Ethnicity - Brazilian

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The Very Sexy Fernanda Moraes

Here's a very sexy debut direct from Brazil of a girl I've not seen before. 23 year old Fernanda Moraes, doesn't have the typical Brazilian styling. She's got a chic little haircut which sets her face of beautifully, her striking features classy and beautiful. A tight little red dress is perfectly chosen to highlight her thick body - some killer thighs, and a lovely ass with nice boobs also. She's instantly hard when her clothes comes off, which surprises me, as I don't know where she was hiding that monster under her dress - but out it comes, and after she pleasures herself using a fleshlight, there is no holding her back as she tugs, and pulls at her big cock.

19th Apr 2024


16:39 HD Video

The Total Package

When Damazo started shooting Victoria Prado he couldn't stop. Every shot just seemed better than the last, every time she changed pose it just seemed hotter, and as the shoot progressed and she showed yet another position, her cheeky smile looking back at the photographer, her wide mouth and plump lips slightly open in a sexy way, he just wanted to take more. Whether she was head down looking back over, with her butt high in the hair, her cock poking through, shiny and wet. Her asshole smooth, tight and puckered. Or if she was on her back, her heeled feet high in the hair, her big bum showing its curve and that hard cock poking out more - he still couldn't stop shooting. Only after Victoria had orgasmed and said she needed a rest, did he put the camera down and rest also.

5th Apr 2024


18:52 HD Video

New Face On The Block

Excited for new faces? Then rejoice in the arrival of the wild and daring Ariadne Allyne. She exudes seduction and possesses undeniable sexual energy that will mesmerize you with her numerous skills. In the future, we will certainly be working on hardcore scenes featuring her.

4th Apr 2024


17:38 HD Video

Lanah's Fabulous Debut

Lanah Frias is a delight for the fans of natural transgirls. With undeniable beauty and a smile capable of melting icebergs, Lanah embodies femininity effortlessly. Rarely does anyone notice she is transgender wherever she goes, and even men who swear they would never consider being with a tgirl reconsider after meeting her.

29th Mar 2024


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Young & In Love

Oh to be in my 20s again when I was young, cute and had loads of energy. When I used to travel the world, stopping off in Brazil and fall in love with a gorgeous girl there for a night or two, and then fall in love with another. Those early dates, of exploring each other, finding what makes her tick, and what she can do to me that may be new and exciting. Gazing into each others eyes, while we test, we tease, we poke, we taste and we find the spots. Ananda and Mateo are doing just this and we find them really enjoying each other's bodies, each of them loves to top, and loves to bottom. They both believe they're the best at sucking cock and they both love getting sucked. They love to kiss. They love to cuddle. They love to fuck. They love to cum together.

27th Mar 2024


26:59 HD Video

Uncontrollable T-Lesbian Lust

Today, we bring you another unprecedented and unexpected combination that is both very exciting and tempting. Lorena wanted to showcase more of her sexuality in this vibrant scene, taking command of the action. Our new muse Alice also delivered a stellar performance, taking the bottom role this time. These hotties make this t-lesbian bareback hardcore encounter another unforgettable classic for our lucky subscribers!

3rd Mar 2024


18:20 HD Video

Smile - You're on Camera!

Ananda India has some smile. It lights up a room when she walks in, and if you saw her in a restaurant or club, you can watch people gravitate to her smile which is matched to her warm personality. She's a happy girl, and she's never happier than when she's in front of a camera playing with herself and showing of her lithe, lean and very sexy body to a crowd of international wankers. Some perfect natural boobs on her, just a lovely size and with the tan marks the Brazilians are famous for. Perky and lovely. Her cock is also pretty damn perky, and stands up hard and with a curve. Her ass is smooth, and round with a tight smooth hole, that she loves getting used. A super hot new girl, who just excels on camera.

