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27:06 HD Video

"You Lose!"

That's what Amina Python said to her fuck buddy DTubbz. They're both horny, but Amina wants to top, she's been in the mood all week and when that cock goes up, then someone best be kneeling down or bending over. It's not the first time DTubbz has taken Amina's long snake. She's called Python for a reason and that's the ridiculously long, thick cock that she has, and when she's all the way into his ass, then he can almost taste her cock in the back of his throat. Amina loves sliding into his hairy ass, feeling him tense and hearing him moan as she thrusts deeper, and with more friction, she could go for hours just enjoying all the sensations she's getting.

13th Jun 2024


23:33 HD Video

Opening Lotus

I would so love to see Lotus with her natural hair coloring, she's got everything going on - an absolutely beautiful face with great structure, a long, lean cat-walk model body and she's a really great performer and model. I don't hate the pink hair, I just would love to see the alternative. Anyway... what a great combination. It looks like Lotus towers over Adonis, but that's only because of her shoes, she's actually a little shorter than him, but it takes a man like Adonis to get a handle on a girl like Lotus. This is a really super set from Omar, lots of hot mutual oral, lot's of passion and authenticity and when they start to fuck, you can see how much Lotus is into it, as Adonis's big cock gently opens her up, and then starts a rhythm of fucking her and hitting deeply. I hope you enjoy watching this as much as I did.

30th May 2024


27:14 HD Video

Love to Love The Men

Tiny Tara is unashamed of her likes. It might be en vogue to be pansexual but she knows exactly what she likes and it's a good masculine man. And it's a good cock on that man. She's not a prude, give her 6 men tag teaming her, and it would be her ultimate heaven, but she'll settle for a good fuck, with a guy who loves to top, and that guy today is Piper Mysterio. This is a really good, hot and sexy 'real' sex scene from Omar. There is nothing out of the ordinary, no crazy stuff, it's exactly what it says on the tin - a gorgeous black trans girl, getting topped by her man, and it's an authentic look into what cis-male and trans girl sex looks like most of the time. Enjoy Tiny Tara as you watch her really enjoy getting fucked.

16th May 2024


28:09 HD Video

Poking Nubian Barbie

Piper Mysterio is one of our newer male performers and it would be an understatement to say that he's enjoying his first weeks working with Omar - but there are few girls who are as exciting to him as one of our site favourites, Nubian Barbie, and when they met there was an instant spark. That spark continued throughout the shoot as Nubian posed and teased Piper, making sure he got plenty of looks at her thick ass, before getting his hands on it, so by the time she unzipped his pants, that cock was throbbing and aching to be sucked. Getting her soft lips, flicking tongue and warm mouth around Piper's cock, Nubian was at her best and savouring every second of pleasing him while getting her own oral satisfaction. They were both ready for something deeper and more fulfilling when Nubian pulled her lips off his cock, and stuck that butt high in the hair, waiting to be filled.

2nd May 2024


23:53 HD Video

Jada Dickens Finds Her Prince

What does every Princess need? Why a Prince of course. Jada Dickens needs someone to take care of her, to pamper her, to draw her a bath, and to bring her dinner... but a maid could do that. She needs a Prince. Someone who comes into the boudoir and demands some attention, who picks her up, kisses her deeply, feeling her ass and pulling her body in tight, and then waits for her to go to her knees and polish the royal knob, when she arises to proclaim 'the royal penis is clean', she's going to bend over or lay back and wait to really be taken care of, and there is only one way - a good hard Dickens down is all Jada really needs and frankly, Prince or Pauper, she doesn't care.

18th Apr 2024


25:51 HD Video

Feeling Thicky

Dlondonn is a proper thick girl. Every part of her is firm meat. The curves on her are just about perfect and for a man who likes a girl who isn't fat but has the bounce, then she's pretty much perfect. Country Boi is just that man. D's figure hugging bottoms go over her boobs and tummy, and when Country slides it down, those magnificent breasts go on show, like a work of art. Naturally big, with the largest areolas I've seen on any girl, they hang like pendulums, swinging and wobbling. Her tummy is revealed to be round, smooth and firm and then that big ass. That big round ass. Country Boi doesn't know where to touch next, it's an assault on his senses and he looks, tastes and feels his way around her body, listening to her moans and sighs as he touches the right areas. A very hot scene, with some great action.

