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18:52 HD Video

It's Still Sunny in California

When you've spent the winter in New York City, and it's now May and it's still dreary, then you go to Los Angeles, and look out of the studio window and see a pool... and the sun... and even a palm tree over the fence, then you're going to jump into your swimsuit and get out there and soak up your vitamin D - and that's exactly what June Ferrari did - with Buddy's camera there to record it! This is one super sexy girl with a load of sex appeal, alluring eyes, a lovely smile and a body made for pleasures - hers and yours. Some good action with a glass plug as she plays with herself, loving being the exhibitionist until she can take it no longer and orgasms.

22nd Jun 2024


17:59 HD Video

There Must Be An Angel

"No one on earth could feel like this I'm thrown and overblown with bliss There must be an Angel Playing with my heart" The second set of gorgeous Brazilian girl, Marcelly Angel and being in Kalin's dungeon has brought her fetishy side out, locked in a collar, with thigh-high leather boots and bursting out of a black matching top, those big boobs creating quite the cleavage.

21st Jun 2024


33:13 HD Video

Lianna Lawson is Playing Dress Up

Luke London made a bet with his FWB, Lianna Lawson and the winner of the bet got to choose an outfit the other would wear. Luke wins and tells Lianna he's got her a student uniform. "I'm too old for that!" Lianna protested but Luke won the bet and insisted. She puts on the red plaid skirt and cut off white top, the stay up white stockings, white trainer and 'virgin' panties, completing the ensemble. "Urgh, I hate this look" says Lianna stamping her foot, then she sees the effect it's having on Luke, who is goggle eyed, and stroking his cock through his denims. "Well maybe it's not thaaaaaaaaat bad" she says. One awesome scene. Lianna Lawson doesn't do bad scenes - but this is one of her best as she partners with Luke and Moe Scoville to produce this corker.

19th Jun 2024


17:47 HD Video

Lusting For Avery

The second set of the lovely and very exciting, Avery Lust. For this set she's in a sexy little outfit that can only have been made for bedroom play, a black dress that doesn't even cover her panties (and if she wasn't wearing panties, something would be hanging loose below the hemline) but once we've gotten that out of the way, she's got some sexy matching lacy lingerie and fishnet stockings, with strappy black shoes... all showing her body off perfectly as she poses for Buddy's camera. This set is really hot as Avery plays with that big, hard cock, and spreads her curvy ass to show that smooth, inviting puckered hole... as she stares at you, asking you, willing you, to come and get it.

19th Jun 2024


15:08 HD Video

All Hail Ember Fiera's Perfect Ass

Bow down and worship the perfectness of Ember Fiera and then give thanks for that amazing ass. All hail Buddy Wood, who loves photographing trans women, and loves to shoot those beautiful perfect big asses. Everything on Ember is pretty much perfect, from her beautiful face, to that inviting, sexy and warm smile, to awesomely proportioned body, smooth sweet uncut cock and her bodacious butt. She's easily one of the finest performers working today, and we just love that we can showcase her here. I can't take my eyes of her.

15th Jun 2024


29:05 HD Video

Free Ride

There is no such thing as a free ride - or is there? Bella Sky is new in the city - and she's horny. She doesn't have time to scroll through the dozens of bums using the apps, so she books a car, and hopes that it might be a driver who is equally horny and looking for fun. Of course, who turns up but Steve Rickz and he's always looking for a sweet, easy highway to cruise up - or in. Bella makes it clear that she doesn't want to really go anywhere, and flashes her perfect cock to Steve, who pulls a u-turn, drives through her front door and drops her off on the big bed. Bella Sky is one of our favorite Grooby Girls and we've been showcasing her beauty and talent since she debuted last year... enjoy this cracking scene...