1st Mar 2024


18:50 HD Video

Ebony Goddess Debuting

For subscribers who have been asking for more black girls, this week we introduce one of the most beautiful, captivating, and attractive ebony individuals of this generation to our website. In addition to her irresistible beauty, she also possesses a remarkably sizable cock that will make our audience salivate with the lust it will provoke.

22nd Feb 2024


18:28 HD Video

Wonderful Wendy Santos

'I've got a great model for BlackTgirls' Damazo emailed me. '19 years old, really cute, nice body, pretty face, big cock... you will like my friend, I promise'. And Damazo, did not disappoint. He delivered this absolutely gorgeous new black model from Sao Paolo. She's just got one of the best smiles I've seen in some time, she's so pretty it's unreal and her body, although young and still developing, is showing hints of who she's going to be. A cock that's almost too big for her body, the damage she could do with that by accident, and those long legs, muscular arms and just the beginning of boobs, make Wendy a pretty awesome first time model, and someone I cannot wait to see more of.

22nd Feb 2024


17:18 HD Video

The Rising Star

This is a good looking girl, with a really awesome body. I love her tanned skin, and that curve of her ass is just about perfect, promising that if you get lucky enough to spread those cheeks, there is treasure to behold within. Nice boobs, great smile and those dark eyes with giant lashes just beckoning in. Leticia likes to switch, but more naturally she's a bottom and brought along a dildo to slide into her dark hole, to hit all the spots that give her pleasure and her asshole grips that dildo, holding it in place as she masturbates. If you like hot Brazilian girls, check out this rising star.

17th Feb 2024


31:42 HD Video

Isabelle Disordi is The Hot Stuff

What a hot girl Isabelle Disordi is. She's got a look that butter wouldn't melt in her mouth, and then a few minutes later there is a cock in there and she's trying to get it as far down her throat as possible. She's one sexy girl, built for porn and determined to do the most she can, with that killer body, big boobs, nice cock and that big ass that just loves being eaten and licked. Once she's wet and relaxed she's ready for Thiago's cock and she sticks her ass up high, cracks the gap open and lets him slide home. Another hot Brazilian shoot, with Isabelle 'Hot Stuff' Disordi.

7th Feb 2024


22:02 HD Video

Kimbely Soares & Isabely Fontanely

Experience an extraordinary clash of titans featuring two bombshells from the new generation in an enticing T-lesbian hardcore scene. Normally, Isabelly commands the party, but this time she chose to show her more submissive side, taking on the bottom role in every scene. Kimbely is in great shape and incredibly aroused, offering us an amazing performance.

5th Feb 2024


28:06 HD Video

Banging Bays!

Today you're Banging Bays! A hot girl with a gorgeous body, and a juicy ass ready for your cock! Alicy gives you a sexy show before planting her supple lips around your already hard cock! To get you even more aroused she plays footsie with your cock before you fuck her hard until you cum on that hot ass!

1st Feb 2024


26:06 HD Video

It's Hammer Time!

A proper porn star, for my books, is someone who looks like she belongs on a catwalk, a the opening of a gala, or in a glossy magazine - but then is the nastiest, sluttiest girl when she wants to be, not afraid of being filmed dripping with sweat, cum and other body fluids and can let herself go completely to get into the scene. And Anastasia is just that. Jack Hammer cannot wait to feel everything Anastasia has, and his tongue is soon deep into that sweet, smooth dark asshole and making her squirm, as she grabs his big hard cock and plays with it. Hard fucking, plenty of sucking and a few more treats, as these two go to work on each other, in this authentic scene.

31st Jan 2024


17:37 HD Video

Costa Bravo!

Janny Costa's second outing in these gorgeous sets by Kalin. It's hard to try and convince a Brazilian model to dress in something more 'day wear' - jeans, summer dress, etc. as they always go directly for the sexiest lingerie or bathing suit, yet wearing heels. And that's what Janny has gone for here, she's brought all of the heat from Rio, to this dreary London January day. Just a true professional as she strips, masturbates and is constantly hard throughout the shoot, that perfect round ass, those larger red lips, her big welcoming eyes. Sex on two legs ...

