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The Love & Hope of Canada 2024

If the 2024 Olympic games allowed entrants for raunchy and over the top sex scenes, then Canada might just be taking home the gold medal. This scene has more going on in it, then a collection of scenes - with Amber Love and Natalie Hope competing with each other, to see who can be the nastiest. These terrible two were almost uncontrollable from Vee, as they wanted to just dive into the fun and holes right away, while he was trying set up the scene. Here's what you've got going on - loads of kissing and lucking, you've got deep throating, you have sixty-nine action, fucking, dildo fun, sharing a double dildo as they're both deeply impaled by a double dong, and dildo ass to mouth. There is a lot to see, and a lot to enjoy with this exciting and full on scene.

18th Jun 2024


29:52 HD Video

The Workout Pals

"I'm gonna get you sweating and panting, you sexy minx" said Sarina Havok to her new workout pal, Erica Cherry. "You will be so stretched out and afterwards you will feel sooo good, sore but satisfied". Erica gets excited - and after making sure she's spotlessly clean, made up to look even sexier and hasn't masturbated for a few days, she arrives at Sarina's for some sexy, sweaty, hardcore fucking and sucking that she knows she needs. "Ok, hit the treadmill first" says Sarina, as she opens the door in her gym clothes. "And then we're doing to lift these weights - and then do some yoga stretches". "I have a much better idea how to burn some calories" Erica tells her, reaching into Sarina's tight lycra shorts.

11th Jun 2024


27:23 HD Video

Brooklyn's Baseball Bat

Kapri 5un had been asking Radius to shoot with a hot trans girl for this site, 'any girl, as long as she can top me!' she stated. "Are you able to take a baseball bat?" he asked? "Erm, I don't know, why?" Kapri answered. Enter stage left: Brooklyn Roberts, always horny, and always looking to fuck. We're still not sure if Kapri knew what to expect, but when Brooklyn dropped her pants and that big cock fell out, it certainly made her gasp and her eyes widened. She sucks on it greedily before Brooklyn gently but firmly slid it into Kapri's tight hole, making her squirm and moan. The answer is, yes Kapri can take a baseball bat, but we don't know if she'll take it again!

4th Jun 2024


29:27 HD Video

Shiri & Julia Are Gal Pals

It's good to have a BFF and Shiri Allwood and Julia Jane are on vacation together in the Hollywood hills. They've been touring Los Angeles, and are enjoying soaking up the afternoon sun together, Shiri a natural pale skinned cutie, notices Julia is getting a bit red, so she hops over and starts rubbing suncream into Julia's smooth skin. This starts to get them both turned on, and Julia can feel Shiri's stiffening cock on her ass cheeks. 'Oh really, this turns you on now, does it?' she asks as she goes in for a kiss. The girls move inside and then magic happens! A super authentic scene, with the reality of what two trans girls, who love other trans girls, get up to when they're together, horny and want to have some fun.

28th May 2024


41:57 HD Video

From East to West

Riley Ivy was recently on the West Coast to do some shoots, and she really wanted to do a scene on camera with a beautiful trans girl to show what she really liked in sex. Riley loves pretty trans women, especially ones who can match her energy and love to switch fuck... so when she got to meet Grooby Girls March 2023's Model of the Month... she was smitten. Luckily so was Sapphire Dream, who loves sexy trans girls, and wanted to do a scene but didn't know who with. Riley was right up Sapphire's alley. A hot authentic scene with these two early-20s girls - bring East Coast to the West for lots of kissing, eye contact, licking, touching, sucking and fucking as these two pretty girls find their ways around each others bodies, and what feels great. Be the fly on the wall and enjoy this scene.

21st May 2024


32:10 HD Video

Passing The Torch

Wow. We knew this was going to be good. We don't choose brand ambassadors who are dull but we didn't know it was going to be this good! Filmed on the day of the TEA Show 2024, both girls turned up at the show with big smiles, and completely fulfilled. Grooby's 2023 Brand Ambassador, Zariah Aura, has had an amazing year as one of the hottest and more sought after girls, and she's going to fuck 2024's Brand Ambassador, the sweet and lovely Cloudy Vi until her eyes spin in her head. The girls are hanging out at Moe's pad, high above L.A. and the sun is out. They're been eager to do this shoot for a couple of months, so it's hard to keep their hands of each other, so Moe just rolls the camera and lets the action take place naturally. This is another hot contender for the scene of the year on this site, and it delivers everything I dreamed of. Sit back and strap in.

