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14:48 HD Video

Stairway to Heaven

I've always enjoyed a shoot on a staircase. The urgency of coming home from a night out with Patrice, kissing at the front door as you fumble for the keys, hands climbing up the back of her black cocktail dress and pulling her ass closer into you as you kiss. Stumbling into the house, and pushing the door closed, you both pull off your clothes, the heat is on and it's turned up to maximum - there is no way you can wait for the bedroom, as she stripped, erect, lying back on the stairs and you can step up and be the man you were meant to be.

11th May 2024


16:09 HD Video

Five Years of Patrice Hepburn

It's been over five years since Patrice first graced us with her presence, on and then quickly onto the other sites and her popularity has only grown with each shoot. This is a sexy little shoot, with Patrice in lacy underwear and sexy posing, showing that little round ass, and that over-sized cock that when erect looks almost as big as her forearm. Cute smiles and sexy poses - and lots and lots of hard cock.

11th May 2024


15:22 HD Video

Have A Very Cloudy Christmas

It would just be the best Chrimbo present ever! I awaken to see on the edge of my bed, Cloudy Vi in her long black, thigh high boots, wearing sexy Santa lingerie and looking at me with those big eyes, and luscious lips. "Are you on my good list, or my naughty list?" she asks. It's a tough question... because I want to get naughty with her and don't want to say the wrong thing. She raises a finger and beckons me over. I kneel at her lap looking up. "Well?" she asks "Good or naughty?". "I don't know!" I answer. She pulls her panties aside and places her hand on the back of my head, gently pulling me towards her. "Well let me be the judge" she says with a wry smile.

26th Dec 2023


18:22 HD Video

Introducing Mephi Hart

Straight out of Texas, we have a newcomer, 26 year old Mephi Hart. This lovely lady, presents herself very well, with a lovely classy look enhanced by her choice of clothes, the stayup stockings (always a favorite for me) and her perfect makeup. She's got beautiful pale white skin, flawless and with some lovely big nipples, swollen and erect on her natural breasts, a very shapely bum and a nice sized cock, erect with a large head. She likes to work out, and loves to show off her body which gets her really hot and horny. A good debut set from this cutie, by Omar.

24th Dec 2023


16:50 HD Video

Grab My Big Ass

Mephi Hart loves going to the gym, and it looks like she spends most of her time doing squats as she's got nice thick and shapely thighs, and a super sexy curvy ass which she loves showing off... and if she's showing it off, she wants her partners to grab it, spank it, rub it, knead it, spread it, kiss it, lick it, finger it, dildo it and fuck it... oh and cum in (or on) it. Another sexy set from this sexy Texan. Lovely body, great boobs and nipples, nice sized and erect cock and a pretty face.

23rd Dec 2023


25:42 HD Video

Monica Owns Ricks Ass

Sexy seductress Monica Rodriguez is looking for some ass to pound to work out her energies, so she calls up Rick Fantana, who is always available for some fun. Rick showers up, and puts on his lucky underpants and scoots around. Monica doesn't hold back on what she's wanting, and pulls off Rick's clothes leaving him only with his underpants, which are lucky because they are crotchless and allow Monica direct access to his hole, which she tongues and fingers to get ready. Some mutual sucking and 69'ing and Rick's flat down on the bed, with Monica pushing into him from behind, she gets him into doggy to get deeper penetration and when that's not enough, flips him over, spreads his legs, grabs his ankles and then owns his ass.

29th Nov 2023


16:29 HD Video

Sharon Cums For You!

Horny Latina Sharon returns on Bob's TGirls with a follow-up to her debut scene and she wants to give you some more! Sharon is so horny, she can't wait to play with her cock again! Watch her showing off her hot body, her amazing ass and stroking her cock until she cums hard!

