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  • Starring - Sofia Fae
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  • Producer - Buddy Wood
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  • Added - July 4, 2024
  • It's rare we'd debut a model in a hardcore before testing them in a solo shoot but new Buddy Wood girl, Sofia Fae was so sexy and so horny, that we decided to give her the next available slot, and brought in Chris Epic. If every debut hardcore shoot was like this, I'd be a very happy man - this 25 year old Los Angeles girl brings it all, and gives us a better scene than many girls who've been doing this for years. Sofia has a great look, and a hot body and Chris can't wait to get his... [Read More When Purchased]

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     29:35 4K, HD & SD Video


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    I think the next time we'll be seeing Bella will be on one of the other sites, as she's going to graduate from here based on this pretty fucking awesome performance, and how fast she's developed in confidence and overall presence since her debut only a few months ago. A super pretty girl, with smooth, flawless, white skin and along with Caramel God, the energy is electric in this set, and I believe may be one of the best scenes I've seen on this site in 2023. Some really great angles by Omar, showing the chemistry and some fantastic oral and deep anal action, as Caramel God's big cock stretches Bella to the limit as she loves every minute, and every inch of getting fucked by him.

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    Wiki Gets Sticky

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    The Snow Hardcore

    Texas freaky bottom girl Snow, asked Omar if she could do a hardcore so he hooked her up with Country Boi, and as soon as she caught a look at him and his big, thick cock, she was just ready for it all. This slim, tatted girl loves lots of sex, and nothing is better than a fat cock in her tight asshole, pushing and pounding away - and you can see in this scene just how much she loves it. Super smooth, pierced nipples and a sweet spread ass - there is plenty going on in this scene.

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    Real Life Lovers

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    Milly Mera is Just Dessert

    This is Milly Mera's hardcore debut! She is in the kitchen making cookies. Luke wants to help, but she's afraid he's only going to distract her. Turns out she's right because they never make it to the oven. Stirring ingredients, beating eggs, licking fingers - who can keep focus when you've got dicks to suck and a hole to stuff? They start out on the counter where Luke gets her ready with his mouth and fingers. Milly can't wait to pull out his cock and feel it in the back of her throat. But they're just getting started. Luke bends her over the counter and takes her ass, pounding her harder until her legs quake and she can't stay on her feet. So he lays her out on the rug and gives her what she really wants. This should satisfy your sweet tooth!

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