Kawaii Fiona

Kawaii Fiona
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  • I'm a short gamer girl, just waiting to be thrown around and give you pleasure 😘 come have some fun with me 😘

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25:12 HD Video

Two Cuties Too Cute

Two of our 2024 debut models, together. Princess Emmy I don't think we're seeing until next month on GroobyGirls and Kawaii Fiona has just debuted on Femout. These are two really pretty and sexy girls, with a lot of sexual tension between them and this is one of those scenes which just rises itself above many of the others, as the authenticity shines out, and as a voyeur, as a fly on the wall, we're privy to what two cute girls get up to together. Some nice foreplay develops into oral, and then Kawaii Fiona mounts Princess Emmy with her big, hard cock and the two of them become one, as they bind together, loving the intimacy, until eventually Kawaii shoots her cum deep into Emmy.

2nd Apr 2024


22:17 HD Video

Date Night With Kawaii Fiona

You've been out on your third date with Kawaii Fiona, for movie and a pizza and she's invited you into her apartment. First date was a sweet kiss, second date was a much deeper kiss and a feel of those gorgeous perky boobs... so what could the third date hold? "I want you to watch me" she whispers in your ear, before going for a kiss. She gradually strips off, and you get to see the most amazing azz, with suspender belt framing it, she bends over to show you as she strips down further and when slowly pulling down her panties, her thick, long and very hard cock springs out. She knows what she's doing as your cock feels like it's bursting from your jeans. Want to see what I do with this, as she brings out a large rainbow dildo?

20th Mar 2024