14th May 2024


35:02 HD Video

Big Boobed Bimbo Babes Boning

We're bringing out the tits today! Nikki Mayhem is back after too long an absence from this site, and she's come with an upgrade - a couple big ones. To make it even more special, we've brought Sorrel along to do her hardcore debut. Sorrel like to play like a tall dominant top, but she's got a soft spot and knows how to use it. It starts with her making Nikki worship her feet. Nikki gets her warmed up with her mouth as she squeezes milk out of her tits, moaning like a needy sow in heat. Sorrel know what she needs - and bends her over to give it to her. We hope you enjoy the scene. All the ingredients are there: two gorgeous curvy girls that have great chemistry!

7th May 2024


25:44 HD Video

The Showcase!

Lola Monroe and Autumn Rain - two of the hottest models in 2023, are back in 2024 for this magical journey of trans girls sex, as they show off themselves and each other, with what girls like to do when they're together. We love it when girls who are into each other, and wanting to shoot together come and work with us, it's a different type of heat and the intimate way that Radius shoots compared to many companies, gets a much closer and personal view of what two stunning girls do together. Kissing, hugging and some great cocksucking action, as Autumn sucks on Lola, before having her long, hard cock well and truly worshiped by Lola before Lola gets what she wants, that stunning long cock, deep in her tight sweet asshole, and they both become coupled together. Hot girls in a hot shoot.

30th Apr 2024


25:23 HD Video

Prime North

Two of our favorite Grooby Girls together in one awesome scene. These two models were 2020 debutantes and always been popular on the sites but have really came alive in the last year or so to be two of the most exciting, sexy and dynamic girls we have and when we suggested to Nikki to do a scene with Akaya, she jumped at the chance... and Akaya was wetting herself with excitement. This is a really good scene from Omar with both girls just looking stunning as they start to kiss and make-out, licking and playing with each other. Akaya starts to suck Nikki, loving her in between her cheeks, but Nikki doesn't want to miss out so is soon bobbing her head between Akaya's legs. Some awesome fucking, some great chemistry between these two and just a hot, sexy scene to return to more than once.

23rd Apr 2024


38:34 HD Video

Ghost Submits to Shiri

Shiri is one of the all-time favorite models across our sites and one of the most exciting and dynamic girls we know. Ghost Park is fresh in 2023, and really loves doing shoots... and when she's given the chance to submit to Shiri who is in a dommy mood, then she jumps at the chance, makes sure her chastity change is firmly fixed on, and gives herself over to Shiri. Shiri is rock hard, and really horny. She fingers Ghost, loosening her up and getting her lubed for what is to come. She has Ghost lick and tongue her smooth asshole, before sucking on her hard cock. When she's ready, she spreads those thick legs wide, slides deep into Ghost and fucks that ass in multiple positions. A hot scene with two lovely girls.

16th Apr 2024


27:35 HD Video

The Grooby Girls

No company should have ownership of any models - but we recognize there are some girls whom we've seen grow and have worked across multiple sites, and developed with us. Nyxi debuted with us in 2018 - and has appeared on just about every one of our sites. I'm a huge fan of hers and love how she's grown over the years. Eros Orisha is one of our newer models - and has just won the Best Newcomer 2024 at the Trans Erotica Awards, and we've been so excited to be part of her growth and development. So putting these two together - seemed just a perfect match. Two utterly gorgeous, hypersexual 25 year old girls. Two girls who are genuinely into other girls, and this is one super authentic sex scene with Eros topping Nyxi after some intense oral and kissing.

9th Apr 2024


25:12 HD Video

Two Cuties Too Cute

Two of our 2024 debut models, together. Princess Emmy I don't think we're seeing until next month on GroobyGirls and Kawaii Fiona has just debuted on Femout. These are two really pretty and sexy girls, with a lot of sexual tension between them and this is one of those scenes which just rises itself above many of the others, as the authenticity shines out, and as a voyeur, as a fly on the wall, we're privy to what two cute girls get up to together. Some nice foreplay develops into oral, and then Kawaii Fiona mounts Princess Emmy with her big, hard cock and the two of them become one, as they bind together, loving the intimacy, until eventually Kawaii shoots her cum deep into Emmy.