12th Jun 2024


17:41 HD Video

In Alice's Wonderland

Phew - these Brazilian girls bring the heat with them and radiate to the rest of the world, they're intoxicating and lovely Alice Lucena wants to take you to her wonderland where you will have the choice to take the blue pill... or the red. Depending on your choice, will be whether you go down the rabbit hole, or end up at the TEA party, if you play your cards right, she will be your Queen of hearts and let you access that incredible body of hers and play with her dweedledumb and her dweedledee. Alice has that Brazilian body we all expect - stacked legs and ass, meaty and firm, smooth toned skin, tanned with big boobs. Smooth all over, her asshole puckered and pretty, her cock aggressively hard, her eyes demanding, her mouth welcoming. Come play in wonderland with Alice.

12th Jun 2024


27:38 HD Video

The World Belongs to Ciboulette

Her scenes rate among the highest partnered scenes on GroobyGirls, Grooby VR and her solos here from earlier this year, were among some of the highest rated. She's the tour de force from Canada that is Ciboulette. Debuting in 2023, this is one of the hottest models we've featured on any site, and was certainly one of the faces of last year. 27 years old, naturally pretty with an amazing body, she's tall, she's got great curves and some perfect breasts, and just overall a sexy, classy vibe that's soon demolished when she gets her mouth around Pierce's big cock, and looks every bit the wanton, and hungry to be fucked girl that she is. A really great set from Radius and Pierce Paris, featuring a girl that has to be one of the biggest stars of 2024. The world belongs to Ciboulette.

5th Jun 2024


16:58 HD Video

Avery Lust's Solo Debut

A smoking hot new girl from Buddy Wood. Avery Lust is a 24 year old, originally from Arizona and she presents herself so well here, you'd think it was her 100th shoot. This slim, smooth 5ft cutie has a lovely body, with perfect curves, a thick ass and thighs, some stellar breasts and a big hard cock... but to top it all off, one beautiful face and a load of sex appeal. Avery uses those seductive eyes, and those pouting pink lips to entice you into her trap - and once there, she's going to expect you to please her, and you'd better be ready to run your tongue over that smooth body, and give her everything she needs.

4th Jun 2024


13:41 HD Video

Utterly Gorgeous

I am utterly enamoured by Ember Fiera. I've always loved the content she's done for us, but this year it seems like she's just shone. Clearly, she is a very beautiful girl, but it's when she smiles, with those perfect teeth, that wide mouth and those bright eyes that she's elevated to a different status. Having been able to spend some time with her at the 2023 TEA's and at X3 earlier this year, I can attest that as good as Ember looks in her shoots, she eclipses that in person. She's got a tiny stature at 5ft 2 but her ambiance fills the room just as her sex appeal explodes out of her scenes. Try and take a look at photos of her at the TEAs to see what I mean, just utterly utterly gorgeous. She's very sexual individual loving boys and girls, and all the spectrums in-between. I'm excited to show these scenes from Buddy Wood, and excited to see more of Ember throughout this year!

1st Jun 2024


17:12 HD Video

Beautiful and Bodacious Bella

Bella Sky returns! The 100% Grooby Girl and 100% bonafide starlet is just so fucking sexy and hot. She just loves sex, and loves getting fucked, and with an ass like her ass, and that pretty pink and smooth asshole, she's got the equipment to be the best at that! The tight black latex skirt, along with those black nails, black stockings and black panties are striking against her smooth pale skin, only her pink lips and nipples standing out... oh and that monster pink cock of hers, hard, slick and throbbing and looking like it could really do some damage as she plays with herself, loving being an exhibitionist in front of Buddy's camera and getting herself hornier and hornier...

31st May 2024


19:27 HD Video

That's Snow Business!

Alexandria Snow's second scene from Vee, shot in Ottawa last month. We've got this exciting model dressed in a tight fitting black leather dress, thigh-high stay-ups and bright red (slutty) panties adding a splash of color against her otherwise monotone white skin/black clothes. This is a hot model, with a great body, and just exudes a sexy vibe that draws you in. The camera loves her, and it looks like she loves being in front of the camera, as she shows off her gym-toned body, big hard cock and lovely round ass. More please!

