Hailee Coxxx

Hailee Coxxx
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  • Hey there! My name is Hailee Coxxx and I'm born and raised in PNW. My first shoot with FemOut was such a fun experience! I had no idea how much I love being on camera!

    I'm just a 6 foot tall, 125 pound Libra girl who loves to have fun. My hobbies include video games, dancing, and going out on the town! I also love animals and I have six cute kitties at home!

    I'm quite the wildcard in the bedroom. I love to be versatile and switch between dominant and submissive like a light switch. I love using my big girl cock and I have a bit of an oral fixation too. Come and have some fun with me, I've been waiting for you!

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Hailee Coxxx Needs You Tonight

Hailee put on a great showing in her debut sets, so we wanted to see what she could do with a more 'hands on' approach. John Kilo takes a shower after work, but Hailee needs to let him know that she's ready for him. Tall, thin Hailee warms up her tight hole and gets John throbbing with her salivating mouth. When she's finally ready and begging for it, she takes it hard in several positions. She gets spanked as she's bent over and biting the sheets. Her hard cock smacks her stomach as she rides hard. And finally, she folds back her legs to take it deep deep deep until John blows a huge load on her cock and balls. She'll want more soon - and so will you!

28th Mar 2024


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The Coxxx With the Cock

That's quite the endowment on Hailee. She's got a super long cock and a set of balls that could compete in the NBA - so it's lucky she loves to use them on willing holes, but she's not all top, Hailee loves to get penetrated also - and she's going to show us a bit of everything she enjoys in this scene. Stripping down to almost naked, other than a some sexy suspenders which frame her genital area beautifully, Hailee slides that dildo deep into her ass, each notch on the dildo giving her different sensations as her cock stays hard. This gets her even more worked up, as she strokes her nipples which are hardwired to her nether regions and the more she plays, and pushes her hole, the more urgent the orgasm becomes until it can await no longer.

15th Dec 2023