27th Nov 2023


17:02 HD Video

Debuting Mandi Jules

Here's a nice little new girl debuting today from our of Memphis. Mandi Jules is 29 years old and this is her first time working for website but she had plenty of confidence in the shoot, and worked the camera well. A nice smooth body, perky boobs with lovely dark pierced nipples which are super sensitive and she loves having teased and played with. A nice and natural face, and showing her more submissive tendencies with the collar - she's naturally a bottom and prefers that role. A nice bubble ass, smooth and sexy with a tight, puckered hole and a good sized cock, erect and flushed pink. A really good debut set of Mandi.

26th Nov 2023


15:58 HD Video

The Georgian Peach

As Addi is approaching 30, she just gets better with each set. Sweeter, sexier and more refined. She could still pass for 22, but holds herself with class and aplomb like only a Southern lady can. She's so pretty and always comes across well, the sex appeal oozing out of the screen as she strips and shows off that long, toned body with her lovely skin and just the right amount of curve in all the right places. A great ass, small but perfect boobs that fit her just right, pierced nipples to hint at her naughty side, and a pink cock and balls that stiffens as the shoot goes on. It would be love at first bite, if you were able to taste this peach.

26th Nov 2023


19:02 HD Video

Zuzu's Kink Shame

This set starts out classy and lovely, with some rare outdoor photos and Zuzu looking utterly fabulous in a flowery summer dress and black stockings against her pale skin, red lips and black hair. She's horny and wants some fun, and when she takes off the dress, she's already roped and ready, tied and trussed for fun. On with the nipple pumps, the pressure pulling and sucking her dark nipples sore but getting her hornier, the cock ring keeping her balls and cock in place and a solid butt plug pushed deep in her - she'd be moaning - but she's gagged. And the shame? The shame is, she's all alone, when someone should be there pulling, teasing, twisting and tormenting her.

24th Nov 2023


16:28 HD Video

Lunch is Served

Jessica Bittencour knows what she likes and she's serving it up to you. She likes to be in a nice warm room, with crisp white bedsheets and just having had a hot and soapy shower to relax herself. She's then going to get all all fours, thrust her ass high up and tell you to come in. You can start where you want... licking the end of her cock, sucking the head and tasting the pre-cum, or nibbling around her smooth ball sack, while gently teasing her asshole with your tongue, before diving in and pushing your tongue into that wanton hole, and making her squirm. Back to her cock, and keep sucking, until she releases that salty cream into your willing mouth. And that's just the appetizer.

23rd Nov 2023


32:35 HD Video

Intimate Investigations

It's Eileen Crowe's first hardcore scene and John Kilo comes in to grab every voluptuous curve. Playing detectives and partners, Eileen and John attempt to put the pieces together on how two 'victims' seemingly expired at the height of passion. They get to work, tearing each other's clothes off, trading blow jobs, before realizing how deep they will have to go. John bends her over the counter and takes her from behind. Then she bounces on his cock in absolute bliss. Finally, Eileen spreads her legs back to take him deeper and deeper, begging for his cum all over her tits. Case closed.

17th Nov 2023


16:15 HD Video

A Very Pretty Brasilian Girl

This is just the type of girl I love to see. I know many like the girls who have the bigger boobs, and large butts, but when I visit Brasil, I'd be all over this girl like chimichurri on a steak. Grazyeli Silva is lean and lovely, with long slim legs, a toned body with flat tummy, and natural breasts with dark nipples and a great bubble butt, that's pushed out and the cheeks spread, ready for someone to dive into that honey pot. A lovely thick and big cock, hard and erect and ready for action - which Grazyeli delivers by playing with it, until its creamy and salty load is delivered.

17th Nov 2023


16:07 HD Video

College Dayz

Imagine going to a college that has Yara Yuri attending. Imagine further she asks for help with the coursework, and then when you visit her at her digs, that's she's clearly way smarter than you and it was just a ruse for you to come over... she needs sexing. This awesome, hot, gorgeous, Arabian girl doesn't need a boyfriend, they're too time consuming and would just take her away from her studies, she needs a fuck buddy, and you've just been nominated for that role. She doesn't leave you much choice, her clothes are off - and she's showing off that ass to you, that smooth hole sweet and puckered, and that big cock hanging between her legs. Where are you going to start? It's game on - you are the luckiest person in college, and you've just won the top prize.