29th May 2024


29:39 HD Video

The Flip-Fuckers

What's better than two people who want to just enjoy each other's bodies, and their own sexuality. 23 year old Fernanda Moraes loves all sorts of sex as she's discovering on her journey through life, and we know that Marcus likes it in any and all ways. Big hard cocks being sucked on, sweet smooth assholes being tongued, and long, deep fucking sessions - Marcus taking Fernanda first and then when they want to experience new sensations they swap around, as Marcus enters Fernanda's tight hole and penetrates her deeply. This is sex experienced at its best. Everything is available and it's all to be enjoyed. Join the flip fuckers and you to can lead your best life.

29th May 2024


15:19 HD Video

Nikki North Hits Her Limit

I know that Nikki loves a big thick cock pounding at her ass, and I've seen her take some pretty big dildos on her videos, but this glass butt plug may be a plug too far! She's certainly loving pushing it in, her eyes rolling in her head as the toy stretches her anus to its limit, and giving her all sorts of intense stimulation throughout her body. When she's overloaded on that, she focuses back onto her hard cock, which looks like it's straining and rock hard, pulsating as she plays with it until orgasm. Another really hot set, from this dynamic and sexy model who is at her peak. I think we'll see Nikki's next challenge, stretching her limit even further.

25th May 2024


14:26 HD Video

The Awesome Victoria Grant

Back for her second set is the awesome Victoria Grant, the latest girl that Buddy Wood found in his neighbourhood. Tall, lovely long legs, big ass, super cock - hard and horny and that pretty face, she's all ready to go. Fresh in front of a camera for the first time, she loves showing off and it takes only a few minutes before she's stripped out of her black top and skirt, and showing all her best assets off, totally nude. That big ass, with that smooth puckered hole, and that big cock pushing back through, is a sight to behold. A lovely set watching her masturbate until she reaches her orgasm.

23rd May 2024


21:57 HD Video

Huge Cock and Anal Beads

It sounds like the lyrics to a rock song, but this scene is all Damazo's composition of the gorgeous and the sublime, Alice Bays. This 24 year old is the perfect package. She's got such a pretty face with an absolutely devastating smile, wide and welcoming with dark seductive eyes. Her boobs are utterly perfect, hanging down beautifully and daring you to grab and play with them. An awesome body, with a hard big cock and a big set of dangling balls, full of cum and ready to be released. Alice loves posing and playing with herself, she's hard and playing with her cock, but she needs a little something else to get her over the edge, so out comes her favourite - anal beads - and popping one at a time into her tight hole, she lets out little gasps before experiencing the pleasures of removing them, which gets her popping.

22nd May 2024


12:45 HD Video

Save Your Kisses For Addi

Addi on the bed. Addi horny and ready. Addi slowly stripping for you. Addi lifting her panties to one site to show her super sexy bum and sweet hole. Addi removing her bra and lying back. Addi telling you to join her. Now what do you do? You kiss her. She loves kissing. Addi can kiss for hours, her nipples on fire, her cock erect, her asshole pulsating but mainly her tongue intertwined with yours as the promises of what come next are in front of you, but you can't release from the kissing as it's just so, so good. Another awesome set from this star from Georgia.

18th May 2024


28:14 HD Video

A.A.A. = Autumn And Andre!

Autumn and Andre are bringing the A-game to This A Team get a lot more than A for Effort, it's a triple A rated Autumn Rain and Andre Stone extravaganza in which Autumn ass is well used. Some hot foreplay as Andre and Autumn make-out and get to know each other, kissing and fondling and finding their ways around each others bodies and their hot zones. Autumn gets her lips around Andre's big cock, and licks and sucks his member, loving the taste, the strength and the heat in her mouth, before she lies back, opens those long, smooth white legs and encourages Andre to enter her. Autumn loves anal sex, she loves getting penetrated and fucked by this powerful guy, and Andre is in his element balls deep in this beauty. AAA - Awesome Anal Action.

