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14:07 HD Video

My Night With Kisses Karrera

Where would you take Kisses to in her home city of Baltimore? I selected 'The Prime Rib' on Calvert and over martinis and juicy steaks we got to know one-another, have some laughs and get entranced by her seductive eyes, which she knows just how to raise at the right moment. We drive back to my hotel, and walking in, all eyes are on this stunning 30-something girl on my arm. Back in the room, she freshens up while I pour a drink for her, and comes out of the bathroom in a lime green sexy outfit, with a teasing smile on her face. Her breasts are full against the bra, her nipples pushing through the material. The panties can't contain her cock and balls, and it shows out the side, her ass is pushing up high and round. She moves on to the bed, and beckons me to join her...

18th Apr 2024


15:18 HD Video

Rich and Famous

Montrea Rich is back for her second set. This natural stunner was a big hit when her shoot came into the offices and this second set is just some really super work from KilaKali and Montrea. A girl in a dress just exudes so much more sex appeal, then jumping straight to lingerie or nudity. The enticement of wanting to see more, looking down Montrea's ample cleavage or up her skirt past the butterfly tattoos to her smooth inner thighs, and dreaming of the delights that lie there. Her cock is hard, smooth and very straight. Almost if not, perfect. Her ass is super sexy, big round and smooth, with a hot, dark and tight hole. We're hoping this is going to be the start of a lot more shoots from Montrea!

16th Apr 2024


14:52 HD Video

Feeling Vanity

Another nice set of this exciting and sexually charged 28 year old from Virginia. Knee high stockings, which judging by the condition of them, she's worn them more than a few times when she's been on her knees (I'm not saying what she could have been doing on her knees) and tight panties on top, that couldn't be worn outside... so she's ready for you to come over, start making out, cop a few feels and then see where the action is going to lead from there. Her cock is hard, her nipples erect and her body is banging.

13th Apr 2024


24:39 HD Video

Tiara Tops!

She's done a number of hardcore shoots or us over the almost ten years that Tiara has worked for us, but this is the first time I've seen her topping and I think the first time I've seen Country Boi taking it. Tiara knows what she wants and what she likes to do... which is pretty much everything, but today she's going to give Country Boi the blowjob of his life, as she sucks and takes in his cock, deep to her throat. Using her tongue around the head, and her big luscious slick lips up and down the shaft, getting a piston motion going which is driving him crazy. She's ready to fuck, and bends Country Boi over as she slowly enters him, responding to his prompts to get deeper, and enjoying the act of fucking him on camera for the first time.

10th Apr 2024


15:01 HD Video

Larger Than Life

There is plenty of Ninania to go around. Over 6ft, with a sexy, full frame, lovely big ass, nice long legs with great shape - and with bags of sex appeal, with sweet, and pretty face, big eyes and cute smile that says 'come and get me'. She loves showing off, and she's going to get into her favourite 'fuck me' positions for us - legs back, ass open and she loves to watch her partners face as they enter her, and seeing how much they enjoy the shared experience. Another nice set from this sexy GroobyNewbie.

6th Apr 2024


15:15 HD Video

Joining Diamond Jai

Let's face it, you're not going to say no, if Diamond Jai invited you over for a bootycall. You're not going to decline joining her on the bed and kissing those big, pink lips while looking into her dark eyes, feeling yourself get excited and erect and she kisses back. It's going to be difficult to refuse when she gently pushes your head down to her cock, and holds it there stroking your hair, as you lick around the head of her perfect penis, tease her peehole with your tongue and then under the pressure of her hand, start to go down deep on her cock, taking it all into your mouth, into your throat and only coming up for air when she allows. You're going to join Diamond Jai and do exactly as she wishes.

5th Apr 2024


14:43 HD Video

Getting Close to Shar'Daysha

She loves to cuddle up with a hunky guy, which has a little meat on his bones, a great kisses and of course a nice big cock for her to get into. She likes to feel his hands running over her body, over her lips and then teasing her nipples, tweaking them between his fingers, rolling the hard nipples and making her squeal with pleasure. Then running his hands down her back, and grabbing a cheek in each hand and pulling her into him, so he can kiss her and fondle those asscheeks, before slipping a hand into the crack and slipping a wettened finger into her tight hole. She can feel his stiff cock pushing into her, and her cock responds then same, as they grab onto each other, slowly masturbating and pleasing, while kissing and gazing into each others eyes.