16th Nov 2023


17:34 HD Video

Blinded By Her Smile

I'm a sucker for a girl with a great smile, and Maylla Mandy has one of the best I've seen in some time, wide and welcoming and those teeth just dazzle you. She's complimented her smile with perfectly chosen red lipstick which also contrasts with her dark eyes, and dark hair framing her face. A very pretty girl. When your eyes have recovered, they can feast on the rest of Maylla. A toned body made for sex - with a slim tummy, big hips and ass, nice sized boobs with pointy nipples and a big, hard cock that's looking to be pleased. When Maylla Mandy smiles, then you will too.

12th Nov 2023


13:37 HD Video

Nikki North's Sticky Ending

A typical Buddy Wood shoot with everything you'd want and expect from him. He's got the stunning Nikki North on the California king, with her tight black dress hitched high, her black panties with a promising bulge and her black heels on. Nikki loves to show that smooth, pink and puckered asshole off, teasing and titillating you with her poses as you can imagine getting into those 'fuck me' positions with her, and the more she poses, the harder she gets. Nikki has quite the cock on her, smooth balls and a pristine and stunning cock, that looks like it was carved by Michelangelo. She plays, and enjoys the moment in front of the camera, until she releases her sticky, clear cum.

9th Nov 2023


14:28 HD Video

Selene's Orgasm

Selene really wanted to orgasm after an afternoon of photos with Omar got her hornier and hornier at each click of the button, and flash of the bulb. She quickly strips down in this set, showing off that big, brown butt and nice smooth, curvy figure with thick thighs and a smattering of dark, curly pubic hair above her smooth cock and balls. Legs spread, wishing that she had someone's head between them, bobbing up and down on her cock, licking her balls and hole and then maybe leading to something else. The more her imagination thinks about this the hornier she gets until the orgasm is unstoppable.

8th Nov 2023


15:22 HD Video

Work That Ass!

When we shot this it was taking Korra forever to cum. After what seemed like an eternity, she asked if I had anything she could stick in her ass to help her out. She was done in a minute! lol

3rd Nov 2023


15:11 HD Video

Your Very Own Livi Doll

Collared and clad out in sexy wear. Fishnet stockings, bra and bracers with a short skirt, which is so short it should be called a belt. This is your very own Livi Doll - bring her out to play, and turn her on by one of her many switches, either suck or play with those hard nipples, or stroke (or suck) on that long, hard cock, or you could stick a finger (or something else) up that smooth, sweet asshole to find the interior switch or simply give her a long kiss, and she'll immediately come to life and become the sex bunny which you wanted, ready to do all the naughty things you crave. The problem is, once this Livi Doll has been turned on, it's hard to turn her back off.

3rd Nov 2023


17:00 HD Video

From Ears to Tail

Pretty girl Vixin Lex returns in this sexy set, with a cute costume and choker. Starting with her fluffy ears there is a lot to see on Vixin before she even starts to undress. What's up that sexy mini skirt? How do that small gap of thigh feel at the top of her stockings? How soft would those boobs feel under her top? And then she she removes her clothes, there is all the other good stuff to see and play with, her body soft and baby smooth everywhere, as she slowly pushes in a buttplug into her tight asshole, her tail is now wagging as her front tail grows bigger!

1st Nov 2023


24:18 HD Video

Yara Loves To Fuck

Yara loves sex of all sorts - but when guys get a look of, or even better a hold of her big, hard cock, as they feel the ridge of her helmet, and the big balls hanging underneath, they can't wait to get a mouthful and that's what Dante just had to do. And once he'd tasted and sucked on that beast, then he desperately wanted to get fucked. And Yara likes nothing more, than plunging into a hot, tight hole and feeling Dante's slowly open up, allowing her deeper as she stretches his asshole out, and makes him feel every inch as it pushes into him and drives him wild. A good fuck scene, with two performers who were hot for each other, before the cameras started rolling - and then really enjoyed each other's bodies.