15th May 2024


14:25 HD Video

Our Latest Grooby Newbie

Welcome to this lovely new Los Angeles girl from Buddy Wood. Long and leggy, 23 year old Victoria is 6ft and has a great body - 90% of it which seems to be legs! A very pretty face, her lovely lips, high cheekbones and big eyes contributing to her supermodel-like features. Big boobs, a super hot big round ass, and a good sized cock that seems to get hard easily... so all-in-all pretty much a perfect Grooby Girl and I'm confident that she's going to be very popular in this debut scene. Enjoy and let us know what you think in the ratings and comments.

9th May 2024


31:13 HD Video

Ember Fiera's Free Ride

Ember Fiera is making some content for all her fans on her OnlyFans account - they love to see her snapping off some sexy shots in public, and as an exhibitionist, Ember just loves to do it. She calls a ride share, with the intention of getting a few shots in the back of the car, so she sits behind the driver so she's out of his sightline. And then pulls up her dress and releases her smooth hard cock for the camera. Naive Steve, the driver, thinks there is something up and then turns around and sees this stunner with her cock out and gets a shocker! When finding out what she's doing, he says he'll happily drive her for free if he can get a free membership to her OnlyFans... but of course, Ember has other ideas in mind and brings Steve inside for a full on sex scene that will be shown on her fan page. You can see Ember's OnlyFans at:

8th May 2024


15:03 HD Video

The Cougar Next Door

Nikki Jade Taylor is your next door neighbor. You've said hello a few times, she's given a flirtatious smile and you've eyed her hot body down at the communal pool, so when she asks if you could help get her TV working for her, you of course said yes. It's a little strange that she's just wear a bra, her big breasts pushing upwards and outwards, the bounce of them as she moves and she just knows you can't take your eyes off them. Nikki bends over, her mini-skirt riding up her ass and giving you a glimpse of her cheeks and panties beneath. "Okay... where is the TV you need looking at?" you ask. "I don't watch TV" she answered, unclasping her bra with one hand, and sliding off her skirt with the other.

8th May 2024


22:18 HD Video

The Terrific Tina

They don't come much better than this. Tina is a gorgeous trans girl from Bangkok with an unbelievable (well believe it, because it's real) body, a flat stomach with some perfect sized boobs above and below, one of the hottest cocks you're going to find - as well as some perfect sweet cheeks - perfect sized and perfect shaped, with a smooth pink 'ready for action' hole that she loves showing off. A beautiful face, big red lips and a cheeky smile top off this awesome Thai girl, photographed by Frank. Don't miss the 'caught in mid-air' cumshots at the end of the photoshoot, it's been a while since we've seen these!

2nd May 2024


29:00 HD Video

And God Created Woman...

... and he named her, Victoria Prado. If there was a god, and if he did create a woman, and that woman was send down to the heavens to take care of man, then it would have been in the image of Victoria Prado. This is one seriously hot girl, she's got everything you want - as well as that big smile, that beautiful face, those long legs and sweet tight asshole. Big cock, smooth balls and perfect breasts, she's got all of that but also has sex appeal, a huge personality and is someone just a pleasure to be around. Someone that is fun and fabulous. Someone who will do it all, and more. Brabo is the lucky guy who gets Victoria and it's a sucking, licking and flip-fucking festival for these two.

1st May 2024


14:59 HD Video

Brittney's Early Summer

Brittney Kade is made for the summer and it's just as well she's Californian where the summer stretches from April to November... yet it's barely March. Summer is the time of year she can get her bikini on, get outside and show off that amazing body and look. Her collection of bikinis is legendary, each one of them designed to just about cover those boobs and only a professional tucker, would be able to get her penis beneath that small bikini bottom. It's Brittney though, so given that we've privacy, it's not long before she's popped out of her top and her bottom and enjoying the early summer sun in Los Angeles. Another awesome set from this simply awesome model.