30th Jan 2024


18:43 HD Video

Disordi in the House!

25 year old Isabelle Disordi from Belem is quite the looker. That long dark hair with those bright lips, make her look classy and sexy. Of course the huge hard cock and balls sticking straight up may alter many people's opinion on being classy, but I'm good with it! She's got some body on her - boobs just like the Brazilians love, big and with sharp tan lines, and a big round ass with a gstring tan line also that just stopped her asshole from getting tanned. This is a nice solo masturbation scene from Damazo - and featuring one of the top Brazilian performers of 2023.

27th Jan 2024


26:14 HD Video

Fucking Me, Fucking You

Fans of hot Brazilian girls who love to fuck their partners holes, and when they've had enough of that, they're so horny they need their own hole filled, will love this new set from Juliana Souza with Peach Velvet. She's a powerful performer with a muscular build, large breasts and a big stiff hard cock, and after Peach has eaten her asshole out enough, shes ready for him to sit and take that cock all the way, until his eyes are watering. She enjoys him fucking her, but she's still in control and determined to assert her authority over him by cumming in his face (making his eyes water again).

10th Jan 2024


18:39 HD Video

The Best Boyfriend

What's a girl going to do? You hook up with a guy, and then find out the bum makes less money than you do, and wants you to pay for his dinner. When you're horny, he's always too tired or playing on his Xbox, and when he goes out with his friends you don't know if he's cheating on you? When you do get some action, his cock sucking skills are at the best average, and his asshole is so worn out that you can barely touch the sides. Fuck that, Thaysa Lopes knows how to do it. A small investment and she's got a toy mouth that really knows how to suck her like she needs, and she has more time to go to (to keep her arm strong so she can pump herself as long as she wants). And when it gets sloppy and worn out, she just tosses it in the bin and buys a newer model. The best boyfriend.

29th Dec 2023


19:08 HD Video

A Brazilian Xmas

Isabela Salvatore wishes you a Very Happy Christmas, no matter where in the world you are. She also wishes each and every one of you were with her so she could complete the year by fulfilling her pledge to suck as much cock as she can, and to get fucked as much as possible. She's slipped into her Xmas costume, to make that wish and see how many people heed the call. Who wouldn't want to get head from that beautiful face, with those bright white teeth - her blue eyes looking up as she sucks, and you then see those majestic titty tan lines and want to fuck them before bending her over, lubing up and sticking your cock right up her willing hole. Happy Brazilian Xmas.

22nd Dec 2023


24:09 HD Video

Paola Santrelly Is My Fuck Buddy!

As far as fuckbuddies go you can't go wrong with Paola! This horny little Brazilian loves loves loves to get fucked and you're happy to oblige when you see her young, soft and nubile body in front of you! That she's sucking your cock helps! To get you even more horny she gives you a foot job before she takes your cock and rides! You fuck her every which way until you both cum, thanking the stars that Paola Santrelly Is My Fuck Buddy!

14th Dec 2023


17:29 HD Video

Juliana Souza is Backing Up

Watch out, wide load reversing! If you saw that big round ass coming back at you, with the balls hanging below and her pristine, hard and rather large cock pointing up, you'd have a few seconds to make a decision that could change your life. Either get out of the way, and run to safety, or lie back and open wide because you're going to be sucking on that stiff penis, licking those smooth balls and tonguing that sweet, puckered hole until Juliana has had enough... and by then, you'll be a Juliana Souza addict and coming back for more. This is a hot Brazilian girl, with a great look, a body for sex, huge cock, and in this scene she's going to be playing with some sex toys to get her to orgasm... are you one of those sex toys?

