The Domino Presley
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  • Starring - Domino Presley
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  • Producer - Buddy Wood
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  • Added - July 5, 2024
  • It's a statement, isn't it. What other introduction does she need? It's Domino Presley. But... I've got to fill this with some text, so I'll wax lyrical about her - about what a stunning performer she is. How every time she turns up on set she brings her A-game. How she's analysed every single inch of her body to make sure it's the best representation of her. How she chooses her own wardrobe and she's thought about what's going to look the best on camera and in that location. About how she... [Read More When Purchased]

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    27:02 HD Video

    Mistress of Ceremonies - Domino Presley

    It's always great to see Domino Presley back where she belongs, on a Grooby site. The TEA Show Mistress of Ceremonies introduced her new girl group, 'The Gurls' (check their Twitter @thegurlsmusic) at the TEA Show in March 2023, and she's been keeping busy with that amongst other things. This scene just has Domino at her best - drop dead gorgeous but also so sexually charged, that Andre just has to keep up with her - she is in charge. Buddy Wood once again delivers the best of Domino Presley and we just want to see more.

    14th Jun 2023


    18:16 HD Video

    Popping the Champagne!

    It's the New Year and you are wrapping up the party with Domino Presley! When you have Domino in her lingerie in front of you and horny as hell it's hard not to get turned on, and oh can she turn you on! This gorgeous superstar wants to fuck you and it's not long before you feel her hard cock inside! When she's done fucking you she sucks you off, it's Domino Presley Popping the Champagne!

    2nd Jan 2020


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    Public Sexdoll!

    TS Superstar Domino Presley is out shopping for new clothes, oh what to wear! As she's trying out the new outfits, asking you which to get, she undresses of course, much easier to change outfits that way. Since you're helping out and she's getting horny it doesn't take long before she's sucking your cock inbetween changes. It's a nice day to go shopping with a public sex doll!

    14th May 2019


    22:32 HD Video

    Moving In, Putting Out

    Domino is moving into a new apartment and after a long day of lifting boxes wants to thank you for your help. Of course Domino's way of saying thanks is to treat you to a hot and sloppy blowjob before offering up her ass for you to fuck. After lifting boxes, it's time to fill her box! Let the delightful Domino treat you to a world-class fuck in this immersive and personal VR video!

    7th Mar 2018


    16:50 HD Video

    Superstar Edition

    Domino Presley – The Superstar. She’s one of the top performers working today and one of the most sought after models but she’s limits her appearances to only scenes she wants to do. This is Domino’s first foray into the virtual reality world and she really got into it. See her sucking on you before offering her hot hot and hard cock up for you to play with. She then rides for a long time, really enjoying feeling your cock inside her before she let’s go and releases one of the biggest cum shots of her career. An awesome scene and one that’s surely going to rank amongst the best VR scenes. This is Domino Presley.

    26th May 2017


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    The Awesome Victoria Grant

    Back for her second set is the awesome Victoria Grant, the latest girl that Buddy Wood found in his neighbourhood. Tall, lovely long legs, big ass, super cock - hard and horny and that pretty face, she's all ready to go. Fresh in front of a camera for the first time, she loves showing off and it takes only a few minutes before she's stripped out of her black top and skirt, and showing all her best assets off, totally nude. That big ass, with that smooth puckered hole, and that big cock pushing back through, is a sight to behold. A lovely set watching her masturbate until she reaches her orgasm.

    23rd May 2024


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    Daisy Taylor - Purple Princess

    Daisy Taylor wearing sexy purple lingerie, on a crisp white bed - ready, waiting and wanton. Cock hard, body smooth. Ass up. Legs akimbo. Asshole spread and sweet. Working herself up. Cock gets hard. Uses lube. She plays. She loves showing off. She gets more excited. She cums. This is Daisy Taylor. You know her, you love her and you're going to get yourself off, just watching how hot she is and all that sexual energy.

    17th Apr 2023


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    The Audition

    Leilani Li has been invited by Andre Stone to audition for the new movie he's about to produce featuring only the best trans models. She's done her makeup perfectly, her hair, her nails and shaved herself baby smooth and she's ready to give him a look at her amazing body, and stunning face. "Oh yeah. Love it Leilani" says Andre as she swirls around. And you are okay getting your cock sucked? "Of course" she answers "Want to try?". "And you are okay sucking on a big cock?". "I love big cock" she answers. "Let me show you". "And how about getting fucked, can you go for a long time?" asks Andre. "As long as you need me to" says Leilani "Here, try me" - as she lies back and spreads her legs. "One final thing, can you take a facial cumshot?" "Hell yes!" retorts Leilani "Deliver one now and you can see!" "So did I get the role of the cock sucking, powerbottom, cum loving slut?" asks Leilani. "We'll be in touch" he answers.

    26th Jun 2024


    17:47 HD Video

    Lusting For Avery

    The second set of the lovely and very exciting, Avery Lust. For this set she's in a sexy little outfit that can only have been made for bedroom play, a black dress that doesn't even cover her panties (and if she wasn't wearing panties, something would be hanging loose below the hemline) but once we've gotten that out of the way, she's got some sexy matching lacy lingerie and fishnet stockings, with strappy black shoes... all showing her body off perfectly as she poses for Buddy's camera. This set is really hot as Avery plays with that big, hard cock, and spreads her curvy ass to show that smooth, inviting puckered hole... as she stares at you, asking you, willing you, to come and get it.

    19th Jun 2024


    16:58 HD Video

    Avery Lust's Solo Debut

    A smoking hot new girl from Buddy Wood. Avery Lust is a 24 year old, originally from Arizona and she presents herself so well here, you'd think it was her 100th shoot. This slim, smooth 5ft cutie has a lovely body, with perfect curves, a thick ass and thighs, some stellar breasts and a big hard cock... but to top it all off, one beautiful face and a load of sex appeal. Avery uses those seductive eyes, and those pouting pink lips to entice you into her trap - and once there, she's going to expect you to please her, and you'd better be ready to run your tongue over that smooth body, and give her everything she needs.

    4th Jun 2024


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