both of them are really enjoying exploring each others bodies, and clearly into each other. Great chemistry makes great porn - and this has it all. Lots of licking and touching, and some awesome anal fucking.

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    Loving Lemmi

    5ft 6, 120lb, 20 years old ... and horny! The lovely Lemmi who debuted last summer, wanted to do a hardcore shoot on camera, and John Kilo was ready to go. This is a super hot, passionate scene with both performers into each other, and full of sexual tension and chemistry. Lemmi comes with a buttplug already in her smooth little ass, prepping herself for taking John's big cock and she starts by licking and sucking on that cock, and then loves John giving her some oral servicing. Some awesome fucking in multiple positions - one to remember.

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    Sevyn Starr IS a Starr

    There are girls that hit this site, that I can immediately see are going to go onto stardom: Dulce, Pressure, Bella Sky, Crystal Thayer etc. all killed it, Sevyn Star I saw it in her solo immediately and in this hardcore, she's just hammered it home with a fabulous performance. Luke London and Sevyn clearly are into each other, and Moe had to just stand away to film otherwise he'd be scorched by the heat of these two as they explored each others bodies, and hit each others erogenous zones, getting more and more turned on. Some oral mutual oral, great fucking and one great facial to end the scene. Watch out for this Starr.

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    Here, Kitty, Kitty!

    Nurse Kay and Evie Andrews! This adorable pair get feisty as horny little cat-girls fighting over a ball of yarn. Things get hotter and hotter. Kay gets Evie wet and hard with her mouth so she can take it deep. Evie pounds Kay in several positions before they decide they both need to be penetrated. This calls for a double-sided-vibrating-dildo! Fun, silly, sexy, with lots of cum - these are two kitties you won't kick off the furniture. Enjoy!

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    Milly Mera is Just Dessert

    This is Milly Mera's hardcore debut! She is in the kitchen making cookies. Luke wants to help, but she's afraid he's only going to distract her. Turns out she's right because they never make it to the oven. Stirring ingredients, beating eggs, licking fingers - who can keep focus when you've got dicks to suck and a hole to stuff? They start out on the counter where Luke gets her ready with his mouth and fingers. Milly can't wait to pull out his cock and feel it in the back of her throat. But they're just getting started. Luke bends her over the counter and takes her ass, pounding her harder until her legs quake and she can't stay on her feet. So he lays her out on the rug and gives her what she really wants. This should satisfy your sweet tooth!

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