9th Dec 2023


30:37 HD Video

Yris Star Needs Anal (both ways)

Yris Star is a sexy girl! If you met her at a club, or on the beach you'd be let to believe she's a classy, cute, sexy girl but maybe all tease. Well she's all of them, until she needs to get fucked, and when Yris needs a thick cock pounding her tight asshole, then she's an absolute animal. She calls Henrique around as she knows this bad boy has a big, hard cock and he'll fuck her as long as she needs it, deep anal sex - the friction against her hole building up the excitement as he probes deeper with each thrust, and as she pushes back to meet him - his balls bouncing on her ass, until she can take it no more. Then she needs more anal... his ass is going to be hers as she lubes herself up, and slides deeply into him. He likes it as deep and as hard, and lies back letting her use him until they are both spent.

29th Nov 2023


16:28 HD Video

Lunch is Served

Jessica Bittencour knows what she likes and she's serving it up to you. She likes to be in a nice warm room, with crisp white bedsheets and just having had a hot and soapy shower to relax herself. She's then going to get all all fours, thrust her ass high up and tell you to come in. You can start where you want... licking the end of her cock, sucking the head and tasting the pre-cum, or nibbling around her smooth ball sack, while gently teasing her asshole with your tongue, before diving in and pushing your tongue into that wanton hole, and making her squirm. Back to her cock, and keep sucking, until she releases that salty cream into your willing mouth. And that's just the appetizer.

23rd Nov 2023


16:15 HD Video

A Very Pretty Brasilian Girl

This is just the type of girl I love to see. I know many like the girls who have the bigger boobs, and large butts, but when I visit Brasil, I'd be all over this girl like chimichurri on a steak. Grazyeli Silva is lean and lovely, with long slim legs, a toned body with flat tummy, and natural breasts with dark nipples and a great bubble butt, that's pushed out and the cheeks spread, ready for someone to dive into that honey pot. A lovely thick and big cock, hard and erect and ready for action - which Grazyeli delivers by playing with it, until its creamy and salty load is delivered.

17th Nov 2023


17:34 HD Video

Blinded By Her Smile

I'm a sucker for a girl with a great smile, and Maylla Mandy has one of the best I've seen in some time, wide and welcoming and those teeth just dazzle you. She's complimented her smile with perfectly chosen red lipstick which also contrasts with her dark eyes, and dark hair framing her face. A very pretty girl. When your eyes have recovered, they can feast on the rest of Maylla. A toned body made for sex - with a slim tummy, big hips and ass, nice sized boobs with pointy nipples and a big, hard cock that's looking to be pleased. When Maylla Mandy smiles, then you will too.

12th Nov 2023


32:01 HD Video

Thayssa Is Taking My Temperature!

Nurse Thayssa is here to take your vitals! She starts with your cock which is showing great strength! Being a good nurse Thayssa makes a very through oral exam as she sucks your cock and eats you out! She wants to make sure you're in full form, a vigorous fucking follows until you cum all over her!

9th Nov 2023


24:18 HD Video

Yara Loves To Fuck

Yara loves sex of all sorts - but when guys get a look of, or even better a hold of her big, hard cock, as they feel the ridge of her helmet, and the big balls hanging underneath, they can't wait to get a mouthful and that's what Dante just had to do. And once he'd tasted and sucked on that beast, then he desperately wanted to get fucked. And Yara likes nothing more, than plunging into a hot, tight hole and feeling Dante's slowly open up, allowing her deeper as she stretches his asshole out, and makes him feel every inch as it pushes into him and drives him wild. A good fuck scene, with two performers who were hot for each other, before the cameras started rolling - and then really enjoyed each other's bodies.

27th Oct 2023


18:18 HD Video

Take a Ride Up Ventura's Blvd

This is Yara Ventura making her debut on and what a pretty girl she is. Yara is 22 and originally from the beautiful city of Maceio, so she naturally has a love of the beaches, although you'll be more likely to bump into her at a night club in Sao Paolo or out with friends for coffee and people watching. Watch this lithe beauty, with her toned and tanned body, perfectly lovely breasts with nipples that could poke our an eye, big hard cock, and pert, firm ass - play with herself, dildo that sweet hole and just love being in front of the camera as she's seen worldwide.