5th Apr 2024


21:19 HD Video

Get Yer YaYa's Out

YaYa Da Doll in her first hardcore. This sexy thick girl who debuted back in August has all the charm of a Southern girl and all the heat that comes with it. She's ready to do some cock sucking and then get her own cock sucked by her man, before a good hard pumping, spreading her magnificent cheeks and letting Quise get deep, enjoying the friction, the penetration and hitting the spots she really needs. He's going to have to work for it today, because she's really into it, and needs him to continue his quest to get to fulfill her and leave her happy (but always wanting more) before he pumps his load over her.

21st Mar 2024


27:48 HD Video

They Call Me Baad

Another stellar scene from one of the prettiest and most popular girls on the site, the divine Baad Girl Ari. She looks every bit the lady you could take to church - sweet and wholesome with that gorgeous smile. But when she gets back home with Country Boi, the facade drops and the naughtiness comes to the front, this is one horny girl, and she wants as much sex as she can get. She's soon attached like a sucker-fish to Country Boi's big cock and loves feeling his heat and hardness over her tongue. Of course, what she really is craving is that cock in her tight hole, and ecstasy arrives when she's got her ass high in the air and Country Boi slowly slides into her tight hole, stretching her and loving her moans and gasps.

7th Mar 2024


25:19 HD Video

Chole Creamz Needs Her Cream

Chole Creamz is back and I'm digging her look with her hair like that. She's a well put together girl, with nice makeup and nails, and a great 5ft 7 body, with nice curves and great boobs. But she's here for one thing only - she needs to get a good fucking - and some cum! She knows the way to do that, is to give Choppa one hell of a blow job and she settles into a rhythm on his big cock, using all her skills with her lips and tongue to bring him close to orgasm, but then stop and wait before going again, which is driving him crazy. By the time he gets his cock into her tight booty hole, and starts sliding back and forth, it's all he can do to stop himself from cumming too soon.

22nd Feb 2024


25:30 HD Video

A Thicky For a Thicky

Sasha Da Doll has some meat on her bones, and her ass is absolutely magnificent. It's big and plump, and when those cheeks part, her sweet hole is just an invitation to heaven. When she is in the mood for a man, she needs a real man and not a boy. And Country Boi, despite the name, is that man. He's assertive, he loves to fuck and he's got the big, thick cock that Sasha craves. He also knows that to get the most from a woman, he needs to make sure they are well pleased and satisfied. The lovers begin playing with each other, before Sasha sucks greedily on his cock, loving the thickness and the taste, she turns around and puts that big booty high in the air, and Country Boi dives in head first. A hot scene with two sexy people enjoying each others bodies, and one that shouldn't be missed.

8th Feb 2024


24:57 HD Video

Sassy is Da Boss

Sassy by name, sassy by nature. Da Boss by name, the boss by nature. Sassy is in control and King Konda is happy to go along for the ride. She loves to be pampered and adored and King makes sure she feels that way, as he slowly undresses her and pays her compliments along the way, as she shows off her sexy curves and good looks. After she's naked, and stands proud before him, so he can further his shows of admiration, she unzips his pants, and takes his big cock out to show how good she can suck a cock. She then asks for him to give her oral, and loves his tongue worshiping her dark, sweet, smooth butthole which puckers and pulses with the sensations. Sassy likes her man to start from behind and spreads her big ass cheeks, to give full access to her hole, as King's cock enters her.

25th Jan 2024


27:44 HD Video

Just For Fun

We never know what we're going to get when we put two girls together. Some girls request to work with each other saying they're really hot for it, and then they don't really spark, other time we put two cuties together for the first time and they just turn into electricity and surprise themselves by how deeply they got into each other. This set, I've called it just for fun, because whatever the intention was, it doesn't look like they're really passionate for each other, but just there for a good time, to enjoy themselves and at the end of the day, to get an orgasm (along with the paycheck). Tiffany and Sasha are really great models on Black TGirls and done some excellent hardcores, but I don't think this will got down as one of their best, or as one of ours. I'm interested in your comments.

11th Jan 2024


29:58 HD Video

Eros and PF Measure Up

What a great scene. Two really good performers, who are hot and into each other right away and the chemistry between them is easily seen. We love to see scenes like this where the models get lost in each other, and the camera person just becomes a fly on the wall for a glimpse into a really authentic scene. Two hard cocks, Eros's as big and as erect throughout as PF's - but it's Eros who is going to be getting both her holes filled, and she clearly loves it all. A great scene, hot creampie and Radius gets the best from his two models. Great work!