2nd Apr 2024


31:55 HD Video

Fucking Amazing - Legendary

How has Valeria Atreides not appeared on this site?? I love her - she's grown with us and is just one absolutely awesome model. I bumped into her in Vegas in January and she mentioned that she'd love to work with a girl... and when Buddy called her to set up a shoot, she mentioned that she'd love to be with another superstar, Brittney Kade. Some scenes just have it all. And this scene is legendary - I don't use that word lightly - this will be one of the scenes of the year. Two genuine superstars together - and it's 100% authentic and real sex, passion and heat. Some of the best 69 action I've seen before the gorgeous Valeria bends over and the mega-hottie Brittney starts to fuck her. It doesn't end there, Brittney wants to experience Valeria and they switch position as Valeria fucks her with the same passion and energy. Legendary.

26th Mar 2024


24:28 HD Video

Girly Love - Texan Style

Phew this is a scorcher, two young trans girls from Texas, discovering each others bodies and exploring their sexuality in this story of lesbian love and awakenings. Blondie Amber Analeise has appeared on GroobyGirls, and of course on this site a few times, Essy is a little newer having only appeared on Femout to date. They are really into each other right away, but it's nice and unhurried as they their time to feel their way around each others bodies, licking and sucking on each others hard cocks, kissing and fondling, before Amber takes Essy's big cock, and slides it slowly into her tight, willing asshole, loving the feeling of penetration and having this cute girl deep inside her. As she rocks, up and down, Essy gets more excited and they swing into different positions, each hitting different spots on their bodies. A really good authentic sex scene.

19th Mar 2024


26:42 HD Video

Sarina's Happy Cow

Sarina Havok's ranch has only one type of animal and it takes a lot for her to tend to them. They need feeding on only the best junk food, they need mirrors to constantly check their looks and they always, repeat, always need milking. It's Autumn Rain's turn to go in and see Sarina. Sarina starts by taking a rectal temperature of Autumn with her tongue, and then an oral temperature by having Autumn suck on that long hard cock, before Sarina sucks on Autumn because... well why not? There is only one way Autumn is going to get milked, and that's by having Sarina's massage her from the inside with her long cock, and she pumps and thrusts inside Autumn's tight ass, making her squirm and squeal until, she squirts her milk. Sarina then delivers a vitamin injection right into Autumn's waiting face.

12th Mar 2024


18:29 HD Video

Ava Holt & Sophie Lovely

Ava Holt and Sophie Lovely are two super sexy newcomers from Michigan and today they make their TGirls.Porn debut together in a smoking hot girl on girl hardcore brought to you by Omar Wax! Wow, these two girls are stunning! Horny as hell, Ava and Sophie can't wait to start with the action! Watch them making love and enjoying every moment of it!

6th Mar 2024


25:23 HD Video

Cece Monroe Owns Megan Feisty

Cece Monroe brought along her submissive plaything, Megan Feisty to show her off, and make sure there was no doubt as to who was in control and who was serving. Pretty Dutch girl Megan Feisty is dressed in a leather corset and black stay-up stockings. Her cock has been caged all week, and she's been wearing a heavy metal buttplug for the last few hours. Cece is going to make Megan work for her reward, and has her lick her legs and suck on her toes before, sliding her hard cock between Megan's lips and having her suck, and tongue her. Cece removes the buttplug and enters Megan's asshole, fucking her deeply while teasing and pumping her nipples, before allowing Megan to remove her cock cage, as a reward for her service.

5th Mar 2024


42:06 HD Video

Neci Submits To Aelin

Neci Archer is a natural submissive, at only 5ft 3, this little 23 year old Latino girl loves to please, and loves to have someone control her. Enter stage left, Aelin Blue, 5ft 10 lean, fucking machine and she's ready to make sure Neci does as she's told. Some early foreplay puts Neci in her place as Aelin teases, and torments Neci, having her suck on her nipples, before getting her where she should be, on her knees worshiping that big cock, licking and taking it deep into her mouth, while Aelin gives gentle encouragement. Aelin has Neci suck on her toes, licking between them and taking each in her mouth in turn, and then flips over into doggy position and pushes Neci between her cheeks to lick and tongue her asshole. Aelin is more than ready to get her cock deep into Neci, and flips her on her back and goes to work, pushing her tight asshole open and bringing them both to climax.