27th Oct 2023


15:59 HD Video

Aria James Wants To Be Slutty

Every girl wants to be slutty once in a while. It puts them in control, and it gets them what they want, which is a lot of great sex with no strings attached. Aria's got her black leather skirt on (which is certainly slutty) with matching knee-high boots (also slutty) and a tight white top which her breasts are poking through and her nipples are clearly seen. She hitches the dress up, and pulls the top down - bending over putting her ass high in the hair, her smooth balls danging, her nipples on fire and her cheeks spread to show that wanton, willing hole that needs to be fucked, and needs it now. Will Aria get what she needs?

21st Oct 2023


13:16 HD Video

A Juicy Peachie

Peachie Divine has been caged in her metal chastity device for over a week. Not able to get erect or to masturbate, once she's been released for this photo set she's horny, super horny and the only thing that's going to resolve that, is a good ass fucking. She's all bottom - and has a lovely round white ass, with a smooth, puckered hole that Peachie loves having played with and penetrated. Her vibrating plug easily slides inside her, giving her the stretch she needs and the vibrations hitting her prostate and sending waves of pleasure through her body. When a peach gets to be this juicy, it's going to squirt out somewhere.

19th Oct 2023


15:19 HD Video

"Summers Time...

... and the livin's easy. One of these mornings You're gonna rise up singing Yes, you'll spread your wings" Spreading her wings is exactly what Sydney Summers is doing! Debuted on GroobyGirls in July and with her partner Ghost on TGirls.Porn - but then embarked on road trip to Vegas and California where she's shot scenes with Radius and Buddy (including an awesome VR scene). I love this set of Sydney, showing her just as cute as a button 'girl next door'.

14th Oct 2023


14:51 HD Video

Read Between The Lines

Man, they love those bikini lines in Brazil. Personally, I don't get it - I'd rather see a tan across the whole body but it's a huge thing down there, and the girls love to get to the beach and you can watch them as they make sure the line is as defined as they can. Nikky is on the more mature side, but super sexy and loves to show off her body both at the beach, and then back in the bedroom once she's showered, moisturized and can really show off those tan lines. A nice big smooth cock and balls - and loads of energy, so get yourself ready for Nikky.

12th Oct 2023


14:01 HD Video

Oh, Mandi

"Well, you kissed me and stopped me from shaking And I need you today Oh, Mandi" A lovely second set of Mandi showing a different look as she appears in heavier makeup, with killer eyes and dark lips, and a collar and nipple piercings which match, and look great against her skin, and beg to be pulled on. Mandi has a big dildo with plenty of ridges to hit all her spots, and as she pushes it into her tight, wet hole, she closes her eyes in ecstasy feeling her asshole open and close around the thick intrusion and loving every minute of it.

11th Oct 2023


17:40 HD Video

Deer Me... it's Bambi!

Continuing with her gothy theme and look - this witchy woman looks awesome in her heavy black boots (all the better to squash your with), tight boy shorts and cut off retro witch shirt - her white skin contrasting against the all black clothes, black eyeliners and her long hair. This is a pretty girl, with some large dark eyes you could lose yourself in, a nice smile and a body with great curves, smooth and lovely skin, and all the good bits ready for play. Bambi masturbates as the set develops, her cock has a curve which would certainly reach some interesting place and as she plays more, her breath quickens, as she reaches a climax.

6th Oct 2023


16:13 HD Video

Amy's Thrill Ride

Back for her second set, Californian cutie Amy Thrill wants to tease and entice you with her red bodice and panties and her lacy stockings. Out pops those sexy soft and all natural breasts, pierced for her pleasure and they just look awesome. Her cock and balls are smooth, as is her nice large and round butt - and all ready for fun. Amy needs some big cock in her tight ass to fuck, and when that's not available, then she's got her big dildo to ride on. Another nice set from this recent debutante to the Groobyverse.