28th Dec 2023


25:52 HD Video

Up The Queen's Cammii!

This girl loves sex - and this looks like early morning sex to me. I don't know where she's the Queen of, but it may just be the Queen of loving a long, hard thrusting cock deeply into her asshole and pounded for an hour or three. Blaze delivers this in tons, as he loves pounding Cammii's hot hole - and he's happy in all positions, from behind, up above and down below... and he's not slow. This is a nice authentic scene and more realistic than many, with two partners used to each other, waking in the morning without feeling the need to get too made up or hair done, and grabbing the closest thing to use as lube (in this case coconut butter... so the room must smell great) and getting down to some deeply satisfying sex.

14th Dec 2023


25:51 HD Video

Oiled Up & Ready To Drive

Welcome back to Rose, whose been appearing here since 2018 - and she's ready for another go on the magical Grooby ride. Country Boi is ready to join her on that ride, and he wants to be in the driving seat, so he oils up Rose's magnificent big ass, her cheeks shiny as he glides his hands over, parting her cheeks to see her hole ready and wanting, before sliding his thick meat in her, and sending shudders of pleasure through her body and gasps of satisfaction from her glossy lips. Rose wants more, and takes the driving seat, and she sits on Country Boi's cock to get full penetration, and then lets him help lift her on and off, pistoning into her thick booty.

30th Nov 2023


24:19 HD Video

Eat This Ass

"Come on baby, this ass isn't going to eat itself. My plump booty, has been shaking and wobbling to draw you in, and it's baby smooth. How good does it look? Grab a feel and then spread those cheeks wide and you can get deep down to the honeypot between my peachy ass. Yeah, like that, lick it, get me wet and feel my hole pulsating as I moan, use your tongue to rim me and then get it inside my tight, warm pussy - tongue fuck me until I squirm and writhe with pleasure and my squeals get louder. When you get me wet enough, and I cannot take it anymore, then line that big cock up, baby and get it deep, deep in me and make sure you give it all to me, and fuck me hard until I cum."

16th Nov 2023


16:08 HD Video

No Good Ass Left Behind

April loves to fuck. She's got a big hard cock, she's always horny and although she may be happy enough with a warm wet mouth for a while, she's ultimately going to want to plummet some hole. The feeling as the edge of her cock nudges up against a tight asshole, and as she grabs the hips of her bottom, drawing him into her, and the end of her cock slowly enters as she hears him gasp. She waits for him to relax and then feeds him another inch and waits again... seven more inches to go. Once in she loves to the feel the grip on an asshole around the base of her cock, and starts sliding all the way out and then thrusting back in, making her bottom squirm and moan. The thrusts increase, as she feels him tighten and start to orgasm, which is when she'll release into or on him.

6th Nov 2023


25:33 HD Video

A Very Savage Fucking

"When I wake up in a topping mood, then nothing else will do. I try looking at porn of hot guys getting rammed from other hot guys or tgirls, imagining that's me doing the fucking while I jack my big cock, but it doesn't really work so I give in, and flip thru my dirty black book looking for some hot guy I might have fucked once or twice, to see if they're up for a re-match. He's got to be good looking, and in shape. He's got to absolutely love taking my bare cock up his tight hole (no sloppy over-used assholes here thanks) and I just fucking love hearing him moan as he takes it. It helps if he can give some good head also, just to get me wet and ready, and I'll also tongue his asshole to make sure it's warmed up. There is just nothing better than thrusting my hard cock up into a tight, warm and lubed hole and then fucking until I shoot."

2nd Nov 2023


24:47 HD Video

Riding The Fantasy

Lou Fasa loves big butts. He actually loves big girls, with their large curvy soft bellies, their firm but full breasts swinging, their thick solid thighs and all those curves, and mounds to feast his eyes on, and use his hands to rub all over. But mostly, he loves big butts. Fantasy Ride is pretty much Lou's perfect fantasy. She's got everything he's looking for, including a beautiful, sexy face and she loves having her big butt fondled, fingered, licked, rimmed, and then of course fucked. Fantasy loves Lou's big cock. Lou loves Fantasy's big butt. It's a perfect fantasy match.