27th Feb 2024


32:27 HD Video

Does It Get Better Than This?

It's going to be hard to better this set this year, or any year but we're continuing to bring you the biggest stars, the girls who love to fuck with other girls and who have asked to work together. Ember Fiera and Zariah Aura both debuted within a few months of each other, and have been two of the most requested and vibrant girls in the 18 months since then. Radius is presenting them at their best, his shots of them by themselves are just stunning, but when they get together, you can feel the heat and the electricity between them as they suck on each others toes, 69 with each other Ember raises her big ass in the air, and Zariah is ready and waiting with that infamously long, and very hard cock to penetrate her and got into some fantastically sexy love making between two incredibly beautiful girls. Two girls, one producer and a scene which will keep delivering.

20th Feb 2024


25:14 HD Video


When Dani Sophia went out on a lunch date with Jaymee Castles she was expecting a little flirtation, and maybe a fumble and a kiss on the way home, but Jaymee was having none of it, she used all her wise ways and guile, her dark large eyes and her wettened red lips to seduce Dani until she was putty in her hands. Dani was so turned on by Jaymee she just let herself into the moment, and went for the ride, feeling Jaymee's big cock between her small hands just got her excited and ready for more. Sucking, and tasting that sweet, salty heat and Dani's heart racing and her asshole pulsating, desperate for what comes next. A nice scene by two young girls whom we haven't seen much of to date. Dani Sophia and Jaymee Castles, in some great action shot by Luna.

13th Feb 2024


29:28 HD Video

Alone At Last

They finally managed to sneak away from the party without anyone watching and get together, alone. These two have been flirting, eyeing, playing footsie and making sexual advances for a long time but both like discretion and didn't want everyone to find out... well they will when this scene by Nikki Sequoia comes out! Ava gets her infamous cock sucking lips around Cherry's equally world-renowned big hard cock, and goes to work pleasing her partner, loving feeling her stiff cock deep in her mouth, the sweet taste of pre-cum on her tongue. They settle into a 69 position, both loving the intimacy it brings before Ava swings her lithe body around and lowers herself onto Cherry's cock, feeling its length penetrate deeply and its width stretch her tight pink hole. A sexy scene from two of Las Vegas's sexiest girls.

6th Feb 2024


33:32 HD Video

Eyes Wide Shut

The always reliable Jenny Bangz, and a girl who is fast becoming a favorite, Devi Dionne together to have a ball. Arriving back from the masquerade party they've been too, both girls dressed beautifully in their black cocktail dresses, and still masked they start to make out, kissing and feeling their way around each other's bodies, posing together and knowing how fabulous they look. Sucking, licking, teasing, nibbling... they get themselves more and more excited and Devi really wants to feel Jenny inside her, she bends over and arches her ass high in the air, to let Jenny slowly penetrate her fully and start making love, their bodies as one, their rhythms quickening as each wants more. Another great scene from Moe, of authentic trans girl lesbian love making.

30th Jan 2024


01:00:23 HD Video

Ashley Aspen Test Drives Riley Ivy

I believe this is Riley's first hardcore scene - and who better to introduce her, than Ashley Aspen who is always up for some action, and when Ashley spied Riley, then that infamous thick cock was instantly hard. Riley looks both shocked and excited when Ashley lowers her panties, and Riley realises that she's going to be taking that into her tight ass. She can't wait to get it between her lips and really loves sucking it, which you can see by the look on Riley's face (Ashley wasn't complaining either!). When Riley finally pushes her ass into the air, Ashley gently slides her member into Riley's smooth tight hole, listening to her gasps and letting Riley control the speed she enters while she's slowly pushing back onto Ashley's cock. Her eyes roll, her breath quickens, and Ashley takes this as a sign that she can get a little faster and more aggressive with her fucking. A great scene - Riley really seemed to love being on camera, and Ashley really took control.