3rd Apr 2024


15:24 HD Video

"Come Watch Me Play"

"Come watch me play on the bed, and I'm going to get you so turned on you might just pop in your pants... but you better not... I love posing for you, showing you all my favourite positions, and seeing you get hot and turned on as I show a little more at a time. Do you like my ass, do you like when I spank it? Do you want to spank me? Maybe later. How about my legs or are you just wanting me to open them and pull my panties aside to show you my cock. Ooops - it's already hard. It's throbbing. Do you enjoy me stroking it for you, while I show you everything else? Mmm... it's getting harder, I'm so hot for you baby. Show me your cock."

29th Mar 2024


25:58 HD Video

Colour Me Pink

Given her recent solos, I think we're seeing what Cache's favourite colors are. She's here in a hot pink tight pants, that show the bulge and outline of her genitals through, a matching pink top and she's even matched her lips and eyes to the colour, for this really rather awesome set. Cache is seriously one horny girl. Wind her up, point her in the direction of some good cock, turn on the cameras and sit back and enjoy. She's all over Country Boi, and as soon as she's got his big penis in her mouth, she's instantly hard and her own cock is straining to shoot off from her tight body. Some great fucking scenes, with her nipples looking ready to explode, bright and shiny, and her big cock dripping with shiny, pre-cum. It's early in the year, but it's going to be hard to better this fantastic shoot.

27th Mar 2024


15:02 HD Video

It's Playtime With Baad Girl

She's got her playsuit on. Her soft shorts and easy access top that she wears for one reason only, they come off and can be thrown in the corner of the room (and lie there crinkled) easily, when she's hot and ready to play. They both give easy access to all the goods. And off they come, and there is Baad Girl Ari in her birthday suit - slim, gym-toned body, big boobs with dark nipples, lovely pretty face, nice legs, a bubble butt for bouncing things off, big smooth ball sack, and a nice cock. When she's on her knees with that ass pushed out, the cheeks spread and that inviting hole and cock dangling, then it's playtime. Are you ready?

27th Mar 2024


13:51 HD Video

A Beauty in Your Bed

It's a booty call for Beauty and you're the lucky guy she's decided to bequeath that amazing body on tonight, for fun and games, if you are up to it. Beauty splays out across the white sheets, her dark skin contrasting, the black lace outfit creating more mystery as to what's under it and what's going to happen next. Her red panties cover her bulge, her smooth hole just about being glimpsed when she bends over and stretches. You are desperate to see more, as she continues to tease. She slides off her underwear and bodysuit, her full naked sexuality is on display. She is beautiful, she is Beauty and she is yours, for a short time.

26th Mar 2024


14:27 HD Video

Taste the Sweet of Cutie Cream

Lots to feast your eyes on with Cutie Cream - her tight, smooth and lean body - budding breasts, sweet ass and tight hole. And when you've looked enough it's time to come in for a first taste, young tongue brushing over her glossed lips and finding it's way inside her warm mouth. Running your lips down her chest and nuzzling on those swollen and enlarged nipples. Her cock is salty and sweet, the precum just an appetizer for what's to come next, her ass smooth and tight and then down to those perfect feet, to suck and nuzzle on her toes. She's the full tasting menu - and worth every penny.

21st Mar 2024


11:40 HD Video

Miss Mississippi

Straight out of Mississippi comes Token. 5ft 8, 30-something year old and full of heat that radiates from this set. She loves to show off and it's not long before her natural boobs are out, hanging nicely with upturned dark nipples and her panties are off, her smooth cock getting harder by the second. Her big ass, thick and firm, a lively curve from it as she bends over, the crack widening to give a glimpse of the target between them. Her cock gets harder and she stands to show the full figure, with that penis sticking straight out as she commands you to keep looking and enjoy.

19th Mar 2024


17:19 HD Video

In Bed In Boots

When a girl like Noelleyyy beckons you to bed, and she's completely naked other than a pair of black boots which go above the knee, then you know she's going to get a little wild, and you can do nothing but strap in and go for the ride. Those long lashes, over the sultry eyes, those glistening lips on her inviting mouth as she gently licks them as she looks at you. Her nipples are pierced and stand out like little rocks on her dark areolas, the soft mounds of her breasts sensitive and lovely. Her cock is pristine, hairless and hard and just looks wonderful. She's got her riding boots on, and you'd better get ready to be ridden.