1st May 2024


27:20 HD Video

Bee From Bangkok

This lovely new young lady is Bee from Bangkok. A big smile, lovely long straight dark hair, bereft of anything other than one tasteful tattoo and has lovely skin, great boobs which are a perfect size and a nice thick body, which is firm and lovely, big hips, round ass and thick thighs... perfect to cuddle, and even better for fuck! Bee likes to bottom and to top, and loves to be kissed, even if it ruins her perfectly applied red lipstick. A hot new girl, and a sweet cumshot to end.

26th Apr 2024


17:18 HD Video

It's Toy Day for Cece

Cece Monroe was meant to be tidying up her toy closet. She's amassed far too many dildos, plugs and more over the years, and it's time to get rid of some, so she's sorting out her toy box. Memories come rushing back as she finds her first dildo (which helped her find herself) and various toys from over the years, and she thinks to herself, "I'll just try this blue one for a bit" getting it slick with saliva before sitting on it, and sliding it slowly into her hole, loving every sensation it brings, and recalling the fun she's had with it before. That's all she needed to set her away, and next comes out the cock pump... 'Hmm, it's been a while...' she thinks, while sticking her penis into the chamber.

26th Apr 2024


41:33 HD Video

Lust By The Pool

My choice for newcomer of the year, Avery Lust. What a star, what a performer. This 22 year old exudes a lot more confidence than girls who've been shooting a lot more and this scene, really is awesome, it's one of the hottest scene I've seen in some time and I'm really digging it. Chris Epic back to working as Grooby's inhouse poolboy is loving it also, as Avery teases him and gives him glimpses, to see if she can get him to come play. Of course she can. Once the trite and predictable set up is out of the way, we can move onto the real meat... and Avery has some real meat she wants to show off, her perfect body with big boobs, a thick big cock, an awesome ass and that sexy, gorgeous and stunning face. Great action, an awesome scene and Buddy Wood at his buddy best.

24th Apr 2024


14:51 HD Video

Calling Kalli Grace

Whose on your fantasy speed dial? Kalli Grace would be on mine. The perfect booty call. She'd scoot over, grab a quick refresh and jump into bed with me, smothering me with sloppy kisses while rubbing her writhing body up and down on me, letting me feel her cock grow hard on my thigh and belly, while she grabs my stiff cock in one hand, and then drops under the sheets and turns on her vacuum mouth, sucking and slobbering on me. She'd then switch into a 69 so we could both enjoy each others oral skills, before she'd lie back, spread her legs, and insist I fuck her deep and hard and don't stop until I cum deep into her, which will set her orgasm off also. She'll then jump out of bed, use my speed dial to get an Uber, order a pizza for and take off into the night.

20th Apr 2024


16:53 HD Video

The Very Sexy Fernanda Moraes

Here's a very sexy debut direct from Brazil of a girl I've not seen before. 23 year old Fernanda Moraes, doesn't have the typical Brazilian styling. She's got a chic little haircut which sets her face of beautifully, her striking features classy and beautiful. A tight little red dress is perfectly chosen to highlight her thick body - some killer thighs, and a lovely ass with nice boobs also. She's instantly hard when her clothes comes off, which surprises me, as I don't know where she was hiding that monster under her dress - but out it comes, and after she pleasures herself using a fleshlight, there is no holding her back as she tugs, and pulls at her big cock.