19th Oct 2023


24:03 HD Video

Bottoms Up With Nubian Barbie

She's got on of the best asses on this site. It's large, two perfectly round cheeks coming together to showcase that sexy dark crack, and the welcoming smooth hole between them. It's like a juicy peach, to be savoured and tasted, and once bitten into, you can only want more. Nubian Barbie is consistently one of our better models with a great attitude, gorgeous looks, insatiable sexual appetite and bags of sex appeal, and she has all of this on display as her bottom goes up in the air for Elijah to dive deeply into whether it's his big head and long tongue, or his little head sliding deeply into that warm and willing hole, to be squeezed tightly and milked.

21st Sep 2023


16:10 HD Video

Amiyah Love Nivea

Amiyah Love sent us an email asking if she could do a girl/girl scene as that's what she's really into. And in steps Nivea Nixxx... horny, and looking for some fun. This is a sweet scene, in which both girls get to know each other, and find out what turns the other on. Starting with some mutual teasing and cock sucking, as Nivea loves taking Amiyah's big cock into her mouth and feeling the heat and hardness filling her, before Amiyah can't wait any longer and plunges her cock deep into Nivea's phat ass, with plenty of cushioning she goes to work on pleasing them both, as Nivea lies back and enjoys the ride.

7th Sep 2023


18:54 HD Video

Suki Tops!

Suki is back this week in a brand new Black TGirls Hardcore exclusive and she's ready to top! Joined by Corazon Nopal in this hot HC scene produced by Omar Wax, Suki can't wait to pound his tight ass! Watch these two fucking and enjoying every moment of it!

24th Aug 2023


15:50 HD Video

Coco Tops!

Sexy Coco is back on Black TGirls Hardcore in this week's hardcore scene! Joined by Mr. Man, Coco is ready to top and she can't wait to be inside his ass! Following some hot oral fun, Coco fucks Mr. Man until she cums!

24th Aug 2023


24:02 HD Video

Blackbarbi's Big Johnny

Big Johnny is a star. When our original performer to pair with Blackbarbi cancelled (what a fool, and the last time we'll ever consider them), Big Johnny made the trip down from Newcastle on the same day, to be with this gorgeous girl. It's a great scene, with the hottest black trans girl in the UK, really showing just how much she loves sex with some great mutual oral, and then some awesome anal action, as Johnny takes Blackbarbi in every position, her sweet hole opening up to take his big cock inside her, as she loves every minute of it.

24th Aug 2023


19:12 HD Video

The Shar'Daysha Experience

Shar'Daysha was super horny and she's been wanting to do a hardcore with Caramel God, so by the time she got to the shoot, all she wanted to do was jump him! Caramel God decided to tease her a little though, and took it slow - starting with some foot worship of her pretty, smooth soles and then going deep into that smooth, dark hole with his long, probing tongue which sent her into ecstasy. By this time, she's practically begging to get fucked, and after sucking on Caramel's big cock, he penetrates her from behind, deeply and Shar'Daysha let's out a satisfying gasp. A really good, proper hardcore scene with two people enjoying each others bodies to their fullest.

10th Aug 2023


20:51 HD Video

Bruna Ciganinha Tops Gabriel

Meet Bruna Ciganinha! This Brazilian ebony hottie makes her debut right here on Black TGirls Hardcore in this week's amazing exclusive produced by Louis Damazo! Horny and hard, Bruna can't wait to top somebody, so here comes Gabriel ready to get her tight ass fucked! Bruna gives him a nice pounding all until she cums on his face!

30th Jul 2023


23:24 HD Video

Diamond Karatz Gets Poked in the Bum

Longtime fan favourite Diamond Karatz returns for some anal antics and oral fixations in this hot hardcore with RJ being the lucky guy, to plunge his thick cock between those thicker lips and get deep, deep into that thickest ass and feel it clench and grip around him as he pistons in and out of Diamond, her cock growing hard with each thrust and her squirms and squeals making him every more excited about getting her to climax before he pumps his seed deep into her belly, both of them collapsing in pools of sweat, saliva and semen. A hot authentic scene from KilaKali.

27th Jul 2023


24:27 HD Video

The Awesome Diamond Jai

How pretty and how awesome is Diamond Jai looking - in this, her second ever hardcore for us (the first scene was in 2020). She's one of those models we've been privileged to watch develop over the past seven years and she just looks pretty and sexier in each set that KilaKali has delivered. 27 years old, a perfect 5ft 7 with an awesome body and lovely ass - and Ready Red is taking advantage of all those sexy parts of her... until she decided to take advantage of his big cock, which she loves to suck and get wet before taking it deep into her tight ass. A hot set - with two hot performers.