23rd Jan 2024


01:04:34 HD Video

Keeping It Real 2024

Grooby has always been about presenting an authentic slice of trans life - and while porn is indeed a fantasy, for myself, the more attainable that fantasy could be, then the more intoxicating and involved I can emerge myself into it. So when we get two Grooby Girls like Gabby Graveyard and Eve Monaco together, both alumnis from Femout, and they are so clearly into each other... and you can feel the tension, then who wants to see them in a spacecraft set, or in a police station? Give them a nice room, a big bed and then let us just sit back and watch what we've came here for: two very exciting girls, discovering and playing with each others' bodies, while showing the heat and passion they have for each other. And when all these elements come together, we get a scene like this as a welcoming start to 2024. As authentic as it gets. As real as you want. What a great scene and great work by Gabby, Eve and Radius.

16th Jan 2024


22:28 HD Video

The Roommates

Zariah and Kasey have only been sharing an apartment for a few weeks. Their busy lives means they've hardly seen each other or gotten to know one another, but they both wake up on a Sunday morning and bump into each other searching for their morning java, and start to get to know each other a bit more. 'I'm off for a bit more of a lie in' says Kasey, 'Let's do something later?'. Zariah watches her go into her room, and decides to go back to her room also, but sees Kasey pleasuring herself in her room with the door wide open. This excites (and confuses) Zariah who goes to her room, leaves the bedroom door open and starts to play with her big cock. They watch each other from their rooms, stroking and getting hornier...

9th Jan 2024


28:19 HD Video

A Lazy Sunday Afternoon

They only got out of bed an hour ago and were getting their morning coffees, when Livi spotted the packages on the kitchen counter. "Hey, let's try on those sexy clothes that fan bought us, and take some photos for him?" she suggested. Both girls took their time getting their hair and makeup right, before trying on the sexy black lingerie which left little to the imagination. Eryn photographed Livi, and then Livi photographed Eryn - both getting more than a little turned on by the exhibitionism and voyeuristic nature of a photo shoot. They come together for a kiss, their hard cocks rubbing up against each other, before Eryn leads Livi back to bed, for an afternoon of slow, passionate love making.

2nd Jan 2024


29:59 HD Video

Happy Fucking Christmas!

We try to deliver each and every scene. Sometimes a promising shoot doesn't turn out as we expected. I think we often over-deliver and give a great scene when it may be unexpected. And then there is today. Christmas - a Monday - not an update day - but we thought we'd deliver this set early, so everyone gets up on Christmas morning and has an awesome present, and in this we've way, way overdelivered. Ariel Demure AND Lola Morena. Are you fucking kidding? Just the two hottest hardcore performers in trans porn, and they want to fuck on camera. What can I say about these two? They're utterly gorgeous. They're sexual animals. They're at the very top of their game. These two are apex predators - and they've just bumped into each other. Happy Fucking Christmas!

25th Dec 2023


26:24 HD Video

Taking Turns

Two of Grooby's hottest starlets in a scene which is going to really hit for many. Cloudy Vi and Lewdy Booty are just two of the most dynamic, cutest, hottest, sexiest, sweetest and most authentic girls out there. They're utterly awesome when they're in solo shoots - but putting them together in this, is just fucking magic. I'm a fan of both girls but this one really got me excited - they're so much into each other, the chemistry and atmosphere is electric. It was exciting to watch them 69, and get to know each others bodies, and when Lewdy penetrated Cloudy with that big hard cock... but then they switched... and switched again? Maybe one of the scenes of the year - great work by Omar and these two utterly awesome girls.

19th Dec 2023


26:18 HD Video

Forbidden Love in a Small Town

When you come from a small town in Texas, people wouldn't understand if you fall in love with another girl. Yet that's what happened to college students Amber and Lilia who met in a Psychology class, were immediately attracted to each other, became friends but took nearly a year to admit their true feelings. Living at home, it wasn't possible for much more than a kiss, a cuddle and a feel... so they've driven to a roadside motel, 50 miles from home for the night - a night where they can be alone, and explore each other, to get to know each other intimately and to share their love for each other. This is an authentic shoot, with two adorably sexual young 20-somethings, who are very much into each other as you will see.