16th Mar 2024


29:49 HD Video

Eros Orisha Has Arrived

After an amazing debut year in 2023, which saw Eros win the Trans Erotica Awards as the Best New Face for 2023 (she actually debuted in late 2022) a few days ago, we've had this scene shot to celebrate that win, albeit it was unknown to Eros at this time. Dan Ferrari loves his trans girls, but he's not had the opportunity to work with many, so he was super excited to work with this pretty, vibrant and exciting 25 year old girl from California. Eros just has a great look about her. Naturally pretty, lovely natural body and a load of sex appeal. She likes guys and girls, and always looks like she's enjoying her scenes. This is a really authentic scene, with two people exploring each others bodies and what feels good, some mutual oral, followed by Eros getting quite the fucking from Dan.

13th Mar 2024


12:01 HD Video

Baad Girl Ari = The Body

Welcoming back one of our favourite models at BlackTgirls, who always puts a lot of effort into her appearance in the shoots, and has a great attitude that I wonder why she's called Baad Girl, as I think she's so Gooood! Looking every bit the star she is, in a black lace bodystocking and her chic denim jacket, hair tight against her head, and the perfect makeup. She's soon stripping down to show her smooth, toned body those lovely sized boobs, a nice round bum - just a perfect handful to grab, and a smooth cock ready for play. Another nice set from this sweet little thing.

13th Mar 2024


14:08 HD Video

Showing It All

Young & Reckless in her return set and we've missed that smile since getting drawn into it two weeks ago. Tight jeans which are worn only to enhance her amazing bum even more, and how good does that look. She's young, she's pretty, and she's got real camera presence and knows how to get us turned on... and she does that by showing us everything, from her budding breasts with shiny dark nipples, to her round bubble butt with that sweet dark smooth hole puckered and ready, and her stiff cock, standing straight out from her body. And then there are those eyes. Another great set from this exciting newbie.

9th Mar 2024


14:46 HD Video

Alanna Elu in the Buff

A body stocking is just about the laziest and most uninspiring piece of lingerie to wear. It goes on easy, it hides nothing for titillation or intrigue, it doesn't even look good - and the only purpose it serves, is to come off, so we can see how awesome Alanna's thick and curvaceous body is. She loves pushing her big ass out, her cock and balls dangling down like a small bell to be rang, when it's time for the main course, which is on show. Totally nude is the way Alanna likes to be and in the buff is how we love to see her.

8th Mar 2024


17:38 HD Video

I Want To Cache In

Another hot scene of this hot girl, and she's showing loads of sex appeal and energy throughout this solo shoot from Omar. She's just got such a great body. Lithe and firm, and very feminine. A very pretty face, and she loves to change her appearance with makeup and hair, that each time we look at her, we're getting a different facet of one very horny, very sexy and very beautiful young lady. Plenty of awesome butt content here, as Cache sticks her big ass out, the smooth sweet hole ready and willing and a nice thick cock, and balls. Ready for more Cache?

6th Mar 2024


15:26 HD Video

Does My Bum Look Big In This?

Yes. Yes it does Cherri, it's big and magnificent and when those jeans are stretched over it, it's a work of beauty and artistic merit. Once the jeans come off, it's worthy of a Nobel prize! The tatted temptress is back for her second round, showing off that killer body, that pretty face, those seductive eyes, and those lovely large lips with a wide smile. Watch as she gets herself further turned on by posing, her cock swelling, her erection begging to be quashed, her big ass spread with that smooth dark and puckered hole, ready and willing... Let's see more of Cherri Curves in 2024.

1st Mar 2024


26:09 HD Video

Prime Meat

Akaya Prime is utterly gorgeous. She's got a beautiful face, a stunning body, pretty much some of the best breasts you'll see on the site, with enlarged dark nipples. Her thick thighs, large perfect butt, and lovely cock just keep on giving - but it's her sex appeal that really gets Country Boi so excited. He cannot keep his hands off her, the touch and the feel of that firm giving body, and is soon teasing those nipples with his tongue, before sucking and licking her cock, and as she turns around, Country Boi parts her cheeks and tongues her sweet, smooth asshole eliciting moans from Akaya. She sucks on his big cock, as her cock strains and gets bigger, as she readies herself for what she really wants, what she really needs, his cock to be deep inside her, pumping and fucking her. An awesome set from Omar Wax.

