Kawaii Fiona is a Sucker For Love
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  • Starring - Kawaii Fiona
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  • Producer - Moe Scoville
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  • Added - July 4, 2024
  • There is something about Kawaii Fiona which is so enticing and intoxicating. Yeah, it's her good looks and her hot body, but it's the sex appeal and those eyes (and that smile) that really elevate her, and make us want to keep seeing more. She's a sucker for love. It doesn't matter is she's sucking on Luke's finger - or his big cock, or if she's licking and sucking on a girls nipples or hot asshole - she loves the taste of sex, and that's what gets her going, and ready for her main love,... [Read More When Purchased]

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    Two Cuties Too Cute

    Two of our 2024 debut models, together. Princess Emmy I don't think we're seeing until next month on GroobyGirls and Kawaii Fiona has just debuted on Femout. These are two really pretty and sexy girls, with a lot of sexual tension between them and this is one of those scenes which just rises itself above many of the others, as the authenticity shines out, and as a voyeur, as a fly on the wall, we're privy to what two cute girls get up to together. Some nice foreplay develops into oral, and then Kawaii Fiona mounts Princess Emmy with her big, hard cock and the two of them become one, as they bind together, loving the intimacy, until eventually Kawaii shoots her cum deep into Emmy.

    2nd Apr 2024


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    Kawaii Fiona: Size Queen

    She's a versatile girl (hop over to TGirls.Porn to see her really giving Princess Emmy a good seeing to!) but when she is on the bottom, and she loves to be there, she likes nothing better than the biggest dildo in her arsenal to hit her spots. This is another really nice shoot, stripping down her 'Internet Princess' shirt, plaid mini and stripey knee length stockings, to show that sweet body, that big cock and smooth ballsack, and using a glass plug to warm her smooth hole up, before taking on a mega-dildo, loving both the width and the depth that it gives. Kawaii Fiona is a dynamic young model, and everything I look for in a new Grooby Girl and I hope to see a lot more of her.

    22nd May 2024


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    Date Night With Kawaii Fiona

    You've been out on your third date with Kawaii Fiona, for movie and a pizza and she's invited you into her apartment. First date was a sweet kiss, second date was a much deeper kiss and a feel of those gorgeous perky boobs... so what could the third date hold? "I want you to watch me" she whispers in your ear, before going for a kiss. She gradually strips off, and you get to see the most amazing azz, with suspender belt framing it, she bends over to show you as she strips down further and when slowly pulling down her panties, her thick, long and very hard cock springs out. She knows what she's doing as your cock feels like it's bursting from your jeans. Want to see what I do with this, as she brings out a large rainbow dildo?

    20th Mar 2024


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    Eryn All Wrapped Up

    Eryn Everly is back with her first hardcore! This cute and kinky girl got so excited when we said we wanted to do more bondage content - because she's never happier than when she's bound. The scene starts with Buck discovering Eryn all tied up. Concerned, he takes off her gag, but she lets him know it's all just a surprise because she wants him to have his way with her. What a scene! Big dick deepthroating, ass eating, spanking, begging, and deep pounding until she's covered in sweat and cum. It's everything Eryn needed and we think you'll love it too.

    20th Jul 2023


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    Behind The Paige

    Paige Turner is back. Fresh from her TEA nominations, Paige is determined to hit the stratosphere this year; that's why we brought out the big gun Chris Epic. Paige is playing coy with a lingerie print t-shirt, but she doesn't disappoint, because what's under is every bit as exciting as you want. This one's got it all: closeup oral, ass eating, riding, pounding, mating press, and it all ends with a facial you're going to love. Paige is just getting started and we can't wait to see how far she'll go!

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    A Blu Movie

    It's been almost a year since we've seen Saphira and that's because she's been through a few changes and making sure everything looked and felt great before she came back in - and she really does look awesome. I love the new hair style, the curls giving a softer, classy appearance that really works well on her. Saphira is petite and lovely and Luke London should be getting the nickname 'Lucky' Luke getting to be with this gorgeous individual. It's a really good scene with two performers giving us realism and authenticity - showing what real sex is life between a trans woman and her man. Lots of great positions, loads of sexual chemistry and tension and just a hot scene from Moe.

    21st Mar 2024


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    An Exploration Deep Into Asia

    Asia Belle is ready for her first shoots of 2024, and this pretty much perfect Grooby Girl can have her choice of who she wants to fuck, and she's certain that it's going to be Luke London. You can feel the passion and the heat between these two - they gaze into each others eyes, kiss passionately and start to explore each others bodies, Luke licking and sucking on Asia's pretty toes and soles of her feet, and kissing her perfect round ass, as she gives off gentle moans of pleasure. They continue to caress and fondle each other, Asia sucking Luke's cock, as he plays with and fingers her tight hole, before sliding deep into her for a slow, passionate fuck. An awesome scene from Moe with two hot stars.

    8th Feb 2024


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    Not So Virtual Reality

    Luke London has just gotten his new VR headset and switched onto GroobyVR.com - the world's best trans virtual reality site - and the first scene he downloaded was his number one crush, Nikki Sapphire. The screen lit up, and there in front him is the lovely Nikki, dressed in a sexy outfit and kneeling on his bed, "Hi there, want to play?" she asks. He can feel himself getting aroused already, surprised by how realistic it seems and feels. She starts to crawl up the bed towards him... and the video pauses. "What the fuck?" Luke says. A screen pops up "Try our new really real reality in beta now - Yes/No". "Whatever!" says Luke before clicking on the Yes. The screen starts again, and the video commences - he can almost feel Nikki's hands on his chest, and his VR device pops off his head. Nikki Sapphire is on his bed. Naked and in the flesh - and all she wants to do is play. The taste, the scent, the feel, the heat - and the moans as Luke works on pleasing this virtually real real girl, are more than he expected. [disclaimer: if you join GroobyVR Nikki Sapphire won't actually appear on your bed in the flesh... yet]

    18th Jan 2024


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    Steamy Good Morning With Ciboulette

    Ciboulette made such a great impression we had to have her back. Long legs, majestic hair, gorgeous smile, and a killer toned body with all the right curves! This time we brought Buck along for one of the most exciting sensual and energetic hardcore scenes you'll find. Morning tea quickly turns sexy. Starting with a romantic foot rub, Ciboulette opens her legs to show Buck what she's really thinking, and what she really wants. You'll love the look on her face as she takes his huge cock deep. The world spins for her as she's fucked into multiple orgasms, limp in his arms and then lowered into a spine-rocking piledriver that ends in a beautiful gaping creampie. Wow!

    3rd Aug 2023


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    Timeless Beauty Bailey Brentwood

    Bailey Brentwood looks like she was plucked right out of a classic movie, so when it came time for her hardcore debut, we decided to make her the femme fatale she was meant to be. But what starts as sentimental nostalgia turns into a raucous sex. John Kilo takes off her cute black and white dress and peels off her nylons. They spend time worshiping each others bodies, trading sensual blowjobs. Finally, Bailey is in for the pounding she needs. You'll be wanting more from this tall bombshell!

    22nd Apr 2023


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