Sarina Havok

Sarina Havok
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  • Sarina Havok Metal Queen of the north !
    Tall, slim, beautiful, nice pale skin, vocalist in a metal band and loves to perform on stage and... in bed! ....or where ever life ofers it self for that matter !

    Very intelligent, loves quantum science, writes music, and loves meeting interesting people...

    She might seem unintenionally intimidating at first, but with a nice aproach and for the right person, she could let a few smiles break away... and if you folow the smiles... you might discover the unexpected softness of her intimacy, Where she surrenders to desire, lust, passion and kink....


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Havok in the North

It's time for this week's TGirls.Porn exclusive and once again Radius Dark pair two of our favorite Grooby Girls: Nikki North and Sarina Havok meet in a steamy hardcore scene and they just can't wait for the action to start! Both super horny and rock-hard, Nikki and Sarina were all over each other from the get go. A lot of kissing, followed by some amazing oral action, before Nikki is completely ready to welcome Sarina's big cock deep inside her tight hole. Sarina fucks Nikki in multiple positions until she explodes all over Nikki's cock. Another amazing Radius Dark production with two gorgeous girls making love and enjoying themselves!

14th Nov 2023


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Creating Havok!

Cry havoc and release the dildos! Sarina Havok is here and this horny girl is ready to treat you to a hot sesh, fucking herself with her massive dildo for you! Sarina is a switch, today she's Creating Havok for your viewing pleasure, stroking that long hard cock as she rides that huge dildo!

30th Oct 2023


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Sarina Havok - Soled!

It's hard to believe it's been five years since Sarina featured here. She's a model I don't think enough is seen of, she's been doing content with her wife Robin Coffins for years, we see her at the shows and she really should be making more appearances. She has all the parts, in all the right places on that lean 6ft 1 catwalk body, a nice big and hard cock, pretty face, good ass and super legs that really look amazing in those black stockings. And for those who love the feet, she has some pretty feet that are well taken care of. Welcome back to Sarina Havok!

25th Jul 2023


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Two Housewives Bored Stiff

Sarina and Sydney's partners are out at work, and they've been left home to care of the house, cook and shop. A big yawn for girls who are only in their 20s and want some excitement. Both attended a neighbourhood watch meeting, and when they met felt an instant attraction to another person in the same situation as they were in, so Sarina invited Sydney around for coffee. It didn't take long, before their hormones and urges took over, and they began a hot, steamy and illicit affair. As soon as their partners left for work, they'd rush to each others house and spend the day pleasing each other - licking, sucking, touching and fucking. Every day. All day.

4th Jul 2023