28th Feb 2024


17:16 HD Video

It's Crona Time

She's pent up and ready to come. Crona needs an orgasm - posing for photos and videos turns her on immensely as she recalls past trysts and meets, and that gets her further excited. Whether she's imagining a cock, hard and long, between her lips, or when she goes into doggy position putting her butt high in the hair, thinking about getting her asshole stretched out and fucked deeply, the memories keep coming and she's hard and playing with that smooth, sexy cock. Crona bites her bottom lip as the urge to orgasm comes closer, before she releases in a wave of endorphins and sweetness.

28th Feb 2024


10:19 HD Video

Tasting Tiara

Back for her second set from Omar Wax, BlackTgirls maven Tiara has never looked better with cropped top, her smooth flat tummy showing and then a mini-skirt which we're desperate to see under. Once she starts to undress her cock stiffens and gets hard, the head poking out from the foreskin and just the smattering of dark pubic hair at the base, her boobs sticking straight out, the nipples erect and when she bends over to show her ass, her smooth, dark asshole is puckered and winking at us. Tiara plays with herself getting even stiffer, letting out light moans as she nears climax, until she finally releases.

27th Feb 2024


18:28 HD Video

Wonderful Wendy Santos

'I've got a great model for BlackTgirls' Damazo emailed me. '19 years old, really cute, nice body, pretty face, big cock... you will like my friend, I promise'. And Damazo, did not disappoint. He delivered this absolutely gorgeous new black model from Sao Paolo. She's just got one of the best smiles I've seen in some time, she's so pretty it's unreal and her body, although young and still developing, is showing hints of who she's going to be. A cock that's almost too big for her body, the damage she could do with that by accident, and those long legs, muscular arms and just the beginning of boobs, make Wendy a pretty awesome first time model, and someone I cannot wait to see more of.

22nd Feb 2024


16:31 HD Video

Monique's Daisy Dukes

It takes a special girl, with a special ass to fill out a pair of Daisy Duke style shorts. The tight denim is pulled so taut across her backside that it looks like her ass is chewing up and eating the material and it's quite the sight. Monique has a big hard cock. Smooth, lovely sized and just loves to be sucked, to fuck or get fucked. She loves all sex, and is living the dream. This is another hot set from Monique Miles, and a great start to this year on BlackTgirls... and we're hoping to see more of her throughout the year.

20th Feb 2024


15:24 HD Video

The Last of the Summer Sun

It's always sunny in California and it nearly always seems to be shining over Buddy Wood's house. Enola really wanted to shoot outside and get that sun on her body, and at least in February it's not too hot. What a fantastic model. She looks completely gorgeous, with that tiny lean body and her skin is utterly flawless, that ass is just sublime and everything about Enola just sings to me. Her cock is almost silly size on her small frame, and she has no problems getting it erect and ready to go to work. Another killer set from Buddy of this neighbourhood cutie.

15th Feb 2024


26:09 HD Video

The King & Queen of BlackTgirls

We're big Tiffany Stackemz fans on this site. And King Konda was a big fan of hers, so he jumped at the chance when Omar said Tiffany wanted to him to be in her next scene. This is a really nice, authentic scene as these two really enjoy getting into it together, Tiffany always looks great, with that lovely lean body with just great curves and that pretty face with the shock of hair which is practically her trademark look. She loves taking King Konda's semi-erect cock in her mouth and teasing it with her tongue, feeling it grow as it fills up her mouth stretching her lips and then she can get into giving a really good blow job. King eats her gorgeous ass, making her squirm and moan, before slowly entering her and filling up his Queen with his big, hard cock. A hot scene!

14th Feb 2024


12:17 HD Video

Previously Known As Godiva...

... we welcome back this super cute model who last appeared over two years ago and is now known as Enola! She looks younger than her 25 years, but this Californian cutie has the presence and demeanor of a worldclass pornstar. At a diminutive 5ft 4, with a petite body, lovely growing boobs with dark, hard nipples, and fantastic pert ass with sweet, smooth and puckered hole... she has quite the monster cock for her body size, and it's not only big, but thick and very very hard. This an awesome set, and I think going to appeal to a lot of people... let's just get Enola back soon!