19th Apr 2024


20:52 HD Video

The Deflowering of Angelllurbby

Angelllurbby has been waiting for the right time. Her fans have also been waiting. Finally, the stars aligned and four years after first shooting with us, Angelllurbby was ready to go a hardcore, and her man of choice, Piper Mysterio. This is a pretty fucking awesome scene. There is real sexual tension and chemistry between these two, and you can see and feel it as we're merely flies on the wall, enjoying watching the shenanigans and intense pleasure as they play with each others bodies, finding their way around and what feels good. Some awesome oral action, with Angelllurbby's big lips around Piper's big cock, before he plows into her, fucking her long, hard and with plenty of gusto. An awesome scene from Omar - and we're happy (and lucky) to be able to watch Angelllubby get her on-screen deflowering with such aplomb.

17th Apr 2024


15:44 HD Video

Getting Behind Rachael Belle

We all know what a great body and a pretty face Rachael Belle has, but when she bends over, whether she's fully clothed, or completely naked, then it's a work of art in front of you, and you need to stand back and admire, before diving in. Ideally, there would be a mirror so I could see Rachael's beauty, as I also admire that perfect arch of her back, the corset enhancing the curve and creative a sexy barrier between her cheeks and her shoulders. Looking down I can see her lovely boobs swinging, and her smooth balls and her hard cock dangling. Her cheeks are round and smooth, and perfect. They split apart like a peach, to show that sexy pink, tight hole and the picture is complete. How could one not but reach out with a finger, a tongue or a cock and want to sample Rachael Belle from behind.

13th Apr 2024


28:59 HD Video

Forces of Nature

This felt destined to happen! Ciboulette is a superstar in the making, so when we were in town for the TEAs we thought we'd do something special for her. Andre Stone was the right choice - we knew when we couldn't keep them away from each other! Even taking photos of them separately, they couldn't keep away - they were practically growling - so when the real action started the sparks were so hot we just needed to keep far enough away from the heat to not get burnt. The passion is intense in this one. Starting on the balcony with their hands and mouths, it quickly escalates to the bedroom. This scene has got it all: frotting, oral, 69, riding, bouncing, hard rough doggy, eye-contact heavy spooning, several shaking orgasms on the way leading up to getting pounded hard with her legs folded back until Andre covers Ciboulette in a big load of cum. We think this is a scene you'll remember - and come back to again and again!

10th Apr 2024


15:15 HD Video

Popping The Cork

Gorgeous starlet, Victoria Star back in her second set and looking just absolutely devastating with those bright red lips, long French manicure, styled hair and her overall look and presence are of sex appeal, confidence and knowing what she wants. And what Victoria wants today, is to show off that banging body, and while doing it, get herself turned on, hot and horny - her cock stiff and hard, and when she plays with herself, she's going to be thinking of everyone at home masturbating over her. And that's exactly what Victoria needs to pop the cork on her own sexual bottle which is ready to overflow.

10th Apr 2024


16:39 HD Video

The Total Package

When Damazo started shooting Victoria Prado he couldn't stop. Every shot just seemed better than the last, every time she changed pose it just seemed hotter, and as the shoot progressed and she showed yet another position, her cheeky smile looking back at the photographer, her wide mouth and plump lips slightly open in a sexy way, he just wanted to take more. Whether she was head down looking back over, with her butt high in the hair, her cock poking through, shiny and wet. Her asshole smooth, tight and puckered. Or if she was on her back, her heeled feet high in the hair, her big bum showing its curve and that hard cock poking out more - he still couldn't stop shooting. Only after Victoria had orgasmed and said she needed a rest, did he put the camera down and rest also.

5th Apr 2024


17:12 HD Video

Love to Love You Kloebby

Another super set of newcomer Kloebby looking fabulous across the kingsized bed, her red lingerie lighting up against the white sheets and her pale skin, her blonde curls tussling over her shoulders, the shine of her lip gloss on that welcoming smiling mouth sending shivers of excitement to all those viewing. If you like a beautiful girl, well made up and great aesthetics in the complete nude, then this set is for you. Her tall figure, and the curve of perfect ass, the plump boobs and her smooth skin all inviting to the eye and to the touch. Enjoy watching this stunner as she plays with and enjoys herself in front of Alex's lens.

3rd Apr 2024