14th Oct 2023


14:51 HD Video

Read Between The Lines

Man, they love those bikini lines in Brazil. Personally, I don't get it - I'd rather see a tan across the whole body but it's a huge thing down there, and the girls love to get to the beach and you can watch them as they make sure the line is as defined as they can. Nikky is on the more mature side, but super sexy and loves to show off her body both at the beach, and then back in the bedroom once she's showered, moisturized and can really show off those tan lines. A nice big smooth cock and balls - and loads of energy, so get yourself ready for Nikky.

12th Oct 2023


17:05 HD Video

... And Breathe Out...

Wow was all I could say when I saw the shoot of Paola Santrelly bending over, with that ultimate ass in the air, her sweet, hard pink cock sticking straight down, her smooth balls tight, and that beautiful face looking back, with the dark eyes saying to me, 'Come and get me!'. And then I breathed out. What a great looking girl. And we're going to see her as Damazo intended, having a great time in front of the camera, as she enjoys being an exhibitionist and showing off that great body, that pristine smooth and beautiful skin, her perfect ass and hard cock - and as we watch her enjoying fucking herself, we can only dream of being there.

30th Sep 2023


23:06 HD Video

Marcela In Command

Marcela Dimov loves to fuck. She's a top in her personal life, and she loves nothing more than getting into a camera and showing off how much she likes to command a man what to do. Thiago is ready fo the challenge, as Marcela has him eat her asshole deeply, tonguing her and getting her wet, sucking on her long cock so it's down his throat and filling him and then getting a deep penetration as Marcela pushes into him, as far as she can go, so they're connected as one. Those who love to see a hot Brazilian trans girl with a big dick, give it to a willing bottom boy will love this scene.

29th Sep 2023


15:21 HD Video

Star Struck

Yris Star makes her debut on BobsTgirls! This pretty and petite 20 year old, has a slim and pert body with newly blossoming boobs and dark nipples. Sweet, smooth skin and a rock hard cock that she loves to get sucked, or fuck a hot ass with, as much as she likes getting fucked herself. Yris takes care of herself, and is in great shape - and adores the fact that people all over the world will be watching her, please herself.

28th Sep 2023


23:50 HD Video

Anna Pantaleao Switch Fucks

Recent debutante, Anna Pantaleao returns in this super scene. We told you she was a sex machine who liked to do everything and have the best time, and she's out to show it in this hot hardcore with bad boy Henrique. After a slow, gentle warm up, nineteen year old hottie, Anna treats Henrique to a blow job extraordinaire as she sucks and licks his cock, enjoying every moment of tasting and pleasing him. Of course, Henrique has to return the favour and he really sucks off that big cock well, getting Anna well worked up and ready to get fucked. But that's not enough for her as she flips Henrique over and goes to town on his ass which brings both of them to orgasm.

20th Sep 2023


17:06 HD Video

The Fabulous Thaysa Lopes

Another hot Brazilian trans girl debuting on today. Many of you probably think that Brazil has an unstoppable flow of hot trans girls on tap, but that's not quite true, Damazo really goes beyond, using all his 30 years experience and contacts, as well as his impeccable reputation to find these models and work with them. This is the fabulous Thaysa Lopes, and she radiates through the screen with that big smile, and bigger personality... and even bigger ass! She's got really great looks, and a very well put together young lady with gorgeous hair, pristine nails, lovely skin and everything just perfect.

16th Sep 2023


14:56 HD Video

An Afternoon Delight

Karine Siqueira has had a busy day at work. Starting early, and working all day... and she's got a big party to go to tonight, but right now, she's home alone at 4pm and ready to release the stress and so she doesn't go out with a loaded weapon tonight! So who is down to help her? She's up for any number of guys, as long as they know how to suck a cock well, or get fucked. She'll even settle for a good handjob if that's all they offer! A nice looking model, with the banging body you expect from Brazilian girls.

14th Sep 2023