29th Sep 2023


15:21 HD Video

Star Struck

Yris Star makes her debut on BobsTgirls! This pretty and petite 20 year old, has a slim and pert body with newly blossoming boobs and dark nipples. Sweet, smooth skin and a rock hard cock that she loves to get sucked, or fuck a hot ass with, as much as she likes getting fucked herself. Yris takes care of herself, and is in great shape - and adores the fact that people all over the world will be watching her, please herself.

28th Sep 2023


13:46 HD Video

The 8th Wonder of the World

Look, I don't want to go on and on about the elephant in the room. Brooklyn's a really super girl, polite, fun and great to talk to. She's also super sexy, with loads of appeal and a really great model who engages the camera well, knows how to perform and shows off sexuality, her great body and pretty face, gaining a lot of fans. But... that cock is ridiculous. It almost looks like camera trickery and I don't know many male performers who could match up on her. The fact, she gets so hard and excited, even enhances the viewing experience more. So I apologise to Brooklyn for focusing on that so much, but it's hard not to.

28th Sep 2023


14:49 HD Video

Zaza is Smouldering

What a fabulous scene from Omar Wax and Zaza showing her at her absolute finest and appearing like a model who has done far more work - she's exudes confidence and sex appeal in this set and looks like she's really enjoying being the centre of attention (as only a true exhibitionist would!). Those white fishnet tights really are a great addition to her - contrasting against her skin and letting us see everything underneath but willing us to want to see more. Zaza pulls them over her ass, showing that sweet hole and that big cock, and shows how she loves to play with herself. This is a model to watch for future shoots as she's one of the best new girls I've seen recently.

21st Sep 2023


24:26 HD Video

Andre Takes the (Eva) Maxim

Eva Maxim is utterly gorgeous. Just a stunning woman, who always looks amazing and always gives us the best scenes. For those who like to see good looking guys getting topped by beautiful trans females, then this scene is going to hit the mark, as Eva and Andre Stone were into each other, hot and horny and that comes through in the scene - it's passionate, it's authentic and it's very very sexy. Two performers at the top of their game. One producer who really gets great content. Thousands of people playing with themselves while watching this!

15th Sep 2023


14:56 HD Video

An Afternoon Delight

Karine Siqueira has had a busy day at work. Starting early, and working all day... and she's got a big party to go to tonight, but right now, she's home alone at 4pm and ready to release the stress and so she doesn't go out with a loaded weapon tonight! So who is down to help her? She's up for any number of guys, as long as they know how to suck a cock well, or get fucked. She'll even settle for a good handjob if that's all they offer! A nice looking model, with the banging body you expect from Brazilian girls.

14th Sep 2023


21:06 HD Video

Kira Loves Assplay

Return set for the lovely Kira Kandella - a hot, natural trans girl from Toronto, photographed again by Vee. She's got a fantastic body, all natural boobs with shiny pink nipples, smooth all over, nice ass and cock... and she just utterly loves having her asshole played with, teased, stretched and fucked. It's not long into the shoot until she gets a tunnel plug into her sweet hole, stretching and relaxing her ass for the dildo to follow, hold on, correction, for the dildos to follow, because one just isn't enough to satisfy Kira. Sliding two dildos into her, hits the spot and sends her writhing in ecstasy.

13th Sep 2023


17:32 HD Video

The Girl Next Door

It's what we all fantasised about, isn't it? The cute trans girl next door, who let only you into her secret and to sneak around and play with her? And Sydney Summers would certainly be an exceptional girl next door. She's as cute as anything, with a pretty face and a great open smile, she takes care of herself with lovely smooth skin, and pretty pink swollen nipples on nubile breasts. A sweet smooth pink asshole, nice sized cock that gets hard and redder the more excited she gets. This is another hot scene from Sydney and Buddy.

8th Sep 2023