12th Feb 2024


19:24 HD Video

Kitana's Orgasmic Encore

Kitana Kisses is back for round two, and she's bringing a whole new level of allure. Dressed in sleek black attire that accentuates her beauty, Kitana exudes confidence and elegance. As she indulges in playful moments with her big dildo, the intensity builds, leading to an electrifying climax. With each movement, Kitana proves herself as a master of seduction, captivating viewers with her undeniable charm and uninhibited passion. Get ready for an amazing experience as Kitana Kisses returns to the spotlight, leaving a lasting impression with her second scene – a tantalizing display of sensuality and satisfaction.

10th Feb 2024


12:34 HD Video

Date Night With Akaya Prime

Akaya invites you into her apartment as she puts on her final touches, before you both go out for the night. As you step in, your mouth drops open as you see just how gorgeous she is, and you tell her how beautiful she looks. She turns and smiles, and then notices that you've bulge in your pants... and it's growing. "We could have a cocktail here?" she suggests. You nod... and she moves towards you, her hand brushes your pants as she stands on tip-toes to slowly give you a kiss, your mouth opening to meet hers, as she rubs on your pants firmer. You slide your hands down her back, to curve of her back, and then over that perfect ass, firm and with a bounce, her big boobs pushing into you. Will this be the best date night ever?

9th Feb 2024


11:55 HD Video

Brazy's Back is Back

The second set from Omar Wax of this new Southern beauty from Georgia, Brazy. She's got instant sex appeal and for someone in their first shoots, knows how to work the camera and give it just the right amount of eyes, and sensually parted lips to draw us in. A lovely curve down her spine as her bum reaches out from her back, to just look so grabable /spankable / lickable / fuckable. Watch her play with herself, getting more excited as the camera continues to focus on her, spreading her legs, showing that dark sweet hole, and getting more erect as she gets further aroused until she finally releases - knowing that's what you want to see.

8th Feb 2024


14:43 HD Video

Chole Creamz Is Looking For Fun

The second set of this returning beauty from Tennessee. She shows the curly red hair, the big boobs and swollen nipples, the sweet curves, and the smooth erect cock. She's ready to show more, and loves to have the camera on her as she plays with herself, her exhibitionist tendencies turning her on knowing everyone can see. The more excited she gets, the harder that cock gets, the veins bulging as it pumps her even harder, and she plays more getting further excited. Another lovely set, from a lovely girl we haven't seen in sometime.

7th Feb 2024


14:50 HD Video

Redd Alert!

She's back for her second set. 28 year old Amber Redd from Mississippi. Amber is turned on from being in front of the camera, and her oiled up cock is hard, and gets thicker and harder as Amber masturbates, using her nails to rake over the sensitive bits. She enjoys showing off her body, and being an exhibitionist and is looking forward to doing more sets. Another nice set from Omar Wax, and we're looking forward to watching how Amber develops over the months and years ahead.

3rd Feb 2024


25:24 HD Video

The Sublime Senovia - Young Lovers

January's Model of the Month - the quite wonderful Senovia from Atlanta, 22 years old and gorgeous and very sexy. She really wanted to do a hardcore scene, and Xander is about the same age and together they make a great couple. The most noticeable and best thing about Senovia in my opinion, is that smile. It's wide and full, luscious lips, and just authentic... it's very very sexy. She's got a great body, lovely natural boobs, big ass, nice cock and just a great all-round package. Xander was hot and ready to go - and didn't need a second invite, before getting down and dirty with this pretty princess. Plenty of action, great chemistry and overall a really nice sex scene showing real life lovers.

31st Jan 2024


15:49 HD Video

The Tail of Aelin Blue

What a great look and presence in this set. Aelin is wearing all black lace lingerie, with black patent platforms. If that didn't look visually exciting enough, she's also got a long leather tail protruding from inbetween her tight cheeks and looks ready to spin around and use it as a whip. A really sexy set, with great makeup, and those uniquely piercing and beautiful eyes starting right out at you, and daring you into Aelin's presence. Enjoy this pretty young lady, with loads of sex appeal as she loves to show it all off for the camera.

30th Jan 2024