Paige Turner

Paige Turner
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  • Paige is Midwest 'girl next door' turned Pacific-Northwest star. She stands at 5'11", 155 pounds, boasts a perfectly perky set of B cups, and a wonderfully plump and round ass. While Paige may seem a bit on shy on the outside... don't let that fool you because she's definitely feisty under the sheets. A natural born bottom, Paige knows how to suck, blow, ride, and take dick like no other. She's a world class and grade-A slut! And with a love of bondage, exhibitionism, body writing, and more... Well, you know you're in for a good time.

    Excited, ambitious, and ready to perform, Paige is ready to jump into the scene and make a splash. So be sure to keep an eye out for her... You won't be disappointed.


38:53 HD Video

Dream On - with Shiri and Paige

It was the best dream I ever had. I was Shiri Allwood - I knew I was her before I looked in the mirror, I recognized those pink boobs, and white body and I rubbed my hands over myself, and as I was doing so, Paige Turner came in and started to fondle me... then we kissed. I helped Paige undress and she started to suck on my cock, looking up at me, I was in heaven being the lesbian I'd always fantasized about. But wait... now I'm Paige. I can feel my pierced nipples hard and excited, Shiri (or is it me?) in front of sucking on my big cock. And now I'm Shiri fucking Paige... I don't want this dream to end... ever. A unique scene - you can be Shiri or you can be Paige - or you can have them both together. Fabulous action, super authentic love making and a unique perspective.

5th Jul 2024


16:39 HD Video

The Cum Shot

Yeah, you can skip to the end if you just want to see a super cum shot, or you can go on the journey with Paige Turner, sit back and enjoy watching her enjoy herself, playing with her smooth body, using a nice thick dildo on that sweet tight ass of hers, pushing it in as far as it can go, while her cock stiffens and swells, pulsating. As she rides the dildo, she stiffens even further, and can feel the long awaited orgasm (she's been saving for a few days) building up, as a flush goes through her body, and she can't hold back any longer. Welcome back Paige Turner - love to see you!

11th May 2024


32:16 HD Video

Summer Loving

Willow Astilbe and her girlfriend Paige Turner are not helping the heatwave going across the US this summer, and this scene is so hot, they're probably contributing more to global warming than a small country. These two original Grooby Girls from Portland, have been much requested since they debuted last year - and we love to see them together. They're both naturally beautiful, with a sexy vibe that underlines their cuteness together. As they're a real life couple, we get to see a glimpse into authentic and realistic trans girl love, and what they get up to in the privacy of their own home. We're the lucky flies on the wall, peeping and enjoying what we see.

18th Jul 2023


32:01 HD Video

A Grooby Halloween: The Coven's Captive

A special Holiday 3-way! There's nothing better than a couple ultra-hot new Grooby Girls in the great outdoors. Paige Turner and Willow Astilbe are two beautiful witches that need one last ingredient for a potion, and John Kilo has just what they're looking for! They lure John off the path before tying him up and dragging him back to their camp. They need 'Seed of man' - John Kilo is willing to give it to them, but it's going to take teamwork to get it. They warm up with some remarkable simultaneous oral. Paige rides John as Willow sucks her cock. Willow fucks Paige while John fucks her. In the end, they all get exactly what they need. So cozy up by the fire and watch!

16th Jul 2023


33:13 HD Video

Flip-Fucking With Cloudy and Paige

Two of the sexiest trans girls around. Two twenty-something year old girls, horny for each other. You can be the fly on the wall, as we watch Cloudy Vi on a West Coast trip, hook up with Paige Turner. Both girls are clearly into each other, and you can feel the sexual tension as they start to discover and explore each others bodies, taking turns to nuzzle, lick, taste and paw over each other. Cloudy fingers Paige's tight asshole as she sucks on her cock, and then Paige takes Cloud's cock between her lips before getting her ass stretched by that wonderful cock. After some hot penetration where the girls get really heated up, they switch so Paige is fucking Cloudy - and from the look on both of their faces, they're loving every second. Come take a seat at the greatest show on earth.

29th May 2023


29:31 HD Video

Behind The Paige

Paige Turner is back. Fresh from her TEA nominations, Paige is determined to hit the stratosphere this year; that's why we brought out the big gun Chris Epic. Paige is playing coy with a lingerie print t-shirt, but she doesn't disappoint, because what's under is every bit as exciting as you want. This one's got it all: closeup oral, ass eating, riding, pounding, mating press, and it all ends with a facial you're going to love. Paige is just getting started and we can't wait to see how far she'll go!

18th May 2023


26:58 HD Video

Paige Turner Rides Into The Sunset!

Howdy partner! Paige Turner is here to check out your riding and wranglin' skills! A hot girl with a gift of gab as you'll learn. When she's tasted your steel it's time to go for a ride as she mounts your cock and lets you fuck her hard! After you've fucked her and climax is reached Paige Turner Rides Into The Sunset!

6th Apr 2023


28:06 HD Video

The Paige Turner Future!

Welcome to the Paige Turner Future of VR Porn. We've invested in the latest technology, and this is our first outing to see how it works on the site. Paige Turner is one of our hottest debut models of 2022, and perfect to be the debut model on this camera. Please let us know what you think of the new look, which should be a better image quality, and give us the ability to present more interesting angles which leads to more dynamic scenes. Any issues or comments please let us know in the comments below!

12th Jan 2023


37:22 HD Video

Paige Turner's Hardcore Premiere!

Meet Paige Turner in her first scene ever, a banging hardcore produced by Moe Scoville and co-starring John Kilo! Paige and John are horny as hell while doing some cooking in the kitchen and they just can't help it! Watch them fucking passionately in this week's hardcore exclusive! Paige loved every moment of it!

10th Nov 2022


30:11 HD Video

Double Trouble - Shiri and Paige

What an amazing pairing this week in TGirls.Porn! One of our all time favorites, gorgeous Shiri, welcomes pretty newcomer Paige Turner in her TGirls.Porn debut! These two are ready to have a lot of fun together! Super horny, Shiri and Paige just can't wait for the action to start! Watch them fucking and playing with a double dildo in this amazing girl on girl exclusive produced by Moe Scoville!

1st Nov 2022