13th Jul 2023


25:36 HD Video

Caramel God is Balls Deep in Baad Girl Ari

Here is a hot scene! Two twenty-something year olds, horny for each other and ready to make some magic happen. Caramel can't keep his hands off Ari's body, rubbing them over her legs and up to her ass with the denim shorts on, feeling her smoothness against the material. He pulls them down, to see that fantastic ass and his cock springs to attention. She sucks down on his long cock, getting it slick and wet and harder - he tongues and licks her smooth asshole, wetting it as she squirms in pleasure. Ari then slides herself down his pole, taking each inch into her tight ass slowly until she's completely penetrated by Caramel's long cock, feeling it deep inside her belly. She let's him lift her ass up and down, both of them getting hotter and hornier.

29th Jun 2023


25:29 HD Video

Loving Some Amiyah!

Amiyah Love is one hot chick! What a body on her - lean and flat stomach, long legs with nice thighs, big boobs with dark perky nipples and a nice ass that she loves to spread to get fucked. Caramel God is really into her - and as soon as he saw her pretty face, with that 'Come Fuck Me' expression his cock was hard and his mind focused - on only one thing. Some awesome mutual oral here, as they enjoy sucking on each others big cocks, and then Amiyah spreads her legs to allow Caramel to slowly enter her, as she kisses him deeply and they stare into each others eyes. This is a hot scene with plenty of passion and authenticity.

15th Jun 2023


21:44 HD Video

Not so... Innocence

I'm not sure she can continue to go by that name. There is very little innocent about that bodacious body with its big boobs, thick thighs and fat ass. Even less innocence about her wet mouth and lips, and deep tight hole. And those eyes look positively guilty. She's back, she's got a slightly new look which works well for her and Country Boi's big cock is ready to light up Innocence both inside and put. This girl just loves to be fucked - and always appears to enjoy doing a shoot!

5th Jun 2023


22:25 HD Video

Ass Up For Fun!

Symen Demon (also known as Petite Goddess) is ready to get her big booty fucked. She puts her smooth ass up high, her tatted butterflies stretching across those thick thighs, and offers her sweet hole to her man. He can't get his eyes off that ass, jiggling, rolling and inviting to suck him in and his cock his out of his pants before his belt is undone, poking and prodding between those butt cheeks. Plenty of action before Symen gets her ass surfed all the way to the point of no return.

29th May 2023


22:41 HD Video

The Kitty is in Control

Japanese Kitten in her first hardcore and she was raring to go. When she's this horny, she knows what she wants, and she wants a man to please her. Trevor never stood a chance. He's barely ready to go, when he finds himself licking on her swollen, shiny nipples and feeling her cock go erect under her dress, the material rising with her stiffness. Japanese Kitten then squats over his face as he tongues her asshole deeply, wetting her inside and out as she squirms on his face. She unleashes her large cock, and has Trevor suck it deeply, thrusting into his mouth before bending him over, and penetrating his ass deeply, fucking him in rhythm to his moans of pleasure.

15th May 2023


21:57 HD Video

Nubian Barbie Gets Piped

It's been a year since we've seen Nubian Barbie with a boy-toy and this site favourite wanted to come and get frisky with Ryan Pipes. Nubian takes charge of Ryan right away, letting him undress her and play with her perfect big breasts. She then sits him back and gives him a blow job that he won't forget, her big wet lips, her warm mouth and her probing tongue making sure she brings him to the peak - but not beyond. Now it is her turn, and she wants that tongue deep in her asshole, wetting and lubricating her tight ass before feeling Ryan sliding in his long, hard straight-as-an-arrow cock and fucking Nubian from behind, from up above and on her side before she sits on him and rides him.

30th Apr 2023


24:00 HD Video

Rose Gets Fucked

Rose has been so ready for this. Her solos sets got her all worked up, being an exhibitionist in front of the camera by herself is one thing - getting excited, and imagining there was a guy to play with her. Shooting with that guy, in front of the camera is quite a different thing, and the sexual tension and electricity between herself and Caramel God make this a very special shoot. She loves that he sucks her hard cock first, paying attention to her and then she returns the favor but moving into a 69 which is the position she likes the best, both of them getting intensely worked up, as Caramel God tongues her asshole while she sucks him. She's ready, and she's on all fours, as he slides his big cock, deep into her dark asshole, she loves every stroke, every minute of it until they climax.

30th Apr 2023