12th Dec 2023


33:38 HD Video

Our First Date

Nyxi was scrolling down a dating app when she recognised Rachael Belle from the shoots she'd also done for Grooby - and she'd always liked her look. She pinged off a 'Hi sexy' and minutes later Rachael replied. They went out for cocktails but they could not keep their eyes, or their hands off each other - and with some stern looks from the bartender they hightailed it back to Nyxi's apartment. They start to pose for each other, making jokes and then Nyxi sidles up to Rachael, feeling up her leg before planting a big kiss on her, which turned into deep kissing... and play. Rachael is locked as usual, and Nyxi enjoys undressing her and playing with her caged cock, while licking and nuzzling over Rachael's entire body, getting her more and more excited for what's coming next. A hot scene, with two awesome models from Radius Dark.

5th Dec 2023


38:05 HD Video

The Stars Aligned

I couldn't think of any two girls I'd rather see in a scene together more? In fact, I think it was on my suggestion but I'm sure Radius will be taking the credit for it. Lianna Lawson - just one of the greatest GroobyGirls of all time, and I mean that sincerely and without hyperbole. Asia Belle - debuted in 2021, but quickly cemented herself as one of the faces of this current era. It's not just my thoughts, Grooby's supporters love these girls which is why they rate so highly and the producers adore working with either of them. So when the stars aligned, and they were able to get in with Radius, then it just seemed serendipitous. I love it. I'll let you watch and make your own decision.

28th Nov 2023


26:06 HD Video

Love At First Bite

Here's a really nice and authentic set, with two of our newer models on BlackTGirls who both have unique looks and vibes and are a bit more on the alternative look, or lifestyle then many of the more binary girls on that site. Both in their 20's and both fresh to appearing on camera, they were a couple who wanted to work together, and when we put them in the same room, the chemistry was palatable. Once they started kissing we knew we were in for some good action. Some mutual cock sucking, but it looks like Aelin really wanted to give Lotus a sucking to remember, before Aelin is ready to have Lotus push her cock slowly into her tight asshole, stretching it and getting into a rhythm they both enjoy. Aelin wants it deeper, and harder so gets on top and starts riding until she's fully penetrated, before Lotus flips her over and pounds that sweet hole.

21st Nov 2023


34:19 HD Video

Havok in the North

It's time for this week's TGirls.Porn exclusive and once again Radius Dark pair two of our favorite Grooby Girls: Nikki North and Sarina Havok meet in a steamy hardcore scene and they just can't wait for the action to start! Both super horny and rock-hard, Nikki and Sarina were all over each other from the get go. A lot of kissing, followed by some amazing oral action, before Nikki is completely ready to welcome Sarina's big cock deep inside her tight hole. Sarina fucks Nikki in multiple positions until she explodes all over Nikki's cock. Another amazing Radius Dark production with two gorgeous girls making love and enjoying themselves!

14th Nov 2023


31:54 HD Video

My Turn To Suck!

Two gorgeous Grooby stars, Eros Orisha and Autumn Rain, meet in the latest TGirls.Porn scene produced by Radius Dark! It has been a few since we've had both of these hotties on here, so it was a perfect moment to bring them back and we just can't wait to see them in action together. They're both just super horny and there is plenty of chemistry going on in this scene. After both of them take their turns sucking each other, Autumn takes control and Eros is more than happy happy to oblige and let Autumn pound her tight hole while both of them enjoy every second of it. An amazing scene featuring two of our favorites!

7th Nov 2023


32:05 HD Video

Good Omens

Lianna Lawson and Spite are two earthbound angels with a long history. Spite has joined the other side, while Lianna has tried her best to stay 'Good'. That hasn't stopped them from getting into trouble. It's been 100 years since Spite won a bet, and since then she's been the keeper of the key to Lianna's chastity - something she's desperate to be free of - and is willing to do anything to get out. What a dynamic scene! Lianna starts as a bottom, taking Spite's hard cock like she has something to prove. From sensual oral to hard anal. But once Spite relents and lets her out of her chastity cage, it's just began. Lianna takes over and switches on Spite, taking her harder and harder until Spite cums hard while getting fucked on the floor! We think you'll like this special scene from Moe Scoville and Grooby! Happy Halloween!